Learn how to use the Sync Settings to satisfy more file sync requirements.

In the Sync page, you can set the advanced parameters by hitting Options to enter File Sync Settings.

go to Sync Settings

File Sync Options

After hitting Sync > Options, you can edit File Sync Options.


In Comparison, there are three options for you to check: File time, File size and File content. You should choose at least one option.

the Comparison tab


  • By default, the three options are all ticked. You can untick File content because comparing the contents of the file will increase the sync time.
  • It is advisable to edit Schedule Settings. As soon as MiniTool ShadowMaker detects the difference between the source and destination files, it will start to sync files automatically for you.


This option can help you to set exclude conditions to filter sync files. By default, all the items are ticked. You are allowed to update a certain file in the sync process by unticking it and hitting OK.

 the filter page

Schedule Settings

In Schedule Settings, you are allowed to create an automatic sync. By default, this feature is disabled so you need to switch it on manually.

Daily – Set particular time points to perform a scheduled file sync task every day.

  1. Start to sync at a specific time point once a day.
  2. Choose to sync every 1, 2, 4, 6, or 8 hours after clicking Sync Now.


Weekly – Choose a day/days in a week to sync at a particular point.


Monthly – Sync files/folders at a specific time point on the chosen day(s) every month.


You should set the days according to the real situation because the number of days varies each month. For example, if you choose to sync files/folders on the 31st every month, MiniToolShadowMaker won’t start syncing in February, April, June, September and November.


On Event – Run the file sync task based on specific events.

  1. Log on: Perform the sync task automatically when logging on to the OS.
  2. Log off: Start file sync when logging off the OS.

On Event

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