How to delete a dynamic volume when it is no longer needed? The MiniTool Partition Wizard tutorial here shows you the detailed steps and precautions.

About Delete Volume

If a dynamic volume is no longer in need, users can make use of Delete Volume feature to acquire more unallocated space by removing the volume. Users can follow the MiniTool Partition Wizard tutorial below to remove the target volume.

Warning: All data in the selected volume (including all volumes slices) will be deleted when deleting a volume. Thus, be sure it is necessary to perform volume deletion.
Note: MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition does not support this function. To use this function, users need to buy a professional edition or more advanced edition. View Edition Comparison to know more.

How to Delete Volume

Step 1. Launch this software to enter the following main interface. Then select the volume which needs to be deleted and choose Delete Volume from the left action panel or right-click menu.

the location to choose Delete Volume

Step 2. Back to the main interface of the software, users can find that the selected volume has been removed from the dynamic disk. However, this is just a preview effect, users still need to click Apply button to finish the whole operation.

hit the Apply button

Please note that when managing dynamic disk and volume, MiniTool Partition Wizard always requires a reboot for data safety considerations. Please do as prompted.

allow the restart

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