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Digital Media Recovery

About "Digital Media Recovery"

The "Digital Media Recovery" module could help you to recover deleted or lost photos, music and video from various digital media storage devices (such as flash drive, mp3 player, digital camera, hard drive, iPod) and all types of flash cards (like Compact Flash, IBM Microdrives, SmartMedia, Multi Media , Secure Digital , SONY Memory Stick and others).

How to Perform "Digital Media Recovery"

Choose "Digital Media Recovery" module in the main interface to get the window below.

Digital Media Recovery 1

1. You can choose the target device and then click "Full Scan" to put scan on it. After scanning, all found files will be listed in the next interface.

Digital Media Recovery 2

2. Select the found files and click "Save".

Digital Media Recovery 3

3. Choose another partition to save files and click "OK".

This recovery module focuses on recovering photos, music, and video files. It will quickly search lost data for users. It provides you with more powerful data recovery ability.
PS: this module supports recovering following files:

JPG *.jpg photo file
CR2 Canon RAW version 2. Photograph from a Canon camera.
CRW Canon RAW. Photograph from a Canon camera.
DCR Digital Camera RAW. Photograph from a Kodak digital camera.
MRW Minolta RAW. Raster image from a Minolta digital camera.
NEF Nikon Electronic Format. Raster image from a Nikon digital camera.
ORF Olympus Raw Format. Raster image from an Olympus digital camera.
PEF Pentax Electronic Format. Photograph from a Pentax camera.
RAF RAW Fuji. Raster image from a Fuji digital camera
SRF Sony RAW File. Photograph from a Sony digital camera.
X3F Sigma/Foveon X3 raw file.
TIFF *.tif, *.tiff
DWG AutoCAD drawing file(*.dwg)
PSD Adobe PhotoShop file(*.psd)
CDR Coreldraw file(*.cdr)
PSP Paint Shop Pro file(*.psp)
PCX Paintbrush file(*.pcx)
PNG *.png
MP3 MPEG Audio Layer 3(*.mp3)
MP4 MP4 Movie File(*.mp4)
M4A MP4 Audio File(*.m4a)
3GP 3GP Movie File(*.3gp)
WAV WAVE sound(*.wav)
ASF ASF video file (*.asf)
WMA Windows Media Audio File (*.wma)
WMV Windows Media Video File (*.wmv)
MOV QuickTime Movie File (*.mov)
AVI AVI clip(*.avi)

This is the end of MiniTool Mac Data Recovery tutorial for "Digital Media Recovery" module.