Is your Android phone bricked? Fail to access all the data on your phone? Take it easy! MiniTool software - Mobile Recovery for Android can help to recover data from bricked Android. Besides, some possible ways to unbrick Android phone are offered.

Android Phone Get Bricked: Hard or Soft Brick

When saying a phone is bricked, there are two situations: hard brick and soft brick.

Hard Brick

If the phone is hard bricked, it won’t turn on in any way. That is, the bricked phone is not responding to any commands. It appears to the Android phone gets dead completely. In this case, you need to carry this bricked phone to a repair shop or the provider’s service repair center.

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Soft Brick

When a phone is soft bricked, it won’t turn on but you can see something after the phone boots up. Here are some symptoms of a soft-bricked Android phone:

  1. Your device is stuck in a boot loop.
  2. The Phone boots straight into recovery mode.
  3. The device gets frozen on boot screen.
  4. The phone will display a black or white screen of death.

The bricked phone issue can be caused by some reasons, such as interruption while OS updating process, flawed firmware or wrong firmware installation on wrong hardware, malicious software and more.

When a bricked issue occurs, it will hinder you from accessing your phone or tablet and all files are dormant. Even more serious is that data loss probably comes up.

So, how do you fix a bricked Android phone? Today, we write this article focusing on bricked Android data recovery and unbricking Android.

How to Recover Data from Bricked Android

Can you recover data from a bricked phone? In fact, despite many challenges that come with your unresponsive Android phone, you still have a chance to rescue data from bricked Android phone so long as you ask a recovery tool for help.

MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android

Thankfully, the good news is that MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android, a piece of free Android data recovery software can help you to rescue data from bricked Android phone.

Importantly, it has an ability to restore your data including the lost and existing, such as contacts, text messages, call histories, videos, audios, documents, pictures and more even though there is no backup created of your computer.

Besides, before starting the recovery process, you are capable of scanning the files and previewing them on your computer.

Moreover, this free Android recovery program is supported by many Android phones and tablets like HTC, Samsung, Huawei, LG, Google Nexus, Sony and more only if they are running Android OS. Without a complementary program, it can work on your computer running Windows 10/8/7.

If you are encountering a bricked Android phone issue, just download the Free Edition of this program and try it out now.

Free Download

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The following is the guide on how to use the MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android to recover data from bricked Android. Let’s see the details.

Guide to Bricked Android Data Recovery

Firstly, let’s see how to recover data from dead/bricked phone internal memory.

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Before the recovery, there are two points you should pay attention to:

  • This recovery module only works on a rooted Android device. Thus, please make sure your phone has been rooted in advance before it gets bricked. Otherwise, this free program will fail to recover files from bricked Android phone.
  • Guarantee that the USB debugging is always allowed from the computer. And you need to use this software on the computer which you have connected your phone to before. Or else, a bricked phone limits you to enabling USB debugging from the computer you never connect your phone to.

Step 1: Choose the Proper Module.

  1. Double click on MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android you have installed on your computer.
  2. Click Recover from Phone to rescue data from bricked Android phone (internal memory).

choose Recover from Phone

Step 2: Connect the Android device.

  1. Connect your bricked phone to the PC via a USB cable.
  2. Then, MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android will directly identify your phone.
Note: During the recovery process, please make sure no other Android management software is running. Or else, this recovery program will not work well.

analyze device

Step 3: Choose a scan method.

Next, you will enter the Device Ready to Scan interface, as shown below. Here, you can see two scan methods are offered as well as the respectively supported file types.

Which one should you choose to recover data from bricked Android phone or tablet? Let's see some details.

1. Quick Scan: This way can help to scan your device in a fast way. When selecting it, you will find only four file types are checked by default including Contacts, Messages, Call History and WhatsApp messages & attachments.

Namely, this scan method is suitable to only recover these file types from an Android phone or tablet. Besides, it allows you to uncheck the file types you won't want to recover.

2. Deep Scan: This scan method is suitable for recovering more files. When selecting it, you see all file types that MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android supports are checked by default, including Contacts, Messages, Call History, WhatsApp messages & attachments, Gallery, Video, Audio, and Documents.

choose a suitable scan method

Step 4: Enter the analysis interface.

