MiniTool Photo Recovery for Windows Free

  • High security, fast recovery efficiency and high praise.
  • Powerful functions as well as simple operation.
  • Scanning storage device via read-only, it will not do any harm to data.

Supported OS: Windows 8.1/8/7/Vista/XP along with Windows Server 2003/2008/2012, etc.

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Recover all lost multimedia files in storage devices for free

  • Supporting storage devices containing hard disk, mobile HD, SD card, USB flash disk, memory card, CD, etc.
  • Supporting free photo recovery for Windows as well as video, audio and other multimedia file recovery.
  • Free service of multimedia file recovery is provided for individuals.

Recovery process

Select the storage device where media file loss takes place → Fully scan the selected storage device → Seek for files to be recovered based on filter, preview or other ways → Check and recover needed files (Check all media files which need recovering and save them to other safe storage devices)

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Being more flexible, time-saving and accurate to find files to be recovered

  • Setting: This function can help to set the types of files needing recovering before scanning. Targeted scan contributes to seeking data promptly and accurately.
  • Filter: Filtering data to be recovered via parameters such as filename/extension and size so as to find files rapidly.
  • Preview: Files less than 20M are available to preview. With preview, users can find desired data more accurately.
  • Saving scan result automatically: being uncessary to rescan storage device, users can load previous scanning results and free recover lost photos directly.

Service system

  • Telephone support service: For the purpose of resolving problems timely, customer hotline is opened for users to consult conveniently.
  • Email counseling and solutions: respond to Email counseling and give solutions rapidly.