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iPhone stuck on Apple logo

Are you facing an iPhone stuck on the Apple logo issue? If you want to fit it, this post shows how to fix and explains how to use MiniTool Software to recover files from an iPhone with a Apple screen of death.

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iPhone Stuck on Apple logo

Is your iPhone stuck on white the Apple logo screen of death and can't power on? As a matter of fact, an iPhone stuck on Apple logo (sometimes, we call it white Apple, or white Apple screen of death) is a common problem that most iPhone users meet.

People who tried to jailbreak their iPhone or upgrade their iPhone face this problem quite commonly. When iPhone is stuck in Apple logo, it equates to a toy without batteries, you can do nothing with it, you can't call anybody, you can't text, and can't take pictures with it. It becomes  totally useless.

iPhone stuck on Apple logo

Today, we are going to introduce the solution for iPhone stuck on Apple logo since we have received lots of feedback email about white screen of death.

"My iPhone 5s is on iOS 8.2 version, but I have jailbroken my iPhone. Yesterday, when I upgrade my jailbroken iPhone 5s to iOS 9 directly without iTunes, not update by firmware upgrade, what's make me crash is that my iPhone stuck on Apple White Screen death during upgrading to iOS 9, I have wait it a long time, but it does not have any progress. Now I want to get iPhone out of Recovery Mode and fix Apple White Screen of death after failure upgrading to iOS 9, someone here can help me? Thanks!"

Here, before solving the white Apple screen of death issue, we had better know why the iPhone got stuck on the Apple logo, which can help us to solve it and prevent it from happening again.

What causes the iPhone stuck on Apple logo

Experienced users know iPhones get stuck on the Apple logo because something went wrong during its startup routine. Unlike humans, iPhones can't ask for help and hence they just stop dead and the Apple Logo gets stuck. Next, let's see what causes the problem.

1: Jailbreak: A jailbreak is the process of eliminating hardware limitations on your iOS device and performing root access so that you are able to download themes and applications that are not available at the Apple store.

Therefore when you jailbreak your iPhone it will get stuck on apple logo because a file was not correctly modified.

Also, it can be due to the corruption of a file system, or data error, or even restarting the iPhone when installing software.

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2: iOS update: One of the main reasons why iPhone stuck on Apple logo during iOS updates.

When updating your Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch you may find that something interrupts your device or iTunes from completing the task and your device spontaneously reboots and never boots past the white Apple logo on black background.

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3: Hardware: This issue is often caused by the cable, that connects the iPhone's motherboard and screen, coming loose or failing. In some cases, this is simply the result of a hardware failure. …

How to Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo

There are various reasons for white Apple screen of death. And next, let's continune below to see how to solve this problem.

The simplest method: fix iPhone stuck on Apple logo by hard reset

This is one of the simplest and fastest methods that will help you to fix your iPhone stuck at Apple logo. Follow the below method to fix your iPhone easily.

Hold Power button (on the right side of iPhone 6/6+/6s/6s+ and on the top of iPhone 4/4s/5/5s/5c) and Home button (the round button of the center) simultaneously until you see the Apple logo.

Simply, hold these buttons for 20-30 seconds.

Now, leave it as it is for half hour. If you are lucky, this is going to work like a charm.

However, for most people this method doesn't work, and they will try to restore their Apple devices to factory settings to get rid of this issue.

The effective method: fix iPhone stuck on Apple logo by restoring iPhone to factory settings

Factory resetting, in general, is the most effective method to fix the white Apple screen of death issue. But, this method will erase all of the data off your iPhone. (It is always better to keep a working iPhone than a dead one.) Follow below method to fix white screen problem.

  • Connect your iPhone USB Cable to a Dock Connector (do not connect to your computer now).
  • Press the Home button and connect the other end of the USB cable to your PC.
  • Then, iTunes will automatically start and iPhone can be kept in recovery mode.
  • Now, you can easily boot your iPhone into recovery mode and your iPhone will be restored in a few minutes.

factory reset iPhone

See! Although factory resetting will help to handle the white Apple screen of death situation, it would cause data loss on your device.

