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How Can I Recover Deleted Files from SD Card Android Easily?

Part 1: Is It Possible to Recover Deleted Files from SD Card Android?

In general, users always choose to purchase an SD card and insert it into their Android device to increase the storage space of the device. However, there is also space limitation in SD card, and as time goes by, more and more space will be occupied. Under this circumstance, users will delete some unnecessary files on the SD card to release some space. Here comes the question: if users delete some important files by accident, is it possible to recover deleted files from SD card Android then?

First of all, if users have backed up data on Android SD card to the computer, it will be very easy to regain data from backup files. But the reality is that many Android users don’t do so. Thus, users need to look for another way. As a matter of fact, the files will not be wiped from the Android SD card immediately after the deletion until the original data are overwritten by new ones. Then, users still have the chance to undelete files from SD card Android as long as they have a piece of Android SD card data recovery software.

Which software can be used to retrieve deleted files from Android SD card, and how to operate it? The next part will tell users the answers.

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Part 2: How to Recover Deleted SD Card Files Android

As it is mentioned in part 1, the deleted files can be recovered as long as they are not overwritten by new data. So, just stopping using the Android SD card as soon as possible after the deletion.

Way 1: Use MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android

To meet users’ demand for recovering deleted files from Android SD card, different programmers have designed different kinds of special Android SD card data recovery software. Apparently, users must want to achieve this aim in a safe way. So, MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android is a good choice for them. It is luck that this software’s free edition is available to retrieve 10 pieces of files each time, and MiniTool official site supplies this SD card recovery software for Android mobile free download service. Users can install it and have a try. Besides, users should remember that this tool can be used on Windows 10/8.1/8/7.

Actually, this software is specially used to recover files from Android phone and tablet, as well as SD card. So, it has two corresponding recovery modules: "Recover from Phone" and "Recover from SD-Card". Here "Recover from Phone" is used to recover files from Android device directly. So if users want to recover files from Android SD card, they should choose to use the rest recovery mode: "Recover from SD-Card".

Here are the step-by-step guides to recover deleted SD card files Android:

Step 1: After installing this software to the computer, just double click on its desktop icon, or right click on the icon and press "Open" from the context menu to launch it. Then, users will enter this "SELECT THE DEVICE TO RECOVER" interface. Both of its two recovery modules will be listed on this interface. Users need to press the right side module "Recover from SD-Card" to continue.

main interface

Step 2: This interface prompts users to connect their Android SD card to the computer. Just do it, and then click on "Next" button to continue.


The SD card can’t be connected to the computer directly, and users need an SD card reader to establish the connection. This post What Is SD Card Reader & How To Use It will show users more information about the SD card reader.

Step 3: On this interface, users can select the inserted SD card. In case that there is more than one item, users can choose the target SD card by judging from their drive labels and letters, as well as their storage space. Then please click on "Next" button to continue.


Step 4: Then this software will start to analyze the SD card firstly. It will take some time to finish the analyzing process, please be patient. And then this software will begin the scanning process automatically.


Step 5: Users will see the scan result after the scanning process. Just select the file type from the left side type list, and then the scanned items will be shown on this interface. For instance, some users want to know how to recover deleted pictures from SD card on phone. In this case, they can click on "Camera", "App Picture" and "Picture", and then choose the deleted items they want to recover. After that, users should click on the lower right side button "Recover" to choose a proper path to save these selected files.


1. The Free Edition enables users to recover 10 pieces of files and only one type of data once. So, when users want to select the eleventh file, they will receive a prompt as follows. Don’t worry. Just close this window by pressing "Continue trial" to go back to the scan result interface. Of course, users can also click on "Buy full version" button from this window to purchase a full version and activate this software by entering the "Serial number" they receive to recover more data without limitations.


2. After clicking on "Recover" button, users will enter the interface as follows. Here, users can choose to keep the selected files to the software default path, or press "Browse" to select another path to store them. It is not recommended to store these recovered files to the original SD card before users affirm all needed files are recovered. Because once the deleted files are overwritten by new data, they will become unrecoverable forever.


When these five steps are finished, users will be able to open and use these recovered files directly.

There are some limitations in MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android. Users can learn these limitations from this introduction: Limits in MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android Free Edition. Want to break these limitations and retrieve all of the deleted files from SD card Android? Please purchase the full version from the official website. There is also lifetime upgrade service for users to choose.

This way tells users how to recover deleted files from SD card Android. If they want to know how to recover deleted files on an android phone, they can find the answer in this post: Recover Deleted Files Android with MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android.

