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Recover Deleted Files Android with MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android

Part 1: Is It Possible to Recover Deleted Files from Android Phone?

At the beginning of this post, let's pay attention to this online real-life case as follows:

Anyone has the suggestion on this? I deleted a couple of photos stored on my Samsung phone and I heard it's highly possible to get them back. Actually, I tried a few "so-called" data recovery apps, none of them work. Do you guys have any recommendation on this? Thanks in advance.
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Actually, this is a "recover deleted files Android" related issue.

Android operating system is designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Samsung mobile phone is such a device. Accidentally deleting important files on Android device is not a small probability event. Most of you are possible to make such a mistake. For instance, sometimes you just want to delete some unimportant data and files on your Android phone or tablet to release some space for new data, but then you find that some vital files are missing at the same time. Under this circumstance, you will have this question in your mind: how to recover deleted files on Android?

In reality, when you delete files from your Android phone or tablet, those items are not wiped from the device immediately. The spaces occupied by them are just marked as empty, and any new data can use these spaces. Thus, these deleted files can be recovered as long as they are not overwritten by new data. To undelete Android files, you need to utilize a professional Android data recovery tool. Here we will introduce you such a program - MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android.

Some of you may be not familiar with this software. If so, you can read part 2 to learn some useful information about it.

Part 2: Software Profile

As a piece of dedicated Android data recovery software, MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android is a good choice for Android users to retrieve deleted or lost data and files on Android phone and tablet, such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, HTC, Google, LG, Sony, Motorola, and more. The recoverable data types are various including text data (such as messages, contacts, call history, WhatsApp, document data, and more) and media data (such as photos, APP photos, videos, audios and WhatsApp attachments).

This software offers you two recovery modes, and they are "Recover from Phone" which is designed to scan the Android phone or tablet directly to recover deleted files on Android internal storage and "Recover from SD-Card" which is used to scan the SD card on the Android device to recover its deleted files. In addition, this software can run on Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/8.1/Windows 10.

Here, we suggest you to unload and install this Free Edition to your computer to have a try first because it enables you to recover 10 pieces of a single data type each time.


When you are installing this software, you will see an interface as follows. Please press on button "Install" to install this Android USB Driver which allows the software to connect and recognize your Android device successfully.

install usb driver

Part 3: How to Get Deleted Files Back on Android

At first, you should know that no matter what kind of Android data recovery software you are going to use, you have to firstly root your Android device to enable the software to scan and read your phone data if you want to recover data from the device directly. MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android is not an exception. To guarantee the smooth process of rooting, you'd better follow this post How to Root Your Android Device? to complete the whole rooting operations.

Attention! Rooting involves potential risk. Please strictly follow the steps to complete the process.

As it is mentioned in part 2, this software offers two recovery modules "Recover from Phone" and "Recover from SD-Card". And then, this part will introduce these two ways in detail.

Way 1: Retrieve Deleted Files from Android Device Directly

If you deleted files from your Android device, you'd better use this recovery module "Recover from Phone" to recover those files.

For instance, you want to retrieve deleted files from Samsung phone. Please do as the following steps tells you.

1. To make this software work normally, please do not use any other Android management software when you are using this software.

2. Stop using your Samsung phone as soon as possible when you find you delete some important files by mistake. Otherwise the deleted files will be overwritten by new data and you are unable to recover them forever with any Android data recovery software.

Step 1: Double click on this software icon to open it, and then you will enter the interface as follows. Press on the recovery mode "Recover from Phone" to continue.

select recover from phone

Step 2: Connect your phone to the computer through USB cable, and then this software will start to analyze your device.

connect device


1. If your "USB debugging" option is not checked, you will enter the following interface which will show you the detailed steps to enable USB debugging for different Android operating system versions.


2. If you have never connected your device to the computer before, you will then receive this interface as follows. Under this circumstance, we recommend you to check "Always allow from this computer" on your phone to avoid making this authorization again next time and then click on "Ok" button to allow USB debugging manually.

allow debugging

Step 3: Then you will enter this "Device Ready to Scan" interface. Here you can notice that there are two scanning modes on the interface: "Quick Scan" will only detect the deleted contacts, short messages and call records; while "Deep Scan" will perform a slow but entire scanning on the Android device and then show you all the deleted files. Just choose the scanning mode you want to use and click on "Next" button to continue.

select scan

Step 4: You will enter the scanning results interface when the scanning process is finished. The file types are listed on the left side in category, and the type icon will be in light blue if there are scanned results on it, otherwise it will be in dark grey. Then, you can click on each file type icon to check the items one by one. And then you can select the items you want to recover and click on "Recover" button to continue.

scan result


1. For instance, if you want to recover photos from Android phone, there are three file types you can choose: "Camera" and "App Picture" of category "Photos & Videos" as well as "Picture" of category "RAW & Document". If you are not sure which category they are in, you can check all of these three file types.

2. You will see a button off on the top side of scanning result interface. If you switch it to "ON", you will be able to view the deleted items only if you would like to.

Step 5: Then you will see a small pop-out window. Here you can choose to save those selected files to the software default storage path, or click on "Browse" button to select another path on the computer from the second pop-out window to save those files.


choose drive

When these 5 steps are finished, you will find that the deleted files are saved on the specified path safely. And you are able to view and use them directly.

"When I want to install a piece of new APP to my Samsung phone, the device refuses this operation because there is no enough storage space on it. So I choose to delete some unnecessary APPs and files. But I mistakenly delete some important photos at the same time. Fortunately, I find this software and finally use it to get my deleted photos back."

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The above operations are just based on Android phone. If you want to retrieve deleted files from Android tablet, the steps are the same.

Way 2: Recover Deleted Files from Android SD-Card

If the deleted files are saved on the Android SD-Card before the deletion, you can use the second recovery module of this software -"Recover from SD-Card" - to get your deleted Android data back.

As to this recovery module, you need to connect the Android SD card to your computer. To make this connection successfully, you need a card reader. If you don't know this device and how to use it, you can read this post What Is SD Card Reader & How To Use It to get the details.

Step 1: Choose "Recover from SD-Card" module from the main interface.

select from sd card

Step 2: Connect your Android SD card to your computer via a card reader and then click on the lower left side blue button "Next" to continue.

connect sd card

Step 3: Then, the detected SD-Card will be displayed on the interface with its drive letter and storage space size. Select the SD card you want to scan and press "Next" button to continue.



If there is more than one SD card on the interface, you can choose the target one by judging from their drive letter and storage space.

Step 4: It will take some minutes to finish the scanning process, please be patient. When this process is finished, you will enter the scanning results interface as follows.


Step 5: Then you can choose the files you want to retrieve, and then click on "Recover" button. The rest operations are the same as step 5 of "Recover from Phone" modules, and they will be not repeated here.



It is not recommended to save these files to the source Android SD card. Otherwise, you will bear the risk of data loss which is caused by data overwriting.

After these simple steps, you will discover that the deleted files on Android SD card are back to you now.

"Once I deleted some of my important pictures on Android SD card by mistake, and then I found this recovery tool on the internet. I have doubted its function at first, but after the recovery, I realize that it is really useful and recommendable."

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1. There is another kind of data recovery program which can also be used to recover data from SD card, and it is MiniTool Power Data Recovery. As to Android SD card data recovery, you can read this post Breaking News - SD Card Data Recovery Is Solved Perfectly to learn more useful information.

2. If you want to recover data from iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, you can use this powerful and professional iOS data recovery software - MiniTool Mobile Recovery for iOS to recover all your lost or deleted data.

If you want to break the limitations in MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android Free Edition to recover more deleted Android data, you can choose to buy the advanced version of this software from the official site.

Part 4: Bonus Tips

MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android enables you to recover your deleted Android data, however, it is still necessary for you to pay attention to the following tips:

1. It is strongly recommended for you to make a backup of your data and files on Android phone, tablet and its SD card. It is true that there are many ways for Android users to back up its data and files, and you can search one on the internet according to your own situation.

2. Please think twice before you decide to delete some unnecessary data and files on your Android device to avoid deleting the important items.

Part 5: Bottom Line

Next time, if you are facing "recover deleted files Android" issue, do you know what you need to do then? Just download and install MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android to your computer and let it help you recover deleted Android data. If the data were stored on the Android device before the deletion, you should utilize its "Recover from Phone" module; and if you deleted data from your Android SD Card by mistake, you can use the "Recover from SD-Card" module. Please choose one recovery module according to your personal situation.

In addition, if you encounter some questions when you are using this software, please feel free to contact us by sending an email to [email protected], or just leave them on the following comment bar. Any useful software-related ideas and suggestions are also appreciated here. Thank you!