How to recover Mac photos free? Now read this post on MiniTool to get the specific ways to recover deleted photos on Mac free including using a piece of free Mac data recovery software - Stellar Data Recovery for Mac.

According to a survey, Mac photo recovery has been the problem annoying many Mac users. Here you can see a real example.

Hello, I am now desperate. Just a couple of hours ago I must have made a wrong operation, probably Command plus Delete those precious photos transferred from the camera to my Mac machine. Now they are gone. I do not have a backup (Time Machine). And I have tried 2 programs and both need me to pay about 100 bucks. Can anyone recommend any free Mac photo recovery apps?

Have you faced a similar issue as the user mentioned? Now, in today’s post, we will present you some feasible solutions to recover deleted photos on Mac free.

Solution 1. Recover Mac Photos From Trash

If you delete Mac files, the deleted files will go to Trash and remain there for 30 days. Therefore, if you change your mind before the 30 days have elapsed, you can quickly and easily get the deleted files back.

Firstly, you need to open Trash to get its main window. After that, you are supposed to right-click the desired file and then choose “Put Back“, as shown below.

click Put Back


Tip: If you have emptied the Trash, you cannot find deleted photos from Mac Trash.

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Solution 2. Recover Mac Photos From Time Machine

Time Machine can help to back up your Mac. If you have backed up your photos with Time Machine, you can get them back without paying a penny by referring to this article: Restore items backed up with Time Machine on Mac.

Although solution 1 and solution 2 can help to recover Mac photos free, they have great limitations. For instance, if you want to recover lost photos using Time Machine, you should make sure you have backed up all the needed files.

But what if you don’t have a backup file? And what if the Mac Trash has already been emptied? Is there another way to recover Mac photos free?

Of course, the answer is yes! There indeed is a much more effective way to recover lots photos on Mac free.

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Solution 3. Recover Mac Photos Using Free Mac Photo Recovery Software

With the development of data recovery software technology, more and more Mac data restore tools are now available in the market which can help to recover deleted files on Mac.

Among a large number of Mac data recovery software, Stellar Data Recovery for Mac is the most recommended one.

Why Choose Stellar Data Recovery for Mac

  • It supports recovering various kinds of files, including photos, documents, videos, audio, emails, and so on.
  • This file restore tool not only can recover photos and other types of files from Mac hard drives, but also can recover files from memory cards, USB disks, and more. Besides, it even can recover photos from formatted SD cards for free.
  • It owns clear interfaces, easy operations, and powerful functions. Even a new user can easily handle Stellar Data Recovery for Mac to restore lost data.
  • It supports recovering data from crashed Mac and works impeccably on macOS Ventura 13, Monterey 12, Big Sur 11 & older macOS versions.

Thus, you can download Stellar Data Recovery for Mac Premium Trial Edition by clicking the button below to give it a try.

Data Recovery for MacClick to Download100%Clean & Safe


Note: Never install this free Mac data recovery software on the drive containing lost data. Otherwise, the original data could be overwritten, and there is no way to recover them.

Now, let’s see how to recover lost photos on Mac free with Stellar Data Recovery for Mac.


Note: The free edition of Stellar Data Recovery for Mac can help to recover 1 GB of files for free, and the premium edition supports recovering unlimited data. Therefore, here we take the premium edition for example.

Step 1: Launch Stellar Data Recovery for Mac and select the type of data you want to recover.


Tip: If you are recovering photos from a memory card, USB disk, or other removable storage devices on Mac OS X, you have to connect your storage device to the computer first, and then launch Stellar Data Recovery for Mac.

On the home page of Stellar Data Recovery for Mac, select the file types you want to recover. Since you only want to recover photos, here you can only select Photos and then click on the Next button.

select to recover photos only

Step 2: Select the target disk or location to scan.

Now you should select the device or location you want to recover data from. After that, click on the Scan button to start the data scanning process.

click the Scan button

Step 3: Preview found photos and save them.

After scanning, all found files from the scanned location are displayed by a tree structure in the scan result window. To check whether found photos are the required ones, you can double-click them one by one to preview them.

preview found photos

Once you find the needed files, you are supposed to check them and then click the Recover button to choose a location to store them.

select all needed photos to recover


Warning: Never save the selected photos on the drive where data loss appears. Otherwise, the original data could be overwritten and become unrecoverable.

After all operations are done, you have finished recovering lost photos on Mac free.

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4 Tips to Avoid Photo Loss on Mac

No matter what operating system you are using, you may face the same predicament of data loss. Therefore, you should learn some useful tips to guarantee data security. Here are some effective tips to help you avoid data loss on Mac.

Tip 1: Back up important data regularly.

Backing up means making a copy of your files so that you can quickly get lost data back if the original data is lost. How to back up Mac important photos and other data?

Here, you can turn to Time Machine to back up all important files to an external hard drive so that you can restore them once something goes wrong.

  • Select System Preferences from the Apple menu.
  • Choose the Time Machine icon.
  • Then click the “Select Backup Disk…” button to select the drive you want to use as a Time Machine backup.
  • Check the Back Up Automatically box to automatically back up your Mac to your chosen disk.

back up Mac data using Time Machine

For more information about Mac data backup, you can refer to this post: How to Back up Your Mac to an External Hard Drive.

Tip 2: Store important files properly.

It is recommended to store important files properly on your Mac hard drive. And you are suggested to organize and classify your folders based on the data you handle and give the appropriate names to the separate folder and files to prevent yourself from accidentally deleting useful folders or files.

Tip 3: Think twice before emptying Trash.

The Trash folder is where any files that are deleted from the Finder in Mac OS X go to. Thus, once you find you mistakenly deleted some files, you can get them back from Trash. However, if you emptied the Trash, you cannot find your deleted files in the Trash. So, it is recommended to think twice before emptying your Mac Trash.

Tip 4: Use Antivirus Software.

To protect your system from being infected with viruses or malware maliciously causing data loss, you had better select reliable and updated antivirus software.

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Bottom Line

Are you still worrying about how to recover Mac photos free? Try Stellar Data Recovery for Mac. Besides, you are supposed to pay attention to prevent Mac data from being lost.

If you have any questions or suggestions about Mac photo recovery with Stellar Data Recovery for Mac, welcome to leave us comments in the comment zone or send an email to [email protected]. Thanks in advance!

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