Like any other laptops, the Toshiba Satellite laptop could run into problems now and then: such as Toshiba Satellite won't boot and Toshiba laptop black screen. If you're also confronted with such situations, you should read this article provided by MiniTool Solution to learn how to deal with common Toshiba Satellite laptop problems by using different methods.

Toshiba Satellite Laptop Introduction

What is Toshiba Satellite laptop?

To be specific, it’s a line of consumer-grade notebooks designed & released by Toshiba, the world-famous electronic devices manufacturer. Toshiba Satellite was first introduced in the early-1990s to compete with the IBM Thinkpad line. The models of Toshiba Satellite laptop are diverse, ranging from entry-level models to full-fledged media center-class notebooks.

Toshiba Satellite laptop

What is a Satellite computer?

As mentioned above, the Satellite is a series of Toshiba laptops (the long-running consumer level laptops). In addition, the computer connecting to a distant and more powerful computer is also called a satellite computer.

Does Toshiba still make satellite laptops?

No. Toshiba has stopped making the Toshiba Satellite series for the European market, focusing merely on hardware for businesses since 2016. Why? The reason is simple: Toshiba has decided to quit the stage of the consumer laptop market. However, that doesn’t mean Satellite is stopped. On the contrary, the Toshiba Satellite is still sold in many countries, together with the business-oriented Portégé and Tecra.

Toshiba Satellite Laptop Problems Roundup

A series of problems could occur on a Toshiba laptop, including Toshiba Satellite. Here are some common Toshiba Satellite laptop problems:

[SOLVED] Operating System Not Found Error - How To Recover Data
[SOLVED] Operating System Not Found Error - How To Recover Data

It’s not the end of the world when operating system not found hits on you since I’ll provide some useful solutions for you.

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In the following content, I’ll focus on only some of the Toshiba laptop problems, explaining the issues in brief and providing solutions to them.

Toshiba Laptop Black Screen Troubleshooting

A black screen may show up on your laptop screen suddenly to interrupt your work. This is not a rare phenomenon and it doesn’t indicate serious problems sometimes, but it’s very annoying. There are a few solutions to the black screen of death on your laptop (working for Toshiba Satellite and other models).

Toshiba laptop black screen

Solution 1: Power Reset Laptop

This process is also called electric discharge:

  1. Press & hold the power button to turn off your laptop.
  2. Remove all the external devices (USB drives, printers, and headsets).
  3. Remove the power cord -> take out the hard drive and battery.
  4. Press & hold the power button for about 60 seconds and then release.
  5. Plug in the power cord.
  6. Press the power button to see whether the display is back to normal.
  7. Turn off the laptop and then put back the battery.
  8. Press the power button to turn it on again.

If this didn’t work for the first time, please repeat these steps 4 times.

Solution 2: Run a Virus Scan

The screen of your Toshiba Satellite laptop may turn into black suddenly when there is virus or malware on the hard drive. In this case, you should run a scan to check for virus immediately.

  1. Power on the laptop.
  2. Go to Settings -> click Update & Security -> select Windows Security (or Windows Defender) in the left sidebar.
  3. Click Open Windows Security on the right pane -> select Virus and threat protection -> follow the on-screen instructions to run a scan.
  4. Clear the virus/malware completely.

Open Windows Security

You can also run the virus scan by using a third-party anti-virus program.

Solution 3: Update Graphics Card Driver

  1. Visit the manufacturer’s official website.
  2. Search for the latest version of current graphics card driver.
  3. Download the drive update & install it properly.
  4. Restart your laptop.

Also, there are third-party tools for updating the driver automatically.

Besides, you can troubleshoot the black screen of death on Toshiba Satellite by:

  • Checking the RAM (whether it’s installed properly or not)
  • Checking the BIOS battery (whether it needs to be replaced or not)

One: Shift + F8 + Power.

  1. Turn of Toshiba laptop by press the power button.
  2. Remove the power cord and battery.
  3. Press & hold the power button for about 60 seconds. Then, release it.
  4. Plug in the power cord and battery.
  5. Press & hold Shift + F8 + power.
  6. Wait for the laptop to start normally.

Shift + F8 + power

Two: Fn + F5 + Power.

  1. Repeat step 1 ~ 4 mentioned in the previous method.
  2. Press Fn + F5 + Power simultaneously for 60 seconds.
  3. Repeat the process of pressing Fn + F5 + Power for 3 ~ 5 times before stopping.
  4. Press the power button to turn laptop on.

Fn + F5 + Power

What do the functions keys do?

