Lost files by mistakenly pressed Ctrl + Z? Don't worry. The best file recovery software – MiniTool Power Data Recovery, can help you effectively and quickly recover files lost by Ctrl + Z without bringing any damage to the original data.

Files Deleted by Ctrl + Z Shortcut in Windows 10/8/7

Last week, my best friend asked me: "Can you please help me to recover files lost by Ctrl + Z?"

Generally, how to undo Ctrl + Z is a common problem. A true example is shown here:

Hello guys, my question is, I cut and paste some photos to a folder that I created on the desktop. Then I delete a few of those photos. Then by using Ctrl + Z, I replaced those photos back there, but what happened was, by pressing Ctrl + Z, it deleted that whole folder with all of the photos in it. But again pressing Ctrl + Z it replaced the folder back to the desktop but all the data that was on that folder was gone, and Ctrl + Z won't work anymore. I checked the original position where I copied them, and they were not there either. I tried file recovery software to recover those data, but it didn't help my problem. Any help will be appreciated regarding how to get back those data.answers.microsoft.com

Now, in this post, I am going to show a reliable and free file recovery software to help you effectively and quickly recover files lost during cut and paste without damaging the original data.

Want to know more details about this excellent tool?

Best Free Data Recovery Software for Ctrl + Z Deleted File Recovery

MiniTool Power Data Recovery, a piece of free and all-in-one data recovery software trusted by more than 200 million users, can help Windows users to effectively recover files lost by Ctrl + Z.

1. Solve Different Data Loss Cases

Hard drive fails? Partition becomes raw? Accidentally deleted files? The best file recovery software can solve different data loss cases. In fact, as long as the lost file is not caused by hardware failure, and lost files have not been overwritten by new data, you can recover them.

2. Recover Many File Types from Different Storage Devices

MiniTool Power Data Recovery can recover almost any type of file, including document, image, music, audio, video, and email.

  • Document: DOC/DOCX, XLS/XLSX, PPT/PPTX, PDF, CWK, HTML/HTM, INDD, EPS, etc. Note: You might be interested in this post:
  • Video: AVI, MOV, MP4, M4V, 3GP, 3G2, WMV, MKV, ASF, FLV, SWF, MPG, RM/RMVB, MPEG etc.
  • Audio: AIF/AIFF, M4A, MP3, WAV, WMA, APE, MID/MIDI, OGG, AAC, RealAudio, VQF etc.
  • Email: PST, DBX, EMLX, etc.

This professional data recovery software can quickly recover lost data from a variety of storage devices including hard drive, external hard drive, Solid State Drive (SSD), USB flash drive, memory card, CD/DVD disc, and so on.

3. Easy to Use

MiniTool Power Data Recovery, an all-in-one data recovery software, is easy to use.

Whether you're a computer expert or you're a new user, you can quickly use this tool to recover lost data because it offers wizard-based operation as well as simple interface. In general, with only three-step, you could recover lost, deleted, formatted, and corrupt files with ease.

4. High Security

MiniTool Power Data Recovery is a read-only tool. In other words, by using this tool, you can quickly scan your drive to get lost data back without bringing any damage to the original data.

Last but not least, the best free data recovery software supports various operating systems, including Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 (R2), and Windows Server 2012.

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Maybe, the description above cannot make you believe this free data recovery software is really powerful, here you can watch the following video which makes you more directly know about this powerful data recovery tool.

Want to try the best free data recovery software?

Now, you can click the following button to download MiniTool Power Data Recovery to perform data recovery by yourself.

Free Download

Next, let's see the detailed steps on how to undo Ctrl + Z.

A Step-by-step Guide to Recovering Files Lost by Ctrl + Z

STEP 1. Download and install MiniTool Power Data Recovery on computer, and then launch it to get its main interface.

Note: Never install Power Data Recovery on the drive containing lost data, for that can overwrite the original data and there is no way to recover them.

main interface of minitool power data recovery

The above window is the main interface of this best free data recovery software. Now, you can see 4 different data recovery modules, and This PC is selected by default.

  • This PC: this data recovery module focuses on recovering lost or deleted data from damaged, RAW or formatted partitions.
  • Removable Disk Drive: it is designed to recover lost photos, mp3/mp4 files, and videos from flash drives, SD card and other removable drives.
  • Hard Disk Drive: it can recover files after partition loss or deletion effectively and quickly.
  • CD/DVD Drive: it helps to recover data from formatted or erased CD/DVD discs.

