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Surprising Instructions to Recover Your Data after Power Outage

"My god! Drive D is totally inaccessible after a sudden power outage. Here is the story: when I was copying files from partition D to partition F, my PC is suddenly powered off. When I turned the PC back on, Windows made a CHKDSK on D. It indeed detected and fixed some errors, but I finally lost access to this partition, asking me to format the drive… What should I do now? I don't want to format nor delete it, because lots of important files are saved".
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Are you troubled by the same or similar issue? If yes, you are very likely to find what you want from this post, because it explains what consequences power outage could bring to data, how to recover data after power outage, and how to reduce or avoid data loss caused by power outage.

Note: hard drive clicking is another dangerous sign of data loss; it could lead to data loss, partition loss/damage and even OS crash.

Caution! Sudden Power Outage Could Make Your Important Files in Great Danger

In most situations where power supply of your computer is suddenly off, you may lose nothing or just need to wait for system's disk check. But there are lots of cases reporting sudden power failure brings severe damages to data, for example:

1. Files, like photos, word documents, and excel charts, which are being edited or operated when power outage appears, get corrupted or lost.

files get corrupted Files corrupted after sudden power failure

2. New changes for existing files aren't kept.

3. Lose access to partitions or external devices which were working or being modified when power was suddenly off, and Windows gives error messages like "The volume does not contain a recognized file system" or "You need to format the disk in drive H: before you can use it" . Definitely, files saved in such partitions are inaccessible.

partiiton is not accessible Partition is inaccessible after sudden power cut

format disk before you can use it Windows asks to format a device after power outage

4. Partition or external device disappears from Windows Explorer or Computer.

5. Windows won't boot due to missing vital information (system files, configuration parameters, or boot files), and you may receive different types of error message. For example:

windows couldn't start after sudden power outage Windows won't boot after sudden power outage

6. Hard disk is physically damaged. This often happens on old computers or computers with old disks.

Tell your friends what damage sudden power outage could bring.

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But luckily, you still have chances to restore lost/corrupted files or even make Windows bootable again without losing personal data.

Then, let's see how.

Files Got Lost/Corrupted or Windows Won't Boot after Sudden Power Outage? You May Find a Solution Here

Kindly Reminder:

  • Since it's hard to recover data lost due to physical damage, we do not introduce it in our post, and we suggest asking data recovery companies for help.
  • We can't guarantee that lost or damaged files could be 100% recovered, because lots of factors influence data recovery effect.

Basically, under different data loss or corrupt situations, we need to employ different solutions, which is the key to successful and fast recovery. So in this section we are going to introduce 6 different recovery cases by considering exact data loss situation.

Files Get Lost or Corrupted? Here Are Easy Ways to Recover Them

You have 2 options for this kind of data recovery.

Option One: Recover Data via Third Party Program If There Is no Restore Point or Backup

To recover lost data, you can use the data recovery software MiniTool Power Data Recovery, which is free to recover 1GB of data.

Just download and install the freeware to your computer.

Warning: do not install it to the drive where data loss appears, because it may overwrite lost files.

Then, start the program to get the window below:

recover data with power data recovery choose correct function

Here, please select the "Damaged Partition Recovery" module, which is capable of recovering data from existing partition no matter it is accessible or not.

recover data with power data recovery select target device

Next, select the drive where lost files were originally saved and click "Full Scan". It may take a long time to complete the scan if the drive saves lots of data, so please wait patiently. After successful scan, all files found will be shown:

recover data with power data recovery save data

Now, all files Power Data Recovery found are listed. Please give check marks on files you want to recover and click "Save" button to save them to other locations. And then you are able to reuse these files. However, if files you want to recover are more than 1GB, you'll be asked to purchase a license. Purchase it here with enjoying discounts.

Warning: do not save recovered data to the original location, because this may overwrite lost files.

Attention: to complete Mac hard drive failure recovery, you should resort to another product of MiniTool – Mac Data Recovery.
To repair corrupted files, you need the help of data repair software. Searching the keyword on the internet or professional downloading websites, you'll find lots of results. Just choose the program with good reputation or higher scores.

