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Data loss situation varies a lot: you may lose a single file on computer; you may find a whole partition is lost or the whole disk turns into unallocated; sometimes, the disk/flash drive/memory card may even corrupt without giving us a sign; what's worse, the boot files of a system may be lost/damaged or the internal hard disk/bootable drive may be damaged, resulting in boot failure (in this case, you'll lose access to all data saved under that system).

Factors That Influence Data Recovery Prices

It is true that everyone who is encountering data loss issue would like to find a way to complete hard disk data recovery as soon as possible unless the lost data happen to be useless for him. But speaking of the data recovery prices, the situation becomes more complicated. The hard drive data recovery cost depends on a lot of factors:

a). How important the lost data are.
b). The financial state of the owner of data.
c). How much is the owner willing to pay for the data recovery services.
d). The damage degree of data.
e). The type of the storage medium.

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In order to help users get the best hard drive data recovery service with the lowest price, we recommend MiniTool Power Data Recovery. It is a user-friendly data recovery program which provides 8 different choices to satisfy your needs: Free, Personal Standard, Personal Deluxe, Personal Ultimate, Business Standard, Business Deluxe, Business Enterprise and Business Technician. But even the free edition is able to recover data from a hard drive in various situations. You may ask what about the price, right? Actually, it ranges from 0~499 dollars. Take a look at this page to know more details.

We strongly advise you to skip the cumbersome data recovery cost estimate process; just download a MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free Edition V7.5 to recover data from a crashed hard drive, a formatted drive or a drive which works normally. It works perfectly for both internal hard drive and external hard drive.

In the following part, we'll specifically illustrate how to finish some common data recovery work like crashed hard drive data recovery. Please read carefully if you have such needs.

High-Quality Hard Drive Recovery Service You Deserve

First of all, we'd like to talk a little bit about Power Data Recovery. As far as we know, a large number of users consider it as the best data recovery software since it has many advantages.

For instance, it is totally clean and doesn't have any spyware or virus. Besides, it has very good compatibility, supporting various Windows operating systems (like Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10), different file types (like document, image, video, audio and email) and almost all common storage devices (like hard drive, USB flash drive, SSD, memory card and CD/DVD).

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Apart from this, we found the average cost of data recovery is about hundreds to thousands of dollars. This further makes us confirm that MiniTool Power Data Recovery is your best choice unless the drive containing lost data has very serious physical damage, which calls for hard drive disassembling in a clean room.

Does any of these appeals to you? Do you want to have a try in person? What are you waiting for? Just go ahead to get one to start data recovery immediately. Please be noted that you are not allowed to install the software to any drive that including your needed data (waiting to be recovered); otherwise, data overwriting may be brought, leading to permanent data loss!

How to Recover Data from a Crashed Hard Drive

When a hard drive is crashed suddenly, you may receive an error message or find a lot of files are gone. At this time, you should run the data recovery software we just recommended to recover data from crashed disk quickly, as long as the computer still runs well.

1. Open Windows Disk Management to view the status of your crashed hard disk. Are all partitions still there or is there a partition lost inexplicably? After figuring this out, you should run the software to see its main interface and then make your choice to open a suitable functional module.

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To recover files from a partition still existing on the hard drive, you should click on "Damaged Partition Recovery". On the contrary, if you want to recover files from a partition disappeared during the disk crash, you have to choose "Lost Partition Recovery".

2. Then, you'll be brought to the corresponding operating interface. If you are under "Damaged Partition Recovery" module, please select the partition which you want to scan for the lost files; if you are under "Lost Partition Recovery", please highlight the whole crashed hard drive.

Data recovery prices 4

Then, you're expected to click on the "Full Scan" button to start a complete scan on the selected drive.

One or more deleted partitions may appear in the "Device" list under your crashed hard drive. After you selected a deleted partition, another button will appear in the lower right corner of this interface: "Open" (on the right side of "Full Scan" button). Now you can choose to Scan the partition or Open it directly to see whether you can find needed files here.

3. When the scan is finished, the scan result will appear in the software automatically. Please look through all the folders and files carefully in order to pick out which files are needed and which are not. This may take a long time if many files have ever been saved onto this disk.

4. At last, you ought to click on the "Save" button to set a storage path for those selected files in the pop-window and then click on "OK" button to confirm.

Right after you click on the "Save" button, the following File Saving Limit prompt window will appear to inform you that the total size of files you have selected to recover reaches the free recovery limit – 1GB.