STEP 2. In This PC recovery module, you need to select the target volume/device where you lost data by Ctrl + Z and click Scan button to continue.

Tip: In this window, you can make use of another excellent feature – Settings, which could help you save much time. Click Settings, then specify needed file systems as well as file types, and click the OK button before clicking Scan button to look for lost data, as shown below.

specify needed file types

Note: while scanning, you can stop this process if you find your lost data. However, to get the best recovery result, you had better wait patiently until the full scan finishes.

scanning lost files

STEP 3. Check all needed files you want to recover and press Save button to look for a storage path and then press OK to execute.

Do not save the selected files to the device where data loss appears, for it may overwrite lost data.

save files in a safe place

Here, you can click the Filter feature to filter out needless data by file name, file size, creation time, and so on. For instance, if you only want to recover photos, you can choose "*.jpg,*.gif,*.png,*.psd,*.tif" from the By Filename/Extension, as shown below.

filter out files

Besides, in this window, you can preview some basic information like file name, file size, creation date, and modified date. What's more, if you are recovering picture, you can select the picture and click Preview feature to preview it before saving.

preview files

Here, in my option, I would like to choose Personal Deluxe since it not only allows recover unlimited data, but also is able to recover lost data when Windows cannot boot. More importantly, it offers Free lifetime upgrade service.

See! With MiniTool Power Data Recovery, we can easily and quickly recover lost data. Now, you can download this professional tool to recover data from 0 bytes drive, restore data after reinstalling Windows, recover data from blank SD card, and solve other different data loss issues.

Now, we know MiniTool Power Data Recovery can help us restore Ctrl + Z deleted files effectively, but some users may have little knowledge about Ctrl + Z and other common control key combinations. Next, let's see some basic information about these combinations.

About Ctrl +Z, Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V, And Ctrl + X

The Control or Ctrl key, a modifier key, is normally found in the bottom left and right portion of any keyboard in a Windows computer. When used in combination with other keys, it can perform many useful functions.

Here, we show 5 commonly used Ctrl shortcut keys on a Windows computer including Ctrl + Z, Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V, and Ctrl + X. Click Keyboard shortcuts in Windows here to know more information.

  • Ctrl + C: Copy any selected text or another object.
  • Ctrl + X: Cut selected text or another object.
  • Ctrl + V: Paste any text or another object that has been copied.
  • Ctrl + Z: The commonly used key combination to undo the previous action user has made.
  • Ctrl + Y: Redo an action

To recommendation:

Here, some users like using these Ctrl commands to transfer files, copy files or undo some actions. Pressing keyboard shortcuts is indeed an effective solution to copy files, but it is not the best solution.

MiniTool Partition Wizard, a professional partition management software, is a wise choice for users to backup files, partition, and even system. This free partition management software offers 2 excellent features to help you effectively make a backup without damaging the original data.

Copy Partition can help to clone all data information from one partition to another without any data loss and in simple operations.

Compared with copying files with Ctrl shortcut keys, the Copy Partition helps you save much time. Therefore, when you plan to use Ctrl shortcut keys to backup files saved in one partition, try using the Copy Partition.

Copy Disk is designed to copy all partitions and data from one disk to another in several steps without bringing any damage to the original data. For more information, please see Clone Hard Drive with Best Disk Cloning Software – MiniTool.

To be specific, if you mistakenly hit Delete button on a file or folder, you can use the Ctrl + Z keyboard shortcut to restore it. Open the folder that used to contain the deleted file. Then, hold Ctrl + Z to undo delete.

Note: if your hands are unfamiliar with keyboards, you can also undo a deletion. Open the folder containing deleted files, right-click in the blank area and select Undo Delete feature.

Friendly advice: If you mistakenly delete files and cannot get the deleted files back, don't worry, you can try using MiniTool Power Data Recovery to recover deleted files.

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Bottom Line

After reading this post, I guess you might have a basic understanding of how to recover data lost by using Ctrl + Z. Now, it's your turn to restore Ctrl + Z deleted files. Download the Free MiniTool Power Data Recovery and try it out.

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If you have any question or suggestion about Ctrl + Z deleted file recovery, please leave it in the following comment zone, or send your email to [email protected]. Our support team provides fast and detailed responses to your questions!

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