Asus is short for AsusTek Computer Inc., which is a famous multinational computer and phone hardware and electronics company. Different series of ASUS laptops win the heart of the public. But just like other brands of laptops, ASUS laptop runs into problems now and then. For instance, the ASUS laptop won't turn on, which bothered numerous ASUS followers.

Till now, the famous company ASUS has released various series of laptops and computers. People are doing work, playing games, and getting entertainments on an ASUS laptop. And they are bothered by ASUS laptop startup problems sometimes. If you find you get stuck on the ASUS screen, please don’t panic; you’re not alone.

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How to fix when ASUS laptop won’t turn on has been asked many times. Today, I’d like to share some workable ways for even ordinary users to deal with this situation.

ASUS laptop won’t turn on

MiniTool Solution is so considerate that it provides many tools for people to secure their laptops. For example, it supplies secure data recovery services for both Windows and Mac users.

My ASUS Laptop Won’t Turn on

First of all, ASUS laptop not turning on issue can be divided into two types:

  • ASUS laptop won't turn on but lights are on.
  • ASUS laptop won't turn on. No lights.

Type 1:

Asus laptop suddenly won't turn on.

Attempted to boot up my Asus laptop this afternoon and it just stays a black screen. Three lights in the front are green when it is plugged in, one is a lightbulb, another is a battery, and the last looks like a circular trash can. Nothing is making any noise so I don't think the hard drive is engaging. The laptop sits on a desk so it's not as though it could have fallen for the screen to break. Anyone have a clue what could be wrong? I've done a bit of troubleshooting, unplugged it etc. but I'm a little lost. Thank you.- from Arem24 on CNET

Asus Laptop won't turn on, but Power LED always on.

Hi all! I need help from Asus expert :) I have Asus Laptop K551-LB (I think its similar with S551 version). So here is what happen: 1. Last thing I did was put my laptop to sleep, but since it took so long and I was in a hurry, I forcefully turn of the laptop by press and hold the power button. 2. Now I can't turn my laptop on, but the power LED light indicator (the one that looks like bulb) is always on (not blinking). 3. I thought that something was wrong with the battery, but when I remove the battery and plug the adapter, same issue happened. 4. I've tried to press and hold the power button for 10 seconds, but nothing happen. What I got is that the power LED light indicator is always on. 5. When the laptop was off but LED light indicator always on, the machine is not working (I can't hear any sound). Really need help from Laptop guru here, since I'm short of budget to go to service center. Many Thanks!- from bennq08 on Tom’s Guide

Type 2:

ASUS laptop won't turn on. No lights.

My ASUS V301L laptop won't turn on and no lights are showing. This happened after I held down the power button while the computer was restarting. I also had my phone connected via USB cord at the time. I've tested the charger, and it's working. I've tried holding down the power button for 30+ seconds. I've done this several times, but literally nothing happens. I've also left the laptop overnight and tried again. I can't remove the battery and I can't find any sort of reset button.- from ISandraG on Tom’s Guide

Are you familiar with these scenarios? If yes, I guess you want to settle down ASUS laptop won’t boot issue whether the light blinks or not. Just keep reading!

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How to Recover Data When ASUS Laptop Will Not Turn on

Before ASUS laptop troubleshooting, it's better to move files from your ASUS laptop first. I’ll show you how to use two programs to get data off a broken laptop.

The First Way: Turn to MiniTool Power Data Recovery

You can use MiniTool Power Data Recovery Pro or more advanced edition to create a bootable USB drive and then boot your ASUS laptop from that drive to recover data. The whole recovery process includes two stages.

Stage one: make a bootable disk.

  1. Find another computer and visit this page to choose a license for MiniTool Power Data Recovery. (You can use the Trial Edition to experience the software. But if you want to recover files out, you need an advanced edition with Snap-in WinPE Bootable Builder.)
  2. Install the software on the computer and register it with your license.
  3. Launch Power Data Recovery and click on the Bootable Edition icon at the top right.
  4. Click WinPE-based media with MiniTool plug-in in the MiniTool Media Builder window.
  5. Choose a media destination from ISO File, USB Flash Disk, and CD/DVD; the latter two options are recommended. (You'd better connect the USB drive/CD/DVD before this step.)
  6. Wait for the disk building process to complete.
  7. Click Finish at the bottom right. Now, remove the bootable disk from this computer properly.

Free Download

Bootable Media

Stage two: use the bootable disk to recover files from the hard drive.

  1. Find a USB flash drive/external hard drive and connect it to your ASUS laptop that won’t boot.
  2. Connect the bootable disk (USB drive/CD/DVD) and restart the ASUS laptop.
  3. Look at the screen carefully and press the button showing on the screen to enter firmware settings (BIOS or UEFI).
  4. Navigate to the option that determines the order of boot device (the option has a different name on different laptops).
  5. Modify the boot sequence to adjust this bootable disk you’ve made to the first place; then, quit the firmware settings utility and save the changes.
  6. Wait for the boot process to finish and then you’ll see the following interface.
  7. Please choose the first option from the MiniTool PE Loader window.
  8. Now, you’ll see the main software interface. Just keep Logical Drives selected.
  9. Take a look at the drives shown under it and choose the one that contains the data you need. (You can also select Devices next to it and choose a disk as a whole to scan & recover data from laptop hard drive.)
  10. Click on the Scan button and wait.
  11. More and more files & folders will be found by and listed in the software. You can browse them with care to select the ones you need (add a check into the square box in front of the file).
  12. Click on the Save button in the lower right corner to bring up a directory selection window.
  13. Look through the drives you can choose as the destination (since your ASUS laptop will not boot, you should choose the USB drive/CD/DVD connected in step 1; you should make sure it has enough free space).
  14. Click on the OK button at the bottom of this window to confirm.
  15. Just wait until you see a Notice window appear (it says Congratulations! The selected files have been saved to your appointed place).
  16. Click on the OK button on it. And you can close the software now if you have got all the files you need.

