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How to Recover Deleted Files from ES File Explorer in Android?


Have installed ES File Explorer on your Android device? Accidentally deleted important files? How to recover files deleted by ES File Explorer? Try to recover deleted files from ES File Explorer directly or perform ES File Explorer data recovery with a piece of third-party software - MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android or other programs.

What Is ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer, a very popular application for both local and networked use, enables you to efficiently and easily manage all of your files and programs on your Android device and share all files between phones, PCs, and Macs by leveraging LAN, FTP, and Remote Bluetooth. And it has many additional features including direct cloud drive storage, a tool for killing running applications, and an FTP client, enabling you to use it on the device as well as your computer. Now, this program has gained over 500 million users worldwide.

ES File Explorer Deleted My Files

"My mom wanted me to give her photos from the vacation, so I decided to move them from my phone to my computer and then put it on a USB Flash Drive to her. I connect my phone to the computer but see that the folder is too big so I move half of it to a new folder using ES File Explorer, then move both of them to the Internal Storage Thing. The first half works but the second is empty..."

-from linustechtip.coms

Sometimes you need to download ES File Explorer and use it to transfer pictures or other files stored on your Android device to your computer for management or backup. However, it is likely that your photos or files are lost when using this file manager, just like the above actual case shows.What would you do if you discover you have accidentally deleted some important files? Look for the ways in the following part.

2 Ways to Recover Files Deleted byES File Explorer

Actually, there isn't much you can do except restoring data from the latest backup. However, the problem is that no backup exists. Well then, how to recover files if they are deleted by ES File Explorer? In this post, we will show you 2 ways: let ES File Explorer recover deleted files and use third-party software to do data recovery.

way 1 Way 1: Recover Deleted Files from ES File Explorer via Recycle Bin

ES File Explorer has one useful feature that is Recycle Bin, allowing you to restore accidentally deleted files. Once files, pictures, videos, music files, documents are deleted in ES File Explorer, they will be sent to Recycle Bin immediately. This makes "ES File Explorer recovering deleted files" possible. Well then, How to recover deleted files from file manager in Android device?

Attention: To make ES File Explorer recover deleted files successfully via Recycle Bin, you must ensure Recycle Bin option has been enabled.

recly bin

After launching this free file manager, slide the toolbar from the left, scroll down to Tools section, and tap Recycle Bin to go to the recycle bin page.

es file explorer recover deleted files

Then, long press the file or folder you want to restore to select it. Next, you can see three buttons - Delete, Restore and Properties from the bottom of your Android phone screen. Here, please choose Restore to recover deleted files from ES File Explorer.

way 2 Way 2: Recover Files Deleted by ES File Explorer with Third-party Software

android recovery Android Recovery Software

What if you fail to retrieve deleted files, pictures or videos from Recycle Bin on ES File Explorer? In this case, you need to ask a piece of professional Android data recovery software for help. Here, you can use MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android to undelete files saved on your Android phone or tablet.

This program is available on Windows 10/8.1/8/7 and it can be used to recover photos, videos, audios, contacts, messages, documents and more from Android phone or SD card with its two powerful features. Besides, it supports multiple Android phones and tablets, such as Samsung, Huawei, Google, LG, Sony and more. Now, get its Free Edition from the following button and install it on your computer to have a try if ES File Explorer deleted your files/photos by accident.

  • Directly Do Data Recovery from Android Phone Internal Memory

    Step 1: Select a recovery mode.
    Double-click on the icon of this Android data recovery software on your computer and then you will enter its main interface, as shown below. Here, you can find there are two features. To recover files deleted by ES File Explorer from Android phone internal memory directly, please click Recover from Phone on the left side.

    recover android phone

    Step 2: Analyze the device.
    MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android will start analyzing your Android phone or tablet after connecting the device to your computer via USB cable.


    Tip: When you perform file recovery, note that no other Android phone management software is running. Or else, a recovery failure may appear.

    Step 3: Enable USB debugging.
    Next, you are prompt to enable USB debugging. From the figure below, you know the ways are different from Android versions. Thus, please choose a proper one based on your need.

    Here take Android 4.2 to 5.2 as an example:
    1. Enter Setting to find About phone.
    2. Tap Build number seven times in rapid succession and then click Back button.
    3. Click Develop options under the Settings tab.
    4. Then in the options interface, find USB debugging feature to enable it.

    usb version

    Step 4: Allow USB debugging.
    If you connect your Android device to the computer for the first time, USB debugging authorization is required. Please check Always allow from this computer option and click OK on your phone or tablet to avoid authorization next time.