So, in order to retrieve data that have been lost in the process of fixing the iPhone stuck at Apple logo issue, you are strongly recommended to download a professional third-party iPhone data recovery tool.

Want to know more information about data recovery? Here, our previous post Restore will tell you.

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How to Recover Files after An iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo Issue

In general, people who have successfully fixed the white Apple screen of death issue always have a piece of professional data recovery software.

But, you are probably wondering:

"Which is the best iPhone data recovery software?"

MiniTool Mobile Recovery for iOS (Mac) / MiniTool Mobile Recovery for iOS (Windows) is just what you are looking for. With this tool, you can quickly and effectively recover files after iPhone stuck on Apple logo.

All you need to do is download and install it on your computer and then save your lost files in a safe place without affecting the original data.

I used this tool to effectively recover lost data on my iPhone.

Download the Free version here and try to fix your problem now!

Free Download

Recover data from an iOS device

After downloading this professional data recovery software you need to install it on a computer. After that, you can recover data after an iPhone stuck on Apple logo issue. Steps are described in detail below. Here, we take Windows for example.

Step 1: Connect your iOS device to your PC and then launch MiniTool Mobile Recovery for iOS.

Tip: you have to trust the PC in order to perform the scanning of your data.

Step 2: Click the Scan button. Then, this software will automatically analyze the data saved in iOS device. Note: if the iOS device is encrypted, you need to enter a password to unlock it after the analysis is done. After analyzing the iOS data, the software will scan the device. The scanning process will take a few minutes depending on the amount of data saved on the device.

choose recover from iOS device

Step 3: Preview the scanning results. After scanning, this software will list all found files and you can preview them. At this time, since there is lots of data found you can quickly find desired files by category or time.

enter scan result interface

Step 4: Choose all desired data and then click Recover button to store them.

Tip: it is recommended to click the Browse button to select a suitable place according to actual needs to recover lost data.

choose a data storage path

Tip: While saving selected files some users will find they can only recover2 photos once, recover 2 videos once, recover only 10 contacts/call histories once… Here, if you want to break the limitation of the free MiniTool Mobile Recovery for iOS, you can choose its advanced edition.

See! With several simple steps you can easily and quickly recover lost data including messages, contacts, call histories, WhatsApp, notes, calendar, reminders and bookmarks.

You could get more information from our previous post Recover from iOS Device.

Warning: if lost important data are included in your previous iTunes backup or iCloud backup, please give priority to Recover from iTunes Backup File or Recover from iCloud Backup File.

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Recover data from iTunes backup file

If you have backed up your important data before data loss occurs, you may as well choose Recover from iTunes Backup File. This module can show the backup files to you in a very intuitive way. Therefore, you can find the needed data conveniently. Furthermore, the whole process will be completed in three steps.

Step 1: Choose iTunes backup files.

Open MiniTool Mobile Recovery for iOS.

Select Recover from iTunes Backup File to detect all backup files in the computer.

Then, the backup files will be shown on the list.

choose recover from iTunes backup

Next, you can pick out the needed backup through Name, Latest Backup Date or Serial Number.

Tip: If the backup files are stored into a special location, you can click on Select to find them out. Finally, with a click on Add, the specified data will be added to the list.

Step 2: Scan iTunes backup file.

After selecting iTunes backup files, click the Scan button. A few minutes later, the data in it will be shown.

The scanning time is determined by the capacity of iTunes backup, please wait patiently.

Step 3: Select all desired files to recover.

Find out the wanted files in a short time through the classification list or search box.

Select all needed files and click Recover to start the restoration job.

Click Browse to select a safe place to keep the files.

Click Recover button to store them.

choose a data storage path

After all operations are done you have finished recovering lost data from iTunes backup.

