MiniTool System Backup Beta

  • Local & Remote Backup
  • Quick System & Disk Backup
  • Differential & Incremental Backup
  • Scheduled & Customized Backup
  • Bare Metal & Dissimilar Restore
  • WinPE Bootable Builder
  • For Win XP/7/8/10 All Editions

MiniTool System Backup Beta - Brand New Data Protection Solution in 2017!

MiniTool System Backup Beta is all-in-one system backup and data protection solution that can be used to do local and remote backup, to back up system and disk, to customized the way you back up, to create WinPE bootable media, to restore system to dissimilar hardware, and so on.

Highlighted Features:

Remote Backup

Specially designed for administrators to easily control backup tasks of all computers as long as they are installed with MiniTool System Backup and networked.

Quick System/Disk Backup

Quick System/Disk Backup

Quickly back up system and hard disk drives so that you have a solution when an accident happens.

Full/Differential/Incremental Backup

Full/Differential/Incremental Backup

Choose one of the 3 backup methods to meet your needs, such as to save disk space or else.

Schedule Backup

Schedule Backup

How often do you want to make a backup? Is that Daily? Weekly? Or Monthly?

Bare Mental/Dissimilar Restore

Bare Mental/Dissimilar Restore

Help to restore image to a bare computer or computer with dissimilar hardware.

WinPE Bootable Builder

WinPE Bootable Builder

Restore operating system to the previous state even when your computer fails to boot.

Useful Tools: Add Boot Menu, Mount, Dismount, Verify, Browse, Restore, Clone and PXE Boot.

How to Use MiniTool System Backup Beta?

Remote Backup

Step 1. Choose Local Backup or Remote Backup

Remote Backup
Destination Folder

Step 2. Select Source Drive and Destination Folder

Destination Folder
Schedule Backup

Step 3. Schedule Backup

Schedule Backup
Back up Now

Step 4. Back up Now

Back up Now

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What's New for This Fixed Version:

  • Valid through July 1, 2017.
  • Separate Restore feature to the main interface so that users can quickly find it.
  • Add Edit Schedule feature which allows users to edit their backup tasks.
  • Add Locate Image feature to quickly locate the directories of the backup files.
  • Enhance the ability to automatically detect and add existed backup files to backup list in Windows and WinPE.
  • Support inputting IP address and PC name to NAS path, and enhance the ability to check whether a NAS path is valid as well.
  • Update Bootable Media Builder.
  • Some bug fixes.
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