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How Can You Recover Files Deleted by Android Clean Master?

Have you used Clean Master to clean junk files from your Android phone or tablet? Lost files, pictures, videos or music? Take it easy now. MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android, a reliable and free Android data recovery solution, enables you to recover files deleted by Clean Master with ease.

What Is Clean Master on Android Phone?

clean master Clean Master, also called Cleaner, is a very popular application that can keep your Android device always clean and optimized. Thanks to its many optimizing features, you can effectively eliminate any unnecessary process running in the background and clean all remaining files after an app uninstallation. Besides, it can work well on cleaning the browsing and calling history. Thus it can be seen that this junk file cleaning app is pretty useful to free up storage space, boost speed and improve the performance of your Android device.

Clean Master Deleted My Music & Pictures

However, does Clean Master always work perfectly? Can it remove the junk files with perfect accuracy? Not exactly. Actually, when clicking "Clean the Junk" button, many important photos, music files and cache files of several apps like WhatsApp, Viber, Snapchat, Instagram, WebChat are easy to be cleared mistakenly by Clean Master. In many forums, many Android phone or tablet users asked for help. Here comes to one true example, as shown below:

"I hope someone here can help me. I installed clean master on my Samsung galaxy s5 which has an additional micro SD 64 GB a few weeks ago. I got a message on the phone from Clean Master - you are running low on storage space move pictures to storage card? I selected the yes option and now have lost over 2000 pictures. Can anyone help?"

- forums.androidcentral

If you are also the one who has accidentally deleted files by using Clean Master, what should you do to recover files deleted by Clean Master?

How to Recover Files Deleted by Android Clean Master

To be specific, I will provide you with two possible solutions to recover data lost or deleted from Clean Master. One is to check Clean Master recycle bin to see if your files can be restored. Just follow the easy steps to get deleted pictures back in this help document CM deleted my important files. Another solution is to use a piece of professional Android data recovery software.

solution 1 MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android

As you know, recovery is never easy. But with the help of an Android data recovery tool, things get easier. Here, the third-party software, MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android enables you to easily recover files deleted by Clean Master. As a reliable and risk-free tool, it can rescue deleted/lost/formatted Android file from many devices including Samsung, Lenovo, Huawei, Nexus, Google, LG, hTC and other Android phones & tablets. Besides, it can preview recoverable files including pictures, contacts, messages, etc. before you proceed further recovery.

If you are also suffering from data loss from Clean Master app, why not free download this Android data recovery software and install it on your computer to begin deleted files/pictures recovery?


Once Clean Master deleted your WhatsApp pictures, music files or videos, immediately stop using your Android device. Or else, data overwriting will happen to your Android device and then the chance of data recovery becomes slim.

Guide to Clean Master Deleted Files Recovery

The following is how to use this Android data rescuer app to get back pictures deleted by Clean Master.

① Recover Files Deleted by Clean Master from Android Device Directly

Tip: For a successful file recovery, ensure your phone has been rooted. This help document How to Root Your Android Device tells you more details.

Step 1: Choose a recovery module
Run MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android Free Edition to its main interface. Then, you see this data recovery tool provides you with two recovery methods, enabling you to respectively recover Clean Master deleted files, WhatsApp pictures, music files, videos from Android internal memory or the included SD card. Here, firstly click Recover from Phone module.

recover android phone

Step 2: Identify your device
Prepare a USB cable and then connect your Android device to the computer running Windows 10/8/7. Then, this software will begin to analyze the device.


Then, a window will appear to require you to enable USB debugging by choosing an Android version. Note that the ways to enable debugging are different for each Android version.

usb version

If you first connect the Android device to your PC, a USB debugging authorization is required. To avoid authorization next time, please check Always allow from this computer and click OK on your phone.

usb debugging

Step 3: Choose scan method
Next, MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android will enter Device Ready to Scan interface. You can see two scan methods are listed. Just choose one.

scan method

  • By default, Deep Scan is selected, allowing you to rescue contacts, messages, videos, call histories, pictures, audios, WhatsApp messages & attachments and more, as shown above. If Clean Master deleted your WhatsApp pictures/music files/videos by accident, we suggest using this mode. Note that you are not allowed to uncheck some file types you don't need, thus, this may take you much time to scan your Android device.
  • If you want to recover contacts, messages, histories or WhatsApp messages & attachments deleted from Clean Master app, Quick Scan is worth recommending.