Recover lost data from iCloud backup file

In addition to Recover from iOS Device and Recover from iTunes Backup File, MiniTool Mobile Recovery for iOS is capable of recovering data from iCloud backup files with the Recover from iCloud Backup File module.

If you have backed up your data from iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch to iCloud or auto backup has been made before data loss, you can turn to the functional module Recover from iCloud Backup File to get the lost data back.

choose recover from iCloud backup

After you log to iCloud successfully, all backup information under this iCloud account will be listed. Then, select the backup you want to download, and MiniTool will download it automatically. After successful downloading, the program will scan and classify files automatically. After that, you are able to recover needed files and data. Here, you can read this post Recover from iCloud to learn more details on how to do this.

1: To prevent the iCloud file from being updated or modified please don't connect the device to your computer during the recovery.
2: Due to limitations of iCloud, MiniTool Mobile Recovery cannot get iOS 9 iCloud backup.

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In a word, MiniTool Mobile Recovery for iOS is a piece of multifunctional software which not only can help people recover data after the iPhone stuck on Apple logo issue, but also offers instructions and methods for people to recover lost data from unexpected deletion, virus invasion, resetting of all settings, system upgrades and iOS device logical damage.

Also, it can recover up to 15 types of files such as messages, contacts, call history, WhatsApp, calendar, notes, Safari Bookmark and app documents and more. What's more, this software not only supports iOS 9.x, but also is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

How to Avoid An iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo Issue

Although this post shows how to fix iPhone stuck on Apple logo and introduces how to easily and quickly recover data from white Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch with MiniTool Mobile Recovery for iOS, you had better pay attention to some details to avoid getting the iPhone white Apple screen of death.

1. Take care of your iOS device.

2. Use a protective case with extended edges to prevent direct contact of the iPhone with the surface that it may fall on. As we know, minimal impact means minimal chances of hardware abnormality resulting from the drop.

3. Do not use your device for a long time since extra stress on the battery and other hardware resources of the iOS device, sometimes, may cause the iPhone stuck on Apple logo.

4. Shut down your iPhone once a month and then turn it back on after several seconds because your iPhone runs non-stop for you, fetches all your emails, and keeps all your pictures safe. This simple activity will minimize the chances of iPhone stuck on Apple logo.

5. Update your iOS devices to the latest iOS version to Fix iPhone White Screen of Death.

6. Think twice before jailbreaking. Although jailbreaking iPhone or iPad will give you the ability to add non-Apple free applications and functions onto the device, it may cause your iPhone stuck into Apple logo. Even if you need to jailbreak it, please backup all desired data in advance. …...

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Are you getting the white Apple screen of death on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch? Do you know how to fix this iPhone stuck on Apple logo issue? Are you still worried about how to recover data after encountering this problem? Here, this post not only shows how to fix an iPhone stuck on Apple logo but also explains how to recover data from iPhone/iPad/iPod touch with white Apple screen of death.

Should you have any questions, please leave a message on the following comment zone. We will happily get back to you.

iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo FAQ

What does it mean when your iPhone is stuck on the Apple logo?
If your iPhone stuck on white the Apple logo screen of death, you cannot power on your iPhone. In other words, your iPhone has a problem starting up. You can fix iPhone stuck on Apple logo by hard reset.
What do I do if my iPhone 8 is stuck on the Apple logo?
  1. Hard reset.
  2. Restore iPhone to factory settings.
  3. Recover lost files.
How do you restart iPhone when frozen on apple logo?
  1. Connect iPhone USB Cable to a Dock Connector.
  2. Press the Home button and connect the other end of the USB cable to your PC.
  3. iTunes will automatically start.
  4. Boot your iPhone into recovery mode and your iPhone will be restored in a few minutes.
Why is my iPhone stuck on the Apple logo?
  1. Jailbreak
  2. iOS update
  3. Hardware
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