If users want to recover files from CD/DVD drives, they can try MiniTool Power Data Recovery. It is a free file recovery tool that can recover data from all kinds of data storage devices.

MiniTool Data Recovery can help users recover files from CD/DVD even the CD/DVD drive is corrupted or damaged. This software supports almost all CD and DVD disc types including CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-ROM, DVD-R, and DVD-RW. It also supports disc recorded with UDF packet writing software, such as DirectCD, InCD, and packetCD.

How to Recover Files from CD/DVD Disc?

Step 1: Put the CD/DVD into the CD-ROM driver.

Step 2: Open MiniTool Power Data Recovery and switch to the Devices tab.

Tip: If users only want to recover certain types of files, they can click the gear icon from the left sidebar, select the target file types, and then click OK to save the scan settings.

scan settings

Step 3: Hover over the target CD/DVD drive and select Scan to start scanning the selected CD/DVD drive.

select the target CD/DVD to scan

Step 4: This data recovery software begins to scan the CD/DVD drive. During the progress, this software displays the found files.

Tip: To guarantee the recovery effect, users should wait until the whole scanning progress ends.

the software is scanning the CD/DVD drive

Step 5: After scanning, users can see the scan results. Select the needed files and click the Save button.


If there are too many files, users can use the Filter and Search features to quickly find files.

scan results

Step 6: Select a suitable location to save these files. To avoid data from being overwritten, the destination should be another normal storage drive rather than the original one.

select a location to save files

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