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Image recovery software

Many users would be familiar with Win32.Troj.DelFiles.b, which is a kind of infection virus and active on Windows platform. Once users run it by mistake, it will release and execute script files and then find and delete lots of files, including MS office files, gif images, MP3 files, and so forth, thus resulting in data loss. Moreover, it will create catalogues in partitions with different names, making computer system chaotic. Well then, when photos stored in Windows are lost due to this kind of virus, what countermeasures should users take? First of all, users need to kill virus by using anti-virus software. Then, use the professional image recovery software MiniTool Photo Recovery to recover deleted images.

MiniTool Photo Recovery

As a piece of professional photo recovery software, MiniTool Photo Recovery not only supports photo recovery but supports video recovery, audio recovery, and other digital media file recovery. When media files get lost due to mistaken deletion, false formatting, virus infect, and other soft errors, users do not need to worry a lot, because MiniTool Photo Recovery will give a good file recovery solution.
Apart from powerful functions, this image recovery software owns extremely wide compatibility:
- Can be compatible with Windows 8.1/8/7/Vista/XP, Windows Server 2003/2008/2012, and other Windows operating systems perfectly.
- Support media file recovery on all commonly seen storage devices, such as hard disk, mobile hard disk, SD card, memory card, memory stick, and optical disk.

All above is just a brief introduction to MiniTool Photo Recovery. To make users get a further standing of this image recovery software, we will give a demonstration.

Recover deleted images by using MiniTool Photo Recovery

Due to powerful functions and detailed prompts, this photo recovery software can help complete deleted image recovery in quite simple operations.

Operating steps:


Before recovering deleted images, please launch MiniTool Photo Recovery to get its main interface shown above, and then click "Start" button to start deleted image recovery.


1. Select and scan the partition where image loss appears. Image recovery software will list all partitions on the computer, so users need to select the target partition and click "Scan" button to scan it.
2. Find needed images via filtering, previewing or other methods. After scan, the photo recovery software will show users all media files found from the selected partition. If users want to find desired images quickly, please click "Filter" to filter needless images:


In the interface above, users can filter data by filename/extension or file size. After choosing a suitable filtering method, please click "OK" button to go back to the image recovery interface.

3. Check images which need recovering and save them to a safe place. Since filtering is applied, users can find needed images easily. Find and check images needing to be recovered, and then save them to a safe location in accordance with detailed prompts. After saving, photo recovery software helps recover deleted images successfully.

If users are also troubled by image loss or other media file loss, download recommended image recovery software to recover lost media files. It will bring users great surprise.