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Full Guide to Do ZIP File Recovery with MiniTool Software

Part 1: ZIP Files Are Missing! This Is an Annoying Thing!

As an archive file format, ZIP supports lossless data compression. Usually, a ZIP file contains one or more files & directories which have been compressed. If some important ZIP files are deleted by accident, it is absolutely an annoying issue. However, is it possible to do ZIP file recovery?

Firstly, you should know that many data recovery tools are designed to meet your need to recover lost or deleted data and files from all kinds of storage devices. And theoretically speaking, if the deleted ZIP files are not overwritten by new data, you can use the data recovery software to retrieve these ZIP files.

Among all of these good and bad data recovery programs, we strongly recommend you to use the professional MiniTool Power Data Recovery. This software devotes itself to retrieving all of your lost or deleted files from the internal hard drive, external hard drive, USB drive, digital camera, memory card/stick, CD/DVD, SSD, and more. So, this software can fully meet your demand for ZIP file recovery.

It is lucky that you can use the Free Edition of this software to retrieve 1GB of data in total. Here, we suggest using this freeware to have a try first.

The following part will tell you how to restore deleted ZIP files with this data recovery tool and some related recommendations. Please read them and learn some useful information.

Part 2: How to Recover Deleted ZIP Files

MiniTool Power Data Recovery has five recovery modules, and they are "Undelete Recovery", "Digital Media Recovery", "CD/DVD Recovery", "Lost Partition Recovery" and "Damaged Partition Recovery". These five modes focus on different situations, and here let's make a simple exclusion firstly:

1. "Digital Media Recovery" module focuses on recovering music, photos and videos only. So, it is unavailable to retrieve deleted ZIP files.

2. In your daily life and work, it is scarcely possible to save the ZIP files into CD/DVD. So, "CD/DVD Recovery" module can be excluded.

3. "Undelete Recovery" module recovers data and files deleted from Windows Recycle Bin or by using SHIFT + DELETE keys; "Lost Partition Recovery" module focuses on retrieving data and files from a missing partition; and "Damaged Partition Recovery" is the most powerful recovery module which is designed to recover data from logically damaged, formatted and RAW partitions as long as the partitions exist. So, these three recovery modules are available to do ZIP file recovery.

main interface pdr

Since these three recovery modules are designed for different data loss situations, we will introduce them one by one then.

If the deleted ZIP files are overwritten by new data, they will become unrecoverable. So, you need to stop using your computer or the target storage device as soon as possible.

Here, we will operate this software on Windows 10.

Solution 1: Recover Deleted ZIP Files with "Undelete Recovery"

If you empty your Windows Recycle Bin or delete the ZIP files by pressing SHIFT + DELETE keys, you can use "Undelete Recovery" module to get the deleted ZIP files back.

Step 1: When you enter the main interface of the software, you should click on "Undelete Recovery" module to continue. Then, you will enter the interface as follows. All partitions on your computer will be listed in this interface. Next, just select the target partition (E:) and click on "Scan".

undelete recovery

Step 2: When the scan process is finished, you will see the scan result interface. Here, we will tell you a knack to find the deleted ZIP files quickly: there is a "Filter" button in this interface which can help you filter the files in one category. You can click on this "Filter" button, choose "*.zip, *.rar, *.cab" and click on "OK".


From this filter step, you can see that "zip", "rar" and "cab" are listed in the same category. Actually, all of them are the archive file formats which support lossless data compression. Among them, ZIP and RAR are the commonly used file formats nowadays. Perhaps, you want to recover RAR or CAB files. Then, you can also use MiniTool Power Data Recovery to do this job.

Step 3: Then, this software will only show you the deleted ZIP, RAR and CAB files. Next, you can choose the target ZIP files according to their "File Name", "Size" and "Creation Date", and then press "Save" button to select a proper path on the computer to keep these items.


This ZIP recovery free software allows you to recover 1 GB of data and files totally. You may need to get an advanced version if you want to recover more items.

Here, we will introduce you two time-saving tricks:

1. When you enter the scan result interface, you will see this option "Export Scan Result" export scan result on the top section. It can work even when you are using the Free Edition. So, if you decide to upgrade to an advanced edition to recover more than 1GB of data, you'd better use this option to export the scan result as ".rss" format. After registering the advance edition, you can "Load manually saved scan result" when you enter the interface as follows.


2. You can also choose to stay on the scan result interface and click this button register to register your software directly.

Related recommendation:

Some of you may be concerned about this topic: ZIP file recovery Android. Actually, MiniTool has a special Android data recovery tool which can solve this issue perfectly. And it is MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android.

