Both McAfee and Norton are wonderful and professional antivirus tools to prevent your computer from virus attack, but which one is better and more suitable for you? This post that mainly talks about McAfee vs Norton is what you need. Besides, it is recommended to use MiniTool Software to better protect your data.

As more and more people save important data on their computers, they hope to choose an excellent antivirus program to prevent virus attacks from causing data loss. If you also want to find a suitable antivirus tool between McAfee and Norton, you can know which tool to choose in the following content.

Overview of McAfee and Norton

Both McAfee and Norton are designed to prevent viruses and malware. Before talking about McAfee vs Norton, let’s get some information about McAfee and Norton.

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McAfee is a company that claims to be the world’s largest dedicated technology security company. Over the past 30 years, it has protected devices (Windows, macOS, Andriod, and iOS) from viruses, malware, and other threats. In addition, McAfee has established a rich and widespread global threat intelligence network so that it can analyze and collect threat data from more than 500 million endpoints around the world.


Norton is also an antivirus tool that aims to protect your data on Windows, macOS, smartphones, and tablets. It uses signatures and heuristics to identify viruses. As of the first half of 2007, Norton AntiVirus and related products Norton Internet Security accounted for 61% of the US security suite retail market.

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McAfee VS Norton

This part is going to talk McAfee vs Norton from several aspects, including features, antivirus & malware protection, impact on system speed, pricing, user interface, and customer support.

McAfee VS Norton: Features

Good antivirus software should possess several useful features, and this section talks about McAfee vs Norton for features.


McAfee’s flagship product is McAfee Total Protection. The bundle comes with one, five, or 10 licenses, so it is very suitable for single users or families with multiple devices. McAfee Total Protection has almost all the advanced antivirus features you can find in the top drawer kit.

  • Firewall Shield
  • Centralized Hub
  • File Lock Utility
  • Full-blown Password Manager
  • Identity Protection
  • Vulnerability Scanner
  • Network Manager
  • Parental Control Module
  • Optimization Tools
  • Permanent Deletion Feature

Another product is McAfee LiveSafe. This package not only includes all the protection and scanning features that McAfee fully protects, but also protects files on the Cloud.


Norton has several security suites, and each product contains different features.

  • Norton AntiVirus Plus contains Norton’s Signature Smart Firewall, Ransomware Protection, Antispyware utility, Password Protection, Anti-Spam feature, and it also provides 2GB of free cloud data storage.
  • Norton 360 Standard contains all the features that Norton AntiVirus Plus has, along with Secure VPN, SafeCam feature, Dark web monitoring from LifeLock, Virus Protection Promise and10GB of free cloud data storage.
  • Norton 360 Deluxe includes all the features of Norton 360 Standard, as well as Comprehensive Parental Controls, and 50GB of free cloud data storage.
  • Norton 360 With Standard Lifelock Select has everything Norton 360 Deluxe does as well as LifeLock Identity Alert System, Credit Monitoring, Finance Protection, and 100GB of free cloud data storage.

Conclusion: In terms of McAfee vs Norton for features, McAfee is the winner because it contains all advanced features into its flagship product.

McAfee VS Norton: Antivirus and Malware Protection

The most important feature of an antivirus program is antivirus and malware protection. This part focuses on McAfee vs Norton for antivirus and malware protection, then you can know whether to choose McAfee or Norton in this aspect.

During July and August 2020, AV-Test evaluated McAfee and Norton, and both companies successfully detected almost all malware samples. Both McAfee and Norton scored a perfect 6 out of 6 in the “Protection” category.


McAfee’s score in the Protection category


Norton’s score in the Protection category

What’s more, according to the Real-World Protection Test July-August 2020 (380 test cases) from AV-Comparative, McAfee can block 98.2% of the widespread malicious samples used in the test while Norton can block 98.7%.

AV-Comparative’s test

Conclusion: Norton vs McAfee for antivirus and malware protection: Norton is much better.

McAfee VS Norton: Impact on System Speed

Is McAfee better than Norton in the aspect of impact on system speed? This part will give you the answer. Running an antivirus program may slow down your computer, but McAfee and Norton have tried their big efforts to limit system impact as they can.

In August 2020, AV-Test tested both McAfee and Norton for their impact on system speed. As you can see, both Norton and McAfee got 6 out of 6 in the Performance category, which means that both products have little impact on system performance.


McAfee’s score in the Performance category


Norton’s score in the Performance category

Conclusion: In terms of McAfee vs Norton for the impact on system speed, both are excellent.

