MiniTool Mobile Data Recovery for Android

User Manual

Tips on Using MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android

Here are some tips you need to pay attention to when using MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android

  • If you want to recover files from the Android devices directly, you need to root the device in advance. Otherwise, the Recover from Phone module of this software will not work.
  • If you need to recover data from SD card Android, please prepare a card reader in advance because you are unable to connect an SD card to the computer directly.
  • During the recovery process, keep the USB data line connected stably.
  • If MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android crashes or corrupts, restart it to have a try again.
  • You'd better not connect both Android device and SD card at the same time when the program is scanning.
  • You'd better shut down all other phone management programs or similar data recovery apps when using MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android.
  • When recovering data from SD card with this software, you’d better save the selected files to another path rather than its original location. Otherwise, the deleted items on the card could be overwritten and become unrecoverable.