"I just wanted to delete some unnecessary files from my Android SD card. So I selected a batch of files and deleted them together. But then I found that some of my memorable photos were missing at the same time. I was sure that they were deleted by mistake. Then, I asked one of my friends for help, and he introduced this tool to me. And it worked finally. It's amazing."

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Way 2: Use MiniTool Power Data Recovery

Except for MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android, there is another piece of recovering deleted files from SD card free software, and it is called MiniTool Power Data Recovery. This tool can be used to recover lost or deleted files from internal hard drive, external hard drive as well as all kinds of digital media such as flash drive, MP3 player, digital camera, memory stick, memory card, and more. Android SD card, as a kind of memory card, is of course not an exception. Here, "how to recover deleted files from SD card Android" also means "how to recover deleted files from memory card".

This data recovery software has five recovery modules. Among them, "Undelete Recovery", "Digital Media Recovery" and "Damaged Partition Recovery" modules can be used to recover deleted files from SD card Android. Among these three modes, "Undelete Recovery" is used to recover deleted files and folders; "Digital Media Recovery" is specially designed to recover data from digital media; and "Damaged Partition Recovery" is the most powerful recovery module which focuses on retrieving data from damaged, RAW or formatted partitions. If the first two recovery modules can’t detect the deleted files, users should try the third recovery module.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery is used on Windows 10/8.1/8/7. For Mac OS users, they can download MiniTool Mac Data Recover Free Edition to have a try.

pdr main interface

Take "Damaged Partition Recovery" module as an example in this post.

Firstly, connect the Android SD card to the computer and then choose this recovery module. Users will enter the "Damaged Partition Recovery" interface with all hard drives and SD card displayed there. Users can select the target device by judging from their drive letter and capacity. Then click on "Full Scan" to continue.


Secondly, after the scanning process, users will enter this scan result interface. In case that there are so many scanned files, users can click on "Type" button or "Filter" button to make a selection of the file types. Then users can select the files they want to recover and click on "Save" to find a location on the computer to store them. Still, the chosen location should not be the target SD card to avoid original data from being overwritten.


With this Free Edition, users can recover 1GB data in total. However, they can upgrade to an advanced edition to retrieve more data.

In addition, this post How To Recover Deleted Files From SD Card In Easy Way also introduces some information about SD card recovery, and users can have a look at it.

"At first, I need this software to recover the lost data from my computer's internal hard drive. But then I realize that this tool could also detect the inserted SD card. So, I tried this tool to recover deleted files from SD card Android. It was a smooth process. And I got my deleted files back at last."

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Way 3: Use MiniTool Photo Recovery

If you only want to recover the deleted photos and videos from your Android SD card, you can also try this free software - MiniTool Photo Recovery.

This software is specially designed to recover the deleted photo and videos from digital camera, memory card, USB disk, hard drive and more. The Free Edition of this software allows you to recover 200MB files, please download and install it to your computer to have a try.

Step 1: You need to remove the SD card from your Android device and then insert it into the SD card reader. After that, connect the SD card reader to your computer. Next, open the software to enter its main interface as follows and click on "Start" button.

main interface

Step 2: The software will show you the storage devices it can detect in the following interface. You need to select the target SD card and click on "Scan".


Step 3: When the scan process is finished, you will see the following scan result interface. Here, you are able to preview the photos and videos. Then, just choose the items you want to recover and click on "Save" button to choose a suitable location on your computer to save them.

scan result

At last, you can open the specified storage path on the computer and use the recovered photos & videos directly.

If you want to use this software to retrieve more photos and videos without limitation, you can choose to upgrade this freeware to its advanced version from MiniTool official site.

Part 3: Bottom Line

This post mainly introduces three pieces of free Android SD card data recovery software for Android users to recover deleted Android data from SD card.

The first one is MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android which is specially designed to recover deleted and lost Android data from Android device and SD card. To recover deleted files from SD card Android, users should utilize its "Recover from SD-Card" module.

The second tool is MiniTool Power Data Recovery software, which can be used to undelete files from SD card Android. There are three available recovery modules, and they are "Undelete Recovery", "Digital Media Recovery" and "Damaged Partition Recovery". Android users can select a suitable mode according to their personal situations.

The third one is MiniTool Photo Recovery. With this software, you can recover your deleted photos and videos from all kinds of storage devices including Android SD card.

If users encounter any problems in the process of using our software, please contact us by sending an email to [email protected], or leaving a message in the following comment bar. At the same time, any related and useful suggestions and opinions are also appreciated here.