New Release

MiniTool System Booster

MiniTool has just unveiled a cutting-edge system booster tool.

  • Diagnoses and repairs common computer issues for smooth operation.
  • Cleans junk files and optimizes startup for faster performance.
  • Optimizes energy efficiency while maintaining peak performance.
  • Frees up disk space by removing unnecessary clutter.
  • Securely deletes sensitive data beyond recovery.

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MiniTool System Booster New Release

New Update

MiniTool MovieMaker 7.0

MiniTool unveils new video editing software to create pro-level videos.

  • Support uploading media files by directly dragging them from computer storage.
  • Support sorting videos and photos by name, type, and date in the media library.
  • Support searching for specific media files in the media library.
  • Newly added music, effects, and animated elements.
  • Music can be added to the timeline apart from the video for editing.

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New Update

MiniTool ShadowMaker 4.2

MiniTool released ShadowMaker major update.

  • Enables the creation of a new disk ID during disk cloning.
  • Supports sector-by-sector cloning when duplicating a disk.
  • Fixed system backup and disk cloning failures caused by VSS issues.

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MiniTool ShadowMaker

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MiniTool provides user-friendly applications for disk management, data recovery and backup&restore.

What We Explore Becomes Reality

MiniTool's new media toolkit is a fresh attempt to meet the changing consumer wants

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