Launch MiniTool Power Data Recovery

click Scan

Please click here to know more about how to recover data from the hard disk without OS or a crashed disk.

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The Second Way: Use MiniTool Partition Wizard

Also, it includes two stages.

Stage one: you should follow the instructions above to create the MiniTool Partition Wizard bootable disk. Click here to buy a license for MiniTool Partition Wizard.

Stage two: use the bootable disk to copy partition/disk.

  1. Connect an external hard drive (with large capacity) to the ASUS laptop not turning on.
  2. Connect the bootable disk you created and restart your laptop.
  3. Repeat step 3 ~ step 5 mentioned above to change boot order safely.
  4. Just wait until you see the MiniTool PE Loader.
  5. Please click the first option to launch the software.
  6. Select the partition/disk you want from the right pane.
  7. Click Copy Partition Wizard/Copy Disk Wizard from the left pane.
  8. Follow the on-screen instructions in the wizard to copy a partition or disk to the external hard drive connected in step 1.

Copy Partition Wizard

These are two easy ways to secure your data when your ASUS laptop won't start.

Best Solutions To Laptop Data Recovery – 100% Quick & Safe!

How to Troubleshoot ASUS Laptop Not Turning on

Indeed, the power light is an obvious indicator of any laptop. If it is on while your ASUS laptop runs into trouble, it means that the components like a power cord and AC adapter are working well. So why does the computer fail to boot? This is mainly due to the failure of one or more other major components.

Note: Please note that the key combination may be different on different ASUS laptop models.

Step 1. Turn on or turn off the display by pressing Fn + F7 key combination.

The purpose of this step is to rule out cases where the display screen is accidentally turned off.

Fn + F7 key combination

Step 2. Turn up the brightness by pressing Fn + F6 key combination.

The purpose of this step is to make sure there is sufficient brightness to see the content on display.

Step 3. Connect an external monitor properly to your ASUS laptop. Then, shift between the original display and the connected monitor by pressing Fn + F8 key combination. This is to make sure that the display is normal on the external monitor.

  • You can skip this step when: 1. you can’t find an external monitor; 2. the external monitor is not responding.
  • You need to download and install the corresponding graphics drivers from the ASUS website (both the integrated and dedicated graphics are added to some ASUS laptop models).
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Step 4. Reset the display settings.

Please try to reset the display settings by pressing these keys: Windows + Ctrl + Shift + B.

Step 5. Disconnect all the external devices from your ASUS laptop and remove all the expansions on the hard drive or memory if they were connected before the problem occurs.

For instance, you should remove the memory card, USB flash drive, HDMI, CD-ROM, internet cable, and other external hardware from it. Please do it with care to avoid unnecessary damage.

Step 6. Shut down your ASUS laptop -> find and remove the battery cover of it gently -> connect the AC adapter directly to the laptop.

Remove battery

This only works for some ASUS laptop models that can support battery removal. If your device is a non-removable battery model, please skip this step.

Step 7. Force shut down your ASUS laptop by pressing and holding the Power button for at least 15 seconds; you can release the button when you find the power light is off. After that, please perform a CMOS reset (hard reset) by pressing and holding the Power button for 40 seconds.

Please hold the button firmly!

Step 8. Put back the battery into the ASUS laptop. Then, you should connect the AC adapter to the laptop and restart it.

Also, this is only suitable for the removable battery models.

Situation Two: ASUS Laptop Wont Boot and the Light Is Off

Step 1. Make sure both the AC power cord and the AC power adapter have correct specification supported by ASUS.

The purpose of this step is to roll out the cases where the hardware is incompatible with the ASUS laptop.

Step 2. Check the connection between the AC adapter plug and your ASUS laptop.

You can also try a different outlet on the laptop.

Step 3. Go to check the cable of the AC adapter, making sure it has no physical damage.

You can also try a different cable or AC adapter.

Step 4. Disconnect all the external devices from your ASUS laptop: memory card, USB flash drive, HDMI, CD-ROM, internet cable, and so on.

Step 5. Remove all the expansions on the hard drive or memory if they were connected before the problem occurs.

Step 6. Please find and remove the battery cover; then, take out the battery gently. After that, connect the AC adapter directly to charge the laptop.

Step 7. Force shut down your ASUS laptop completely. Then, perform a CMOS reset (pressing and holding the Power button for 40 seconds).

Step 8. Put back the battery -> reconnect the AC adapter -> restart the ASUS laptop.

If the above methods failed, you can also try the following workarounds.

  • Reset the RAM (Random-access memory).
  • Repair Windows installation (this will replace the damaged or missing Windows files).
  • Fix the ASUS laptop with third-party software (like Windows Boot Genius).

If your ASUS laptop is still not charging no light, you may need to ask help from professionals.

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Undoubtedly, the computer problem is a universal topic. Laptop won’t turn on is one of the problems everyone tends to meet in daily work. So when that really happens to you, don’t panic. On the contrary, you should stay calm and follow the tips given in the above content to try to solve the problem yourself. If you can't solve it, then leave it to a professional.

As for SSD data recovery, SD card data recovery, Seagate data recovery, or other data recovery issues, you can ask MiniTool software for help.

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