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Recover lost photos on Mac

Mac photo loss is a common problem that lots of users have met. If users want to recover lost photos on Mac, they’d better resort to MiniTool Mac Photo Recovery, a piece of professional photo recovery software. Now, we will tell users how to complete Mac photo recovery with this professional photo recovery software in detail.

Recover lost photos on Mac
Just after installing MiniTool Mac Photo Recovery on Mac and running it, users are able to start Mac photo recovery.

Above picture is the main interface of professional photo recovery software – MiniTool Mac Photo Recovery. Users should click “Start” button to enter the next step in order to recover lost photos on Mac.

At this time, users are expected to select the partition where Mac photo loss emerges and click “Scan” button for the sake of Mac photo recovery. At the end of clicking, professional photo recovery software will scan selected partition completely, and then list all lost photos in it.

In above interface, users need to finish the following things: checking all photos needing to be recovered, clicking “Save” button and saving recovered photos to other disks according to prompts in software. Till now, users have completed all operations to recover lost photos on Mac with the help of MiniTool Mac Photo Recovery – the professional photo recovery software.