Nevertheless, if you have set restore point or Windows Backup, recovery seems to be easier. See our second option to get a solution.

Option Two: Make Use of Windows Previous Version If You Have Set Restore Point or Backup

The Restore previous versions feature of Windows allows users to restore older versions of existing files and folders, so you can try use this feature to recover the lost or corrupted files. This is often useful when you are going to deal with some sort of office documents, like word, excel, and PowerPoint or text.

Tip: the Restore previous versions feature functions only when a restore point or backup for this drive has been created. In addition, you should remember the original location of the lost or corrupted file.

Then, let's see how.

For Windows 7 and Windows 10
Under these 2 systems you can find the feature very easily.

Firstly, locate the folder where lost or corrupted file(s) was saved, right click it and choose Properties. Next, tap on the Previous Versions tab. However, if the file was stored in root directory of a drive, you'll need to right click the drive and choose Restore previous versions. Then, you can see all saved old versions of the folder or drive:

previous version in Windows 7

After double clicking a version you can view its contents. Just use this method to find the version or file you need. Then, use Copy feature to clone the lost or corrupted file to another location or use Restore feature to restore the file to its original place.

For Windows 8/8.1
You might fail to find the Restore previous versions feature directly from Windows 8 and 8.1. At this time, please type \\localhost\C$ in the address bar and press Enter. You can replace C with any drive letter if the file is stored on a different drive.

previous version in Windows 8

After that, you can restore data using Restore previous versions feature like in Windows 7.

Hope this section is useful for you.

Restore previous versions feature of Windows and third party program could help recover lost or corrupted data. Show this method to your friends.

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New Changes for Office Documents Aren't Kept? Try This Way

To do this kind of data recovery, you can employ methods introduced in the section above, namely using Restore previous versions feature or making use of data recovery software. Please go to the section Files Get Lost or Corrupted? Here Are Easy Ways to Recover Them to get specific steps.

Lose Access to Partitions or External Devices after Power Failure? Here Is a Solution

In most situations, it's hard to make the partition accessible again except for formatting and creating. Nevertheless, before doing this, we need to recover all needed files. And you can make use of MiniTool Power Data Recovery to do such a kind of data recovery, because it offers free data recovery service within 1GB and supports manually exporting scanning results which can be manually loaded on paid versions.

Just download and install the program to your computer.

Then, start it to get its main interface:

recover data with power data recovery choose correct function

Then, choose the functional module "Damaged Partition Recovery".

recover data from inaccessible partition select inaccessible partition to scan

Next, select the inaccessible partition or partition of inaccessible external device and click "Full Scan".

recover data from inaccessible partition save data

At last, check all needed files and click "Save" button to save these files to other locations. If you are recovering files larger than 1GB, you'll need to buy a license. Purchase it here with enjoying discounts.

Warning: do not save these files to their original location, because it may overwrite lost data.

After successful save, you can format the partition which is in problem or delete it to create a new one.

Power Data Recovery can help you recover data from inaccessible partition. Recommend this program to your friend to help them transfer data out from inaccessible partition.

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Partition or External Device Disappears from Computer after Sudden Power Outage? Try This Way to Get It Back

Some people reported one of their partitions or partition of external device disappears from Windows Explorer and Computer after sudden power cut. For these people, we suggest opening Disk Management utility of Windows to check whether the device is visible there.

How to enter Disk Management: press Windows + R to open Run, type diskmgmt.msc in the box and tap OK.

Then, you can see all recognized disks and partitions, both internal and external. If the partition can be seen here but does not have a letter, like this:

partition does not have letter

Right click the partition, choose "Change Drive Letter and Paths…", and assign a letter for it. Then, it should be visible in Windows Explorer.

However, if the partition becomes unallocated like this:

partition becomes unallcoated space

It means the partition has been lost due to sudden power outage, and you'll need to do partition recovery or data recovery. Here, we suggest doing partition recovery at first, and then data recovery, because the former is free.

To recover lost partition, you can use MiniTool Partition Wizard, which is totally free for Windows non-server users. Just download and install it to your computer.

