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Photo recovery software

Photo loss is a common problem for most computer users, but what can we do when we happen to lose photos?

For knowing little about photo recovery, many users prefer to ask a professional data recovery company for help. Undoubtedly, it is very convenient to do so, but it also has the potential risk of leaking photographs in the process of photo recovery by a third-party company. So here we advise that users should adopt workable photo recovery software instead of turning to a data recovery company.

Current State of Photo Recovery Software

Most photo loss problems are caused by soft errors, which can be well resolved directly by photo recovery software. Certainly, to download software on the Internet at random is not recommended. We know lots of such software with high or low quality exists on the Internet. If choosing unqualified software, we perhaps not only can't recover photos, but also produce a second damage to the lost photos. Therefore, we need to be serious when deciding which one to choose.

Download Photo Recovery Software

Here we strongly recommend MiniTool Photo Recovery, because it is with simple operation and works well on different types of storage medium. Welcome to the official website of this software to download it or get more help.

Recover Lost Photos on Computers


Click button "Start". After we launch the photo recovery software, we will come to the main window above. We can read from this window that many types of storage devices including HD, SD card, TF card and mobile HD are well supported.


Select the target partition and scan it by clicking button "Scan". On the window, we can see all partitions on the disk, and then select the partition where photo loss takes place to have a full scan.


Save needed photos. When scanning the partition in step 2 is over, many photos will appear on the window. Here we need to check the target photos and save them to other drive by clicking "Save". (This is to prevent users from saving relevant photos to the original partition, thus affecting photo recovery results.)

These are the exact steps to utilize the photo recovery software to recover lost photos. With illustrative prompts provided, users knowing little knowledge about computer can also accomplish all operations to recover photos. If users have any question or advice about photo recovery, please visit the official website of MiniTool Photo Recovery to get more.