MiniTool ShadowMaker User Manual


Overview of Manage

Manage is a place where you can manage all backup tasks. In this interface, you can not only view the state of your backup tasks (see Tip below), but also make multiple choices to arrange your backup tasks better. Detailed explanations are shown below:


  • For normal backup file, it is marked with green icon; while for bad backup file, it is marked with red icon as follows.
  • For scheduled backup, the latest backup time and the next backup time are shown here. If Schedule Setting is disabled, only the latest backup time is displayed.

backup state

Manage Options

Check or uncheck "Shut down the computer when all the running backup tasks are finished" option according to your own needs.


New Backup: click it to enter the Backup interface to start a new backup task.
Add Backup: if the target backup is not shown here, you can click this button to pick it out from your computer and make it display here manually.

add backup

Back up Now: click this button to continue the backup task
Full: choose this option to make a full backup of your existing data on the selected disk or partition
Incremental: choose this option to make an incremental backup on the basis of the last backup
Differential: choose this option to make a differential backup on the basis of the last full backup

Here, you can refer to Glossary of Items part to get the detailed information.


When you click this button manage options on the right side, you will get a drop-down list as follows:


Browse: use this option to browse and export the selected files.

Step 1. When you click this button, you will see this pop-out interface as follows. Then, please select the backup version you want to browse and click on Next.


Step 2. When you enter the following interface, you can click on the volume to browse the files on it. At the same time, you can check some files and click on Export button to save them on your computer. Then, click on Finish to quit this interface.


Restore: use this option to choose the volumes to restore from the selected backup file. Please see the detailed steps in Restore part.

Mount: use this option to mount the selected backup

Step 1. After clicking Mount, you will enter the following interface. Then, choose the target backup version and click on Next.


Step 2. Select the target partition and click on Finish. Then, press Yes in the pop-out window.

choose partition

Step 3. When this operation is finished, click on OK to quit this interface.


Edit Scheme: use this option to enter Backup Scheme interface and edit it depending on your need. See the details in Backup Scheme part.

edit scheme

Locate Image: use this option to locate to the position of the selected backup directly.

locate image

Verify: use this option to verify the integrity of the selected backup.

Step 1. Click Verify and you will enter this interface. Select the target backup version and click on Next.


Step 2. The software will begin to verify the selected image file automatically. When this process is finished, please click on OK and Finish to quit this interface.


Delete: use this option to delete the selected backup from this interface.

delete backup

Edit Schedule: use this option to enter the schedule setting interface and edit it according to your needs. Please see the detailed steps in Schedule Setting part.

verify complete