Bonus Tip: Recover Lost Data after Black Screen

If you find some of the important data are lost after rebooting from black screen, you definitely want to get them back. Please let MiniTool Power Data Recovery help you with laptop data recovery.

How to execute data recovery on Toshiba Satellite laptop Windows 7/8/10?

Step 1: download & install MiniTool Power Data Recovery – the professional data recovery tool – from a reliable site.

Free Download

Step 2: run the software and wait a few seconds for information loading.

Step 3: select This PC from the left sidebar; it helps to scan & recover data from PC local drives.

This PC

Step 4: browse the available drives under Logical Drive in the right pane -> specify the one that contains the missing data.

Step 5: double click on the target drive or click on the Scan button (at bottom right) to start a full scan.

Step 6: wait for the scan and browse the search results.

Step 7: check the files and folders you want to recover -> click Save -> choose a storage path for them -> click OK.

Step 8: wait until the laptop hard drive data recovery is finished.

Toshiba Satellite Won't Boot Troubleshooting

It's a terrible experience to find out that your laptop gets stuck on the Toshiba logo screen during startup. Many users said they have had a similar experience: they can’t get past Toshiba screen, they don’t know what happened and how to fix the issue.

Actually, your Toshiba Satellite won't boot due to incorrect boot configuration, wrong master boot record, and partition table issues. No matter what the reason is, anyway you need to know how to fix Toshiba Satellite won't turn on.

How about the Asus laptop won’t turn on?

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Solved: Troubleshoot ASUS Laptop Won't Turn On Yourself

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Fix 1: Some Easy but Useful Solutions

One: power off Toshiba Satellite laptop and drain off the charge.

  1. Press the power button to shut down the laptop.
  2. Unplug the power cord and remove the battery gently.
  3. Press & hold the power button for about 30 seconds.
  4. Place back the battery and re-connect the power cord.
  5. Wait for the laptop to be fully charged.
  6. Restart the Toshiba laptop.

Two: remove external USB drives.

The connected USB devices, like flash drives, printers, memory cards, may have conflict with the operating system running on your Toshiba laptop. As a result, you should remove all external devices and then try to boot Toshiba Satellite again.

Three: clear CMOS or reset BIOS.

You can restore the BIOS settings to their factory default levels by simply clearing the CMOS.

What Is Acer Boot Menu? How To Access/Change Acer BIOS?

Fix 2: System Restore

System restore is always an easy and safe way to repair laptop problems.

  1. Shut down the Toshiba laptop completely.
  2. Remove all unnecessary external devices.
  3. Turn on the laptop and press the 0 button immediately when the laptop boots up.
  4. Release this key when you see a warning message showing up on your screen.
  5. You’ll be notified that all data will be deleted from your laptop once the recovery process starts.
  6. Click Yes to confirm.
  7. Check Recovery of Factory Default Software in the TOSHIBA Recovery Wizard window.
  8. Follow the on-screen instructions to finish the rest steps.

If the system asks you to choose an Operating System in step 4, please make sure you select the most suitable one.

Recovery of Factory Default Software

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Bonus Tip: Recover Data from Laptop That Won't Boot

Definitely, it's a little bit more difficult to recover data from a laptop that can’t boot than recovering files from a bootable one. But MininiTool Solution still makes it an easy-to-handle task.

Stage 1: create a bootable disk on another computer.

  1. You should choose a proper edition of MiniTool Power Data Recovery that includes a Snap-in WinPE Bootable Builder.
  2. Get the setup program and run it to finish installation.
  3. Launch the software and finish registration.
  4. Click on the Bootable Media button in the lower left corner.
  5. Connect a USB drive to the PC and click WinPE-based media with MiniTool plug-in.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions to finish the rest steps.
  7. Remove the USB drive properly until the bootable disk has been built.

WinPE-based media with MiniTool plug-in

Stage 2: boot Toshiba Satellite laptop from the bootable USB disk.

  1. Connect the USB drive to your Toshiba laptop that won’t boot.
  2. Restart the laptop and press F2 repeatedly until you access the Toshiba BIOS.
  3. Change the boot order by setting USB drive as the first boot device and exit BIOS (remember to save changes).
  4. Wait until you see the MiniTool PE Loader window.
  5. Click on the first option to launch MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

MiniTool PE Loader

Stage 3: complete data recovery on Toshiba Satellite laptop.

Please repeat step 3 ~ 8 of the Recover Lost Data after Black Screen part to recover data from unbootable Toshiba Satellite. Please choose an external drive as the storage path of recovered files in step 7.

