MiniTool ShadowMaker User Manual


Overview of Logs

Log is a place where you can have a clear review of all your backup tasks. With clear interface and concise descriptions, you can see the started time, ended time and created time of the backup, how long it takes to finish a backup, the backup result, and more.


Log Items

Show: choose to show the backup tasks happened during the last 24 hours, the last week, the last three months or you can customize period by selecting the beginning and ending date.


Search: you can choose one of the options and input the corresponding keywords in the following find bar to search the backup log you want to browse:

Plan Name: generated by MiniTool ShadowMaker which covers the subject of the backup task.

Result: whether this backup is created successfully or not.


Task Name: show the source drive and the target drive.

Started Time: show when this backup begins.

Ended Time: show when this backup ends.

Created Time: show when this backup task is created. Create time may be different from Started Time, for you may have chosen Back up Later when you create the backup task.

Time Consumed: show how long this backup takes.

Result: show whether this backup is created successfully or not.

Save: select one task and click on Save button to save it to a location which is selected by default.


Delete: click this button to delete the log of selected task.