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Solved - How to Recover Data after Factory Reset Android

Part 1: Can Data Be Recovered after Factory Reset Android?

On Android device, there is a factory reset option in Settings which can be used to delete all the data on Android device and reset all of its settings. As a matter of fact, this method is typically used when the device has an issue that can't be fixed by using other methods, or when the users want to delete their personal data before selling the device. But why so many users ask this question online: "how to recover data after factory reset Android". If you misuse this feature, you will lose all your important data and files on your Android device.

Here please see the following real-life case:

My Samsung Galaxy S5 somehow managed to do a factory reset from my pocket over the weekend. In the past, my phone has made calls from my pocket and deleted select random pictures, but this is by far the worst and most unexpected thing. I lost everything on my phone, including over 6 months of valued photos. I know, I know -- I should have backed everything up or synced online, but I did not. I'm ready to move on and start installing apps and taking new pictures. However, before doing this I want to rule out even the remote possibility of retrieving this information. Can anyone tell me if there is a way to recover data under this scenario or if I'm wasting my time?
Source: forums.androidcentral.com

The above example shows that this user's Samsung Galaxy S5 was restored to factory settings without consciousness, thus he lost all data on it. Yes, you may hit this setting without consciousness, or you want to use other settings but accidentally factory reset your Android device, and inevitably, this will cause Android data loss. Or perhaps, after Android factory reset, you realize that you forget to transfer some of your important data to another device. Of course, there must be some other reasons for you to retrieve data after factory reset from Android device.

When these situations happen to you unexpectedly, you must want to know: is it possible to recover these Android data then? If the answer is positive, what could you do to retrieve Android data? If you want to know the answer, please read part 2 of this post which will lead you to retrieve the lost data with a piece of special data recovery software for Android, or by using other possible solutions.


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Part 2: How to Recover Android Data after Factory Reset

In fact, there are different solutions for different situations when you want to recover data from Android device after factory settings. See the following detailed introduction.

Solution 1: Recover Android Data with MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android

When you search this issue "how to recover data after factory reset Android" online, you will discover many Android data recovery programs claim that they can resolve this issue. Which one is reliable? Here, I think you'd better try this tool - MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android.

With its two recovery modules "Recover from Phone" and "Recover from SD-Card", this software is specially designed to retrieve lost or deleted data from Android phone and tablet. The supported devices are various, for instance, Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, HTC, Google, LG, Sony, Motorola, and more; and the recoverable data cover almost all Android data types including text data and media data.

This software can be installed and used on Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/8.1/Windows 10. If you have never used this software before, I suggest you to use the Free Edition to have a test at first.


1. It is a rule that if you want to use a third-party data recovery software to retrieve your lost or deleted data on Android device, you have to root your device in advance to guarantee the connection of Android device and this software.

Here is a post How to Root Your Android Device? which can guide you to complete the root process if your Android device is not rooted and you don't know how to root it.

2. To avoid Android data being overwritten by new data, you'd better stop using your Android device as soon as possible. Otherwise, these data will become unrecoverable.

Then, how to retrieve Android data after factory reset with this software? Please see the following step-by-step guide:

These operations are based on Samsung Phone, and if you want to retrieve data from an Android tablet, the steps are the same.

Step 1: After you download and install this software to your computer, please open the software and then you will see its main interface as follows. This software's two recovery modules are listed on this interface. To recover data from Android device directly, you should click on "Recover from Phone" to continue.



Data on the SIM card and the Micro SD card are not erased after you restore your Android device to factory settings. So the rest recovery module "Recover from SD-Card" is unnecessary in this case. However, if you are interested in this recovery mode, you can read this post Scan SD Card to get some useful information.

Step 2: Then you will enter this interface which will prompt you to connect your Android device to your PC via USB. Just do it.



Here you should notice that, to make this software work successfully, please do not start any other Android phone management software during the recovery process.

Step 3: If it is the first time for you to connect the Android device to the computer, or you haven't set the device to always allow USB debugging from the computer although you have connected the Android device to the computer for many time, you will receive an interface as follows, which will tell you how to enable USB debugging on different Android Operating Systems.



1. It is recommended to check "Always allow from this computer" on your Android device so as to avoid this confirmation repeatedly next time.

