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Photo recovery software free

Because of the frequent occurrence of photo loss, how to download free photo recovery software to recover lost photos becomes a leading concern for many computer users. And mistaken deletion and formatting are the main causes of photo loss. Therefore, resorting to professional data recovery companies to recover lost photos is not cost-effective. As a matter of fact, downloading a piece of free photo recovery software for photo recovery becomes users' best choice. There comes a leading concern: performance of photo recovery software. No demand for software inspection is required on the Internet, so quality of such software on the Internet fluctuates sharply. Once users adopt the inferior to recover lost photos from computer, they may pose secondary damage to lost photos. Thus, MiniTool Photo Recovery is of high recommendation.

MiniTool Photo Recovery

Professional and free photo recovery software – MiniTool Photo Recovery is developed and released by a professional Canadian software development company named MiniTool Solution Ltd., who has devoted to data recovery research and earned its well-deserved reputation. Targeting photo recovery, the recommended software supports photo recovery on various storage media. Most importantly, another highlight of the software – high operability makes it easier for users who know nothing about photo recovery software to perform photo recovery. And users can visit the official website of the software to perform software downloading, and use it to recover lost photos.

Recover Lost Photos from Computer


The main interface of professional and free photo recovery software – MiniTool Photo Recovery is shown as above. From it, users can find that photo recovery support on multiple storage media is available. Firstly, users can start to recover lost photos from computer after clicking "Start" button.


Secondly, users ought to choose the storage device where photo loss occurred, and click "Scan" button to fully scan the chosen device. After scan, the free photo recovery software will list out all lost photos in the scanned device.


Thirdly, check desired photos (Double clicking photo can help users preview photos) and click "Save" button. Fourthly, save the checked photo data to another disk under the guidance of the software (In this way, data recovery effect can be ensured). After free photo recovery software executes all previous operations, the process to recover lost photos from computer is completed.

As presented, users are able to recover lost photos from computer via so simple operations. Thus, if users are in the same or similar situation, hurry to download the professional and free photo recovery software to solve photo loss issues.