McAfee VS Norton: Pricing

This part is mainly talking about McAfee vs Norton for pricing. When choosing a suitable antivirus tool, the price is another factor that you should consider. Now let’s see a pricing table for the different editions of each software.

McAfee Pricing

Total Protection Single Device

$34.99/year for the first year

1 device

Total Protection Individuals & Couples

$39.99/year for the first year

5 devices

Total Protection Family

$44.99/year for the first year

10 devices

Total Protection Ultimate

$109.99/year for the first year

Unlimited devices

McAfee LiveSafe

$44.99/year for the first year

Unlimited devices

Norton Pricing

Norton AntiVirus Plus

$19.99/year for the first year

1 PC or Mac

Norton 360 Standard

$39.99/year for the first year

1 PC, 1 Mac, or 1 smartphone or tablet

Norton 360 Deluxe

$49.99/year for the first year

5 PCs, Macs, smartphones, or tablets

Norton 360 with LifeLock Select

$99.99/year for the first year

5 PCs, Macs, smartphones, or tablets

Norton 360 with LifeLock Ultimate Plus

$299.99/year for the first year

Unlimited PCs, Macs, smartphones, or tablets

Conclusion: Overall, McAfee is much better due to its generous per-device pricing model. As you can see, McAfee becomes an increasingly cheaper option when you need multiple licenses.

McAfee VS Norton: User Interface

When using an antivirus tool, the user interface is also needed to consider. As two of the best antivirus program on the market today, both McAfee and Norton offer an intuitive interface so that you can run virus scans, update software, and even review virus descriptions.

McAfee has a clean appearance, with white and dark gray as the main colors. McAfee’s application has a left column, which can be used to browse its various menus, but it can also split its functions among many slides or windows. This means you need to switch between screens to perform the most basic operations.

The interface used by Norton is divided into the main panel with four different blocks at the bottom, all operations can be completed with one click. The top panel lets you know the current protection status.

When Norton detects that potential malware is about to enter your computer, it will pop up additional pop-up windows. It gives you the opportunity to allow or block incoming data or files.

interface of Norton

Conclusion: Speaking of McAfee vs Norton, both are excellent in terms of the user interface.

McAfee VS Norton: Customer Support

The last part talks about Norton antivirus vs McAfee for customer support. Norton provides 24/7/365 support at all product levels. Online you will find an FAQ, community forum, and live chat. You can also call the phone support number, and you can contact Facebook and Twitter accounts.

McAfee has clear navigation and can take you to different subject areas on its website for support, including PC, Mac, mobile or billing help. The virtual assistant will provide instructional assistance and provide a community forum to post your questions.

What’s more, McAfee also provides help from the self-service knowledge base or provides technical assistance from live chat or social channels.

Conclusion: In terms of customer support, both McAfee and Norton are brilliant.

Which is better Norton or McAfee? After reading this part, you should know which one is more suitable for you, and you can pick one based on your needs.

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choose the destination to save the backup

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begin backing up files

Final Words

To sum up, this post has listed multiple differences between McAfee and Norton, so after reading this post, you should know which one is more suitable for you. What’s more, you should use MiniTool ShadowMaker to better protect your data.

If you have any confusion about this post, leave a comment or send an email to [email protected].

McAfee VS Norton FAQ

Kaspersky or McAfee: which is better?
McAfee is better because it provides more security-related features and additional utilities than Kaspersky. Independent laboratory tests have proved that both software can provide excellent malware protection with minimal impact on system performance, but McAfee’s antivirus suite is cheaper than Kaspersky’s.
AVG or McAfee: which is better?
Both AVG and McAfee offer useful features to prevent malware with minimal impact on system performance. However, compared with AVG, McAfee provides more protection-related features and other utilities in its security suite. You may be interested in this post – Avast VS AVG: What Are the Differences & Which One Is Better?
Is Windows Defender better than McAfee?
The main difference is that McAfee is a paid product, while Windows Defender is free. McAfee guarantees a 100% detection rate for malware, while Windows Defender’s detection rate is about 95% to 98%. In addition, McAfee also provides a series of advanced features and utilities that Windows Defender cannot provide. You may be interested in this post – Is Windows Defender Better Than McAfee, Avast, Or Bitdefender.
Does AVG slow down the computer?
AVG helps protect your computer from viruses, worms, and other malicious software by checking every application running. As reported by AVG, this scanning activity usually does not slow down the system.
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