2. If you discover that the USB debugging is turned on, but your Android device is not recognized by this software successfully, please reconnect the device and retry.

Step 4: Then, you will enter this "Device Ready to Scan" interface. The types of files and two different scan methods will be listed on this interface. If you choose to use "Quick Scan", this software will just scan the lost contacts, short messages and call record; if you choose to utilize "Deep Scan", this software will spend a long time to scan the entire device to get more lost files. Here, just choose a proper scan method according to your personal requirement.

select scan


If you choose to make a "Deep Scan" finally, please be patient during the scanning process.

Step 5: When the scanning process is finished, you will enter the scan result interface. On this interface, the data types are listed on the left side. If there are scan results, the corresponding type mark will be in blue, but if there are no scan results, its type mark will be in dark gray. For example, if you want to retrieve Android photos after factory reset, you need to select "Camera", "APP Picture" and "Picture" one by one from the left side list, choose the items you want to recover and then click on "Recover" button to continue.


Step 6: Here, you will see a pop-out window which enables you to select a suitable path to save these selected data. You can choose to store them on the software default path, or you can also click on "Browse" button to choose another path to save them.


After finishing these steps, the selected Android data and files will be saved to your specified location, and then you can view and use them directly.

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If the Android data is corrupted or damaged before the recovery, these data will still be shown as corrupted or damaged, and you are unable to open them at the same time. This is normal because this is a piece of Android data recovery software rather than Android data repair software.

At the end of the operation, you should know that MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android Free Edition only allows you to recover 10 pieces of a single data type each time (See the detailed limitations in this previous table: Limits in MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android FreeEdition). Thus, if you want to recover more Android data and files without these limitations, you need to purchase the full version from our official site.

In addition to using this software to restore Android data after factory reset, there are also two other possible solutions to solve this problem.

Please refer to the following 2 solutions and maybe you can find another two available solutions:

Solution 2: Restore Android Data including Apps from Google Account

If you have a Google account and you have backed up your data and settings with Android Backup Service, after the factory reset, you can choose to recover Android data from your Google account including Apps installed through Google Play, third-party app settings & data, Google calendar settings, and more. Just sign in your Google account and get your data back.

If you don't know how to use this backup service and what gets backed up if you use this service, you can read this Google official post to obtain the useful information: Back up or restore data on your Nexus, Android One, or Google Play Edition device.

Solution 3: Retrieve Android Data from Backup File

Some of you have the habit of making and updating the backup of Android data with third-party backup software. Under this situation, you can choose to recover Android data from the backup file directly.

A Simple Summary

By comparison, solution 1 is able to recover more types of data and can respond to sudden data loss issue. Solution 2 and solution 3 are based on the premise that you have a Google account and use its Android Backup Service, or there is an available Android backup file. In this regard, using MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android to recover data after factory reset seems to be a good option for you.

Part 3: Some Useful Tips

1. Although there are three solutions for you to retrieve Android data after restoring your device to factory settings, I still strongly recommend you to think twice before you decide to restore your Android device to factory settings, which can prevent you from a lot of troubles effectively.

2. To keep your data safe, you can set a Google account for your Android device, or form a good habit of making and upgrading backup of Android data with a piece of third-party software. Thus you will have the opportunity to get your lost or deleted Android data back even they are overwritten by new data.

3. If you delete some important data on your Android device or Android SD-Card by mistake and you want to recover them, you could follow this post Recover Deleted Files Android with MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android to find them back.

4. If you want to recover lost data from the iOS device, I introduce you to utilize this dedicated iOS data recovery software - MiniTool Mobile Recovery for iOS which can do iOS data recovery with its three recovery modules.

Part 4: Bottom Line

After reading this post, you must know what you should do to make Android data recovery after factory reset. Once you have never backed up your Android data with Google Android Backup Service or a piece of third-party backup software, you can choose to use "Recover from Phone" module of MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android to get your lost Android data back on the premise that these lost data are not damaged or overwritten by new data.

Besides, if you encounter some questions when you are using this software to recover your Android data, you can contact us by sending an email to [email protected] or leave a message to the following comment bar. Of course, any useful ideas and suggestions are also appreciated here.