If you want to get some information about the CDR file, you come to the right place. You can know what it is, how to open it as well as how to convert it from this post. Now, you can continue to read this post to get details.

What Is the CDR File?

What is the CDR file? CDR is a file format developed by Corel, which is mainly used for vector graphics and drawings. CorelDRAW creates vector images containing text, images, effects, shapes, etc., which are usually used to create letters, envelopes, web pages, banners, and other files.

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CDR files may be Macintosh DVD/CD Main files, which save folders and files in a single archive to burn data to a disc. The original audio CD data format also uses the .CDR file extension. These are music files ripped/copied from the CD.

Another use of CDR files is to retrieve data files as crash data. These are generated by sensors installed in vehicles that use collision data retrieval (CDR) equipment.

How to Open the CDR File?

Since many file formats use the .CDR file extension, you must first understand which format your file is in, and then you can know which program can open it. If you know your CDR file is some kind of image, then it is most likely a CorelDRAW image file. If you are using a Mac, treat your files as DVD/CD master files or raw audio CD data files. The file obtained from the crash data retrieval device adopts this format.

Open the CorelDRAW image CDR file

CDR is the main file format used by CorelDRAW software. If you need to use the same document layout again, they can be saved as a template, which is where the CDT format comes from. They can also be compressed and saved as CDX files. Besides, you can try some professional software to open the CDR file.


CDR files in this format are made using the built-in Disk Utility tool in macOS. The Apple Disk Utility or DiskImageMounter tool on Mac is your best choice. Another option is HFSExplorer, which can open CDR files on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Open