Then, start and launch it to get the window below:

recover partition with partition wizard select the disk holding lost partition

Select the disk which holds the lost partition and click "Partition Recovery" feature from the left side.

recover partition with partition wizard set scanning range

Then, set scanning range for the disk and click "Next". Here, we suggest choosing Unallocated Space since this requires less time. If you finally failed to find target partition in the selected range, go back to this interface and choose Full Disk.

recover partition with partition wizard set scanning method

Next, set scanning method and click "Next". We suggest choosing Quick Scan at first. If this method is proved to be useless, go back and choose Full Scan.

recover partition with partition wizard check all needed partitions

Next, check all needed partitions, both existing and lost/delete ones, and click "Finish".

Warning: unchecked partitions will be lost though they are now existing.

recover partition with partition wizard assign letter and apply changes

At last, appoint a letter for the recovered partition via the function Change Drive Letter and click "Apply" button to make all changes performed.

After that, you should be able to access this partition and operate its files.

MiniTool Partition Wizard could help us recover lost or deleted partition. Recommend this program to your friends if you think it is a necessary program.

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Windows Won't Boot after Sudden Power Outage? Here Is a Fix

Searching this key word on the internet, you'll find that lots of people have the same experience. Some of them fixed the issue using installation media, and some of them had to reinstall Windows.

How to Fix Unbootable Windows

To do system repair, you'll need to prepare an installation disk or repair disc. Here, we take installation disc for example.

Please start computer from installation disc, and press on Shift + F10 combination key to call out Command Prompt when the following interface appears.

install Windows

Then, type the following commands, and each command should end with pressing on Enter key:

Bootrec /fixMBR

Bootrec /fixboot

Bootrec /rebuildBCD

sfc /scannow

When all repairs are completed, exit from installation disc and restart computer to see whether Windows is bootable.

However, if every repair fails to work, you may need to reinstall Windows.

How to Reinstall Windows without Losing Personal Files

Before reinstalling Windows, please backup data saved in Windows OS partition (drive C) using Partition Wizard Bootable Disk, for reinstalling will erase all data saved on this drive.

Firstly, please download MiniTool Partition Wizard Bootabe CD, which is an iso file.

Then, burn it to CD, DVD, or USB flash drive to create a bootable disc. Here is a step-by-step tutorial on creating bootable disc How to Build Free Bootable Partition Manager.

After that, start computer via Partition Wizard bootable disc to get the window below:

minitool partition wizard bootable edition main window

Here, all partitions are shown. To backup partition C, we need to create an unallocated space at first if there is no existing one, which should be able to hold all contents of C drive. As to how to create such a space, select a partition which has lots of unused space left, and choose "Move/Resize Partition" function from the left side.

backup drive c create unallocated space

Then, shorten the partition handle to release space.

backup drive c select drive c

Now we can see the unallocated space. At this time, please select partition C and tap "Copy Partition" feature from the left pane.

backup drive c select unallcoated space

Then, select the unallocated space to copy partition to and click "Next".

backup drive c edit partition

Now, you can edit the size and location of the partition holding the copy of C drive, and then click "Finish".

backup drive c apply changes

At last, click "Apply" button to make all changes performed.

Now, you can start reinstalling Windows without worrying about losing personal data.

MiniTool Partition Wizard Bootable could help transfer important data out from an unbootable computer. Recommended this program on Twitter to help more people get rid of data loss.

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Nevertheless, we have to say there are many cases where lost or corrupted files couldn't be recovered though multiple methods have been tried. Therefore, it's very necessary to read our last part.

2 Simple Ways to Reduce Data Loss Caused by Power Outage

Firstly, you can prepare a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) if your computer saves lots of important files.

Then, you can crate a backup for all your significant files. The Copy Disk and Copy Partition features of MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition could help you create such a backup. Of course, you can choose to backup Windows or some other important files only.

Should you have any problem, just feel free to leave us message in Comments part. In addition, if one of our methods helped you fix your issue, please give us feedback in Comments section, which may help more people.