With this software, you can recover all kinds of Android data such as photos, messages, music files, contacts, call histories, office documents and other kinds of files. Here, the ZIP file is the supported file. So, this software can fully meet your demand to get deleted ZIP files back from Android device and SD card. Moreover, you can use the Free Edition of this software to recover 10 pieces of ZIP files.

This software has two recovery modes: "Recover from Phone" which can retrieve data and files from Android phone and tablet directly; and "Recover from SD-Card" which is used to recover data from Android SD card specially. You can select a proper recovery module according to your own situation.


Both of these two recovery modules are easy-to-use. Here, we will not introduce them in detail. You can refer to the User Manual of this software to learn how to operate them.

Solution 2: Retrieve Deleted ZIP Files with "Lost Partition Recovery"

If you want to recover ZIP files from a lost or deleted partition, you need to apply "Lost Partition Recovery" module.

Step 1: After you select this module from the main interface of this software, you will see the interface as follows. Then, you should select the hard disk which contains the deleted partition and click on "Full Scan" button to continue.

lost partition recovery

Step 2: After the scan process, you will enter the scan result interface as follows. Here, you can still choose to use the "Filter" function to select the data type you want to recover and make the software only show you "zip", "rar" and "cab" files.


Step 3: Then, you can identify the ZIP files according to their "File Name", "Size" & "Creation Date", check the ZIP files you want to recover and then click on "Save" button to select a proper path on the computer to keep them.

At last, you can open the specified storage path and use these recovered ZIP files immediately.

Related recommendation:

If you delete a partition on your computer by mistake, you can use a piece of professional partition management software to recover the lost partition and its data. MiniTool Partition Wizard is a good choice, and its "Partition Recovery" is the target feature you are going to use.


"Partition Recovery" feature is available in the Professional Edition and more advanced editions. If you are a personal user, the Professional Edition can fully meet your demand for recovering the missing partition(s).

Well, if this software can't find the partition which contains the deleted zip files, you have to turn to the dedicated data recovery software - MiniTool Power Data Recovery for help.

Solution 3: Restore Deleted ZIP Files with "Damaged Partition Recovery"

"Damaged Partition Recovery" is the most powerful recovery module among the five recovery modules of MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

When the partition is damaged, you can't open that partition let alone use the data and files on it. However, with "Damaged Partition Recovery" module, you can recover data from the damaged, RAW, and formatted partitions. Then, you can fix that damaged partition to use it again.

Take RAW partition as an example in this post.


Step 1: Select "Damage Partition Recovery" from the main interface of the software, and then you will enter this interface as follows. Here, the RAW partition is marked as "Unidentified". So, you need to choose that partition and click on "Full Scan" to continue.

damaged partition recovery

When the target partition is a formatted partition, it will show as a normal partition on this interface as follows. In this case, you should select the target partition according to its drive letter and "Capacity".


Step 2: When you enter the scan result interface, you can also use "Filter" function to let the software only show you the lost and deleted ZIP files. Then, it's time for you to choose the ZIP files you want to recover and select a location on the computer to save them. The operations are same with solution 1 and 2. So, we will not repeat these steps here.

Still, if you want to recover more than 1 GB data with this software, welcome to get an advanced edition to do this job.

Part 3: Comparisons of These Three Mentioned Programs

In addition to MiniTool Power Data Recovery, two other MiniTool programs are also recommended in this post. In order to make you better understand these three tools, let's make a brief comparison here:

1. MiniTool Power Data Recovery is the main force among these three ZIP file recovery tools. With this ZIP recovery free software, you can not only undelete ZIP files from Recycle Bin but also retrieve ZIP files from the lost or damaged partitions with its three powerful recovery modules: "Undelete Recovery", "Lost Partition Recovery" and "Damaged Partition Recovery"

2. The rest two pieces of software focus on different situations:

step1 If you want to recover ZIP files from Android device and SD card, you had better choose MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android which is specially designed to do Android data recovery.

step2 If you lose ZIP files due to partition loss, and you want to recover all data including ZIP files from the lost partition, we recommend you to use "Partition Recovery" feature of MiniTool Partition Wizard firstly.

Part 4: Bottom Line

Next time, when you are facing ZIP file recovery issue, you will know what you should do then. Just choose a proper tool according to your own situation, and use it to get deleted ZIP files back.

Should you have any question about this ZIP file recovery issue and MiniTool software, please just leave a message in the following comment zone or send an email to [email protected]. Meanwhile, you can also share your ideas and suggestions with us. Thank you for your time and patience.