Then, this free Android recovery software will start to analyze the data on your device and start a scan.

analyzing device

Step 5: Perform bricked data Android recovery.

  1. Now, you enter the scan result interface where you can see all the scanned file types on the left side are marked in blue. If there is no result, the data type is marked in gray.
  2. Choose one file type you want to recover, then, the specified files will be listed in the interface. For example, if you only need to recover lost messages, click Messages and check all the items you need and click the Recover button to continue.

choose the files you want to recover

1. MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android allows you to preview some data types like messages, pictures, contacts, call histories and more.
2. This tool can scan not only deleted/lost files but also existing files. If you only want to get deleted data from the bricked Android phone, switch OFF to ON so as to only display deleted items and then start recovery.
3. There are some limitations in the free edition of this tool, you need to update it to an advanced edition to recover all of your lost and deleted data.

Step 6: Choose a storage path.

  1. A small window with a default storage path will pop out. If you want to change the path, please click Browse to choose one based on your needs.
  2. Finally, click the Recover button.

choose a path to save the selected files

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Want to recover data from a bricked Android SD card? This matter is much easier. Just remove the SD card from your Android phone, insert it into the SD card reader and connect it to your computer. Then, you can open the SD card and use the data on it directly.

How to Unbrick Android Phone

After finishing bricked android data recovery, some of you still want to fix bricked Android phone. Generally, 99% of the bricked devices can be unbricked.

Soft brick occurs due to software errors and hard brick happens due to hardware malfunction. Actually, a hard brick device is the real “bricked/dead” and cannot be unbricked. But, it is possible to unbrick your soft-bricked Android phone.

Here is how to fix a bricked Android phone.

① Wipe Your Data and Cache

When you are flashing a custom ROM, your Android phone will keep rebooting. This is because you forget to wipe all the data or cache of the previous ROM.

If you try to boot the device, some leftover data from your last ROM can cause some errors to it and hence it will reboot over and over again. In this case, it is important to wipe ROM data.

1. Power down your Android phone and then boot it into recovery mode. Usually, press Volume Up, Home and Power buttons simultaneously as you turn your phone on and then press Volume Down to select Recovery Mode. Note that it may be a bit different on every phone, thus, look for the proper way online based on the specific model.

2. Use volume keys to navigate the menus and power button to select menu items.

3. Scroll down to Advanced to select Wipe Dalvik Cache option.

4. Return to the main screen and choose Wipe Cache Partition.

5. Lastly, choose Wipe Data/Factory Reset to delete all settings and apps, using the correct ROM.

6. Reboot your Android phone.

② Flash a New ROM

When booting up your phone, it may go straight into recovery mode automatically. It is likely that there is an issue with the ROM you flashed. In this case, you need to reflash the ROM from scratch to recover bricked android.

In addition, there are other possible ways to do brick restoration, for instance, restore from a stock ROM when phone boots straight into its Bootloader. This post How Do I Fix My Bricked Android Phone shows you the details.

If your phone is really bricked, please contact the manufacturer for service.

Tips to Avoid Bricking your Android Phone

Bricked phone issue often happens, leading to data loss. To avoid some troubles, pay attention to the following tips:

  • Consider enabling USB debugging because many solutions for a bricked phone depends on USB debugging.
  • Prevention is better than the cure. Thus, form a good habit of backup. Once data loss after bricked phone issue or other issues, the backup is useful.
  • Make sure the custom ROM you use can actually be used on your device model.
  • Please ensure you understand what you are doing when installing custom ROM on your device. Before attempting everything, please try to learn much about the process as you can.


After reading this post, you know clearly what bricked phone is, how to recover data from bricked Android, how to do bricked phone repair and some tips you should pay attention to. If you are having a bricked phone, try to recover bricked Android data and fix bricked Android phone by following the guide above.

Should you have any problems with using our software, please tell us. Or if you have any suggestions for fixing bricked phone, don't hesitate to let us know. Two ways are offered: leave a comment in the following area or send your ideas to [email protected].

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