Please read this page if you’d like to know more about laptop repair and recovery.

Laptop Repair & Recovery Tutorial (100% Useful)
Laptop Repair & Recovery Tutorial (100% Useful)

Laptop repair is very necessary since there are always a series of problems found on the laptop due to different reasons.

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Toshiba Satellite Laptop Battery Troubleshooting

The following problems are reported by Toshiba laptop users.

Situation 1: Battery Is Not Charging at All or Showing That It Is Not Compatible

The BIOS or update may be responsible for this problem; it can’t recognize or fully charge the laptop battery. A BIOS update may help you solve the battery not charging problem:

      1. Visit the manufacturer’s website.
      2. Look for the available update for your laptop model.
      3. Complete the update under guidance.
      4. Recharge the battery for 12 hours and use it as usual.

How to fix when your PC is not booting after BIOS update?

Situation 2: Battery Stops Charging Suddenly

Your laptop battery may stop charging before it is fully charged (about 96-98%).

The new battery needs to be recalibrated on your laptop by using Windows Power Management.

      1. Open Control Panel.
      2. Click Hardware and Sound.
      3. Click Power Options.
      4. Change the power schemes to always on.
      5. Cancel battery alarm and disable
      6. Unplug the ac adapter and let the battery drain all the way to 0% until it turns off.
      7. Plugin the adapter again and wait until the battery is charged to 100%.
      8. Repeat the battery run down and full charge process for about 2 to 3 times.

Power Options

Situation 3: Battery Shows It’s Fully Charged, But It's not

This phenomenon is also called False Peak, which is a common situation if it’s the first time to use a new battery or a battery that has been discharged for months. The light of Toshiba Satellite laptop charger may go out after it's been charging for only 10 ~ 15 minutes; it indicates the laptop has been fully charged, but it's really not.

If this happens to you, please just leave the battery on the charger for about 1 hour -> remove it -> put it back on the charger. Then, the charging should go back to normal and the charger light should indicate when the laptop is fully charged.

In addition, you should consider changing a Toshiba Satellite laptop charger, checking the motherboard, or even getting a new battery if the old one has been used for years.

In short, you should try the following steps when running into Toshiba Satellite battery issues:

      1. Shut down your Toshiba Satellite laptop.
      2. Remove the power cord.
      3. Take out the battery from the laptop gently.
      4. Plugin the power cord to the laptop.
      5. Power on the laptop by pressing the power button.
      6. Turn off the laptop and remove the power cord.
      7. Wipe the battery gently with a clean cloth.
      8. Put the battery back into the laptop.
      9. Plug in the power cord to charge the battery.
      10. Remove the power cord and power on the laptop.

If there’s physical damage to your battery, you’d better consider changing a new one.

Toshiba Laptops Factory Reset

Toshiba laptops factory reset can be classified by operating system.

How to Factory Reset a Toshiba laptop on Windows 10

      1. Press Windows + I to open Settings.
      2. Select Update & Security.
      3. Shift to Recovery in the left pane.
      4. Go to the Reset this PC section in the right pane.
      5. Click on the Get started button under it.
      6. Wait until you see the Choose an option window.
      7. Select Keep my files -> click Next -> click Reset.
      8. You can also select Remove everything -> choose Only the drive where Windows is installed or All drives -> choose a method & follow the instructions to complete reset.

Choose an option

Can you recover files from laptop after factory reset it?

How to Factory Reset a Toshiba laptop on Windows 8.1

      1. Open Settings app.
      2. Choose Update and recovery in the left pane -> click Recovery.
      3. Click on the Get started button under Refresh your PC without affecting your files or Remove everything and reinstall Windows in the right pane.
      4. Follow the on-screen instructions to finish the reset steps.

How to Factory Reset a Toshiba laptop on Windows 7

      1. Shut down the Toshiba laptop and remove all external devices.
      2. Press the power button to start the laptop.
      3. Press & hold the 0 button to access the recovery warning screen.
      4. Choose an operating system if it asks you to (optional).
      5. Click Yes in the TOSHIBA Recovery Wizard to continue and follow the instructions to complete reset.

Click here if you'd like to know how to hard reset laptop.

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This post introduces the Toshiba Satellite laptop to you in brief and lists some common Toshiba Satellite laptop problems that you may meet. After that, it focuses on telling you how to troubleshoot Toshiba laptop black screen, Toshiba Satellite not booting, and Toshiba Satellite battery issues. In the end, it teaches you how to reset Toshiba laptop in Windows 10/8.1/7 respectively.

Should you have other problems, please leave a message.

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