    Tip: If Android phone won't turn on or it gets bricked, you can only get back lost or deleted files from the phone where USB debugging has been enabled.

    usb debugging

    Attention: If your Android device hasn't been rooted, MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android will prompt you to root it. This post How to Root Your Android Device shows you much information.

    Step 5: Choose a scan mode.

    This program provides you with two scan modes:

    • Quick Scan: it can help to scan your Android phone or tablet in a fast way. With it, you can only recover contacts, short messages and call records deleted by ES File Explorer. Note that this mode allows you to uncheck the file types you don't want to recover.
    • Deep Scan: it helps you to scan the entire Android phone or tablet so that more files could be recovered. But, this scan mode may cost much time, thus, please wait patiently.

    Perhaps you will ask how to get pictures back you deleted on Android device.Here, to recover deleted photos by the file manager, we suggest choosing Deep Scan since it supports all file types including contacts, messages, call histories, photos, audios, videos, documents, etc. Note that this mode doesn't allow you uncheck the file type you don't want to recover.

    scan method

    Step 6: Scan your device.
    Then, MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android will start to scan your device. To recover files deleted by ES File Explorer well, you had better not click Stop button before the scan process is completed.

    Step 7: Check the items to recover.
    Then, you will find all the found data types are marked in blue and the file types that are not found are marked in gray by this Android data recovery software. And you can click one file type and then choose one file to view whether it is the one you want to recover.

    Here, if you want to recover deleted photos, please click Camera, Screenshot, App Picture or Picture. Then, check 10 items of each file type each time you need for ES File Explorer data recovery by hitting Recover button.

    whatapp picture recovery

    wran Attention: The Free Edition of MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android can only help to recover 10 files of one type each time. In order to recover deleted files by ES File Explorer without recovery limitation, we recommend using its advanced edition.

    tip After getting the license, please register this program in the scan result interface by clicking register icon. Then, in the pop-out window, input the code you have got to activate this software for more files recovery.


    Step 8: Determine a storage path.
    Then, a default path is offered. And you can also click Browse to specify a storage path. Finally, click Recover button to perform the file recovery operation.


  • Recover Files Deleted by ES File Explorer from SD Card

    Sometimes, ES File Explorer deleted your files/photos saved on SD card on your Android phone. In this case, Recover from Phone feature is helpless. Here, you can try to retrieve your files/photos from SD card. Look at the guide in the following contents.

    Step 1: Similarly, launch MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android to its main interface where you should choose Recover from SD-Card feature on the right side.

    recover from sd card

    Step 2: Then you are prompted to connect your SD card to your computer, just do it. And click Next button to continue. Note that don't start any other Android management software during the data recovery process.

    connect to pc

    Step 3: Then, your SD card will be displayed. Just choose it and then click Next to continue.


    Step 4: Then, this Android data recovery software will analyze your SD card and start the scan operation. Later, click one file type that is found, check the items you need and click Recover button.


    Step 5: Then you can save all selected data to the default storage path or reassign another path to save files.

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data-recovery MiniTool Power Data Recovery

In addition to MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android, you can choose to rescue files saved on SD card with another data recovery software if ES File Explorer deleted your files by accident. It is MiniTool Power Data Recovery that enables you to recover deleted files from SD card, USB flash drive, memory sticks, hard drive, etc with its powerful feature, for example, Undelete Recovery, Digital Media Recovery, and Damaged Partition Recovery. Just click one feature to recover files deleted by ES File Explorer. The Free Edition can help to recover up to 1GB data.


data-recovery MiniTool Photo Recovery

To recover SD card files deleted by ES File Explorer, MiniTool Photo Recovery can do a favor. As the professional photo recovery software, it allows you to recover deleted photos, videos and audios from a digital camera, SD card, USB drive and more. If you are looking for the answer to this question "how to recover deleted photos from file manager", this software is available to get deleted pictures back by the file manager - ES File Explorer. Note that its Free Edition allows you to free recover up to 200MB data. Just get it to have a try.

photo recovery

Bottom Line

All the possible ways for ES File Explorer data recovery are told to you. Now, it's your turn to start data recovery. Just recover deleted files from ES File Explorer Recycle Bin or choose a proper way to get deleted files back if you fail to make ES File Explorer recover deleted files.

Should you have any questions while using our programs to recover files deleted by ES File Explorer, don't hesitate to tell us: leave your comment in the following area or write an email and send it to [email protected]. Besides, any suggestions for Android device data recovery are welcome.