Data recovery prices 5

Under this circumstance, you have 2 choices:
a). check no more than 1GB of data to recover.
b). click on "Export Scan Result" button to save the scan result to another place; then, upgrade your software to an advanced edition and choose to "Load saved scan result manually" or load "Previous Scan Result" in the drive selecting interface (shown in step 2). After that, check all files you need to recover by pressing "Save" button again.

When all files have been saved to the appointed place, you'll see a prompt window in the software, informing you that the hard drive data recovery process is over. So, you can close the software.

What if it is the internal boot hard drive that is crashed? Have you ever thought of this issue? In this case, it's very possible that the system won't start as usual. At this time, you should turn to "How to Get Data from Dead Internal Hard Drive" talked below to get help.

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Actually, above method also works for corrupted/crashed/dead external hard drive recovery. So we'll not talk about it here. But if you'd like to know more about it, please read Recover Files From Dead External Hard Drive With Actionable Way (the external hard drive data recovery cost is also involved).

How Do I Recover My Data from Formatted Hard Disk

It's much easier to recover files from an accidentally formatted hard drive.

1. Install and launch the free edition of recommended data recovery program. Afterward, choose "Damaged Partition Recovery" from the main interface. (If the hard disk you want to recover data from is an external disk, please remember to connect it to computer before you launch the software)

2. Please select the formatted disk when you see the following interface (you should take a look at the "Volume", "Type", "Capacity" and "Information" items to confirm which one is your formatted disk). After that, you're suggested to click on the "Full Scan" button to search lost/deleted files sector by sector.

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If you are using the free edition of Power Data Recovery for the first time, you can easily see this prompt at the bottom of the software interface while the full scan is processing: "Free Edition has 1GB data restoration limit: 1.00 GB left. Upgrade Now". At this time, you have 2 choices:
1. Cancel the scan by pressing "Cancel" button to upgrade software immediately.
2. Wait for the completion of the scan, and then figure out the total size of files you want to recover in order to decide whether you need an advanced edition or not.

Data recovery prices 7

3. When the software finishes scanning your formatted disk, it will list all the folders and files it has found. Now, you are expected to browse them carefully to decide which ones to recover. Please add a checkmark in front of the items you plan to recover and then press "Save" button to choose a safe place to save them.

How to Get Data from Dead Internal Hard Drive

When the hard drive that is corrupted is an internal one, things will become more complicated. That is because you're not able to enter the system and then do the data recovery work. What are you supposed to do at this time? Our suggestion is please stay calm and turn to MiniTool Power Data Recovery Bootable Edition, which is able to help you recover data when the operating system fails to start.

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The bootable edition is in fact embedded in some paid editions, so we advise you to get the Personal Deluxe license if you are an ordinary user having no extra requirements.

Firstly, you should make a bootable USB drive/CD/DVD by using the snap-in Bootable Media Builder. Now, please find another computer that works fine and insert the USB flash drive/CD/DVD you want to make as a boot device to the computer (make sure the connected device is recognized by computer). When this has been done, please eject the device from your computer properly.

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Secondly, you should connect the boot device you've just made to the computer with the corrupted internal hard drive. Then, restart the computer in order to enter the BIOS of your PC.

Thirdly, please change the boot order (boot sequence) in BIOS to make this bootable USB drive/CD/DVD the first boot device. Then, save changes and exit to let the computer boot.

Fourthly, the software will be started automatically. Now, you should select a suitable functional module from its main window and do the rest work (scan disk and preview & recover data) as we mentioned in previous parts: "How to Recover Data from a Crashed Hard Drive" and "How Do I Recover My Data from Formatted Hard Disk".

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If you have built a RAID and want to recover data from it, MiniTool Power Data Recovery is also a good choice since it provides RAID recovery services at the same time. Besides, if you run into a dead hard disk on a MacBook, please turn to MiniTool Mac Data Recovery; this post tells you how to do exactly.

Reading here, you must understand that data recovery cost/file recovery cost is not constant; it depends on a lot of things, such as the program you choose and your requirements. So please stop asking how much does it cost to retrieve information from a hard drive; there is no clear answer to those kinds of questions.

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Draw A Conclusion

The situation is a large number of people need to get back missing files and care about the data recovery prices, or we can say hard drive recovery costs. But that's really a tough question to answer due to two reasons: one is that the cost is affected by many factors and the other is that the difficulty of crashed hard drive data recovery varies a lot.

Though we can't give you a clear answer to the hard drive data recovery cost, we do offer you a cost-effective solution to the data loss cases. What's more, we list three common situations and explain in detail what you should do in different situations. You should read corresponding content carefully to get out of the woods.