Step 4: Analyze and scan your phone
Next, this free Android file recovery tool will start to analyze all the data on your device and scan this device.

Step 5: Choose proper items to recover
After the scan is completed, you will go to the following interface along with the scanned data types. Here, you can know all the found file types are in blue. On the contrary, if there are no files found, the corresponding file type is in gray.

In the interface below, MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android has found pictures deleted by Clean Master. Just separately click Camera, App Picture, and Picture file type to view whether the items you need are listed. Then, check some items and click Recover button on the bottom right to get back pictures deleted by Clean Master.

If you want to get deleted music or videos back, see the related articles:

whatapp picture-recovery

  • The Free Edition of this Android file recovery tool only helps to recover 10 files of each data type each time. For more limitation, click Limits in MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android Free. To completely recover files deleted by Clean Master, its full edition of this software will be helpful.

  • We are suggesting you register this software in the scan result interface after a purchase and then directly perform deleted files recovery without scanning your Android phone again. How to register this tool? Just click register button, input the serial number you have got and click Activate button.


Step 6: Specify a storage path
In the pop-out window, you see this software has specified a default storage path on your computer. Click Browse button to specify a new path if you don't want the default one. After that, click Recover to complete Clean Master deleted files recovery.


② Recover Files Deleted by Android Clean Master from SD Card

What if files on the SD card included in the Android phone are deleted by Clean Master? Take it easy. Fortunately, MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android phone has another feature called Recover from SD-Card, offering you much convenience to do data recovery from SD card. Let's see how this feature works for you.

Step 1: Also, after launching this 100% safe and free Android data recovery program, click the feature on the right side.

recover from sd card

Step 2: You need to connect your Micro SD card to your computer, then click Next button. Note that SD card should be inserted to a card reader so as to connect to PC.

connect to pc

Step 3: Later, the target SD card will be shown in the following interface. Then, choose it and go to next step.


Step 4: Then, scanning operation will be performed immediately after the analysis process. Later, the following window shows the icons of found file types on the left side are in blue. Please click one and then all scanned files of this type including the existing and deleted are displayed. Here, we choose Picture file type as an example.


The button off is disabled, hence, switch it to on so as to only display the deleted items. Then, check only 10 deleted files each time by using this free tool to start Clean Master deleted files recovery. To recover more files from SD card, you had better get an advanced edition and then register in the scan result interface.


Step 5: At last, recover the selected items to a storage path you have specified on your PC.

Now, all information about how to recover files deleted by Clean Master with MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android is told you. If your friends also lost some important files after performing junk files clean, just share this free tool with them.

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solution 2 Other Available Recovery Tools for SD Card File Recovery

Actually, as to SD card data recovery, MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android is not your only option. MiniTool Solution Ltd. has another two available programs and they are MiniTool Power Data Recovery and MiniTool Photo Recovery. Let's see some details about them.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery

This data recovery is designed to recover deleted/lost files from Recycle Bin, lost/damaged/formatted/RAW partition, SD card, USB drive, CD/DVD and more. It offers you five recovery modules, which can satisfy your needs. Here, if Clean Master deleted your pictures, music files or videos stored on SD card, Digital Media Recovery feature is suitable. Just free download this free program, launch it to its main interface and then click this module to begin a recovery.


Tip: This module only helps to retrieve lost photos, office documents, music files and video files from flash drives and memory sticks. If you need to get back other data types deleted from Clean Master app, please ask the other four features for help.

MiniTool Photo Recovery

MiniTool Photo Recovery, a professional photo recovery solution, enables you to only recover pictures, videos, and audios from SD card, USB flash drive, camera and other storage devices. To recover pictures or other media files deleted by Clean Master, this is a good option.

After opening it, click Start button and follow instructions to do file recovery. Note that this tool only allows you to save maximum 200 MB selected files.

photo recovery

Want to learn more information about how to recover deleted files from SD card? Read this post How Can I Recover Deleted Files from SD Card Android Easily.

What You Have Learnt

After reading the article, you know what Clean Master is, the issue - Clean Master deleted WhatsApp pictures/music files/videos, how to use MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android to recover files deleted by Clean Master and other MiniTool Data Recovery tools to do Clean Master deleted files recovery.

Should you have any doubts or questions when using our programs, please feel free to contact us by leaving a comment in the following area or sending an email to [email protected]. Besides, if you also have other solutions to recover files deleted from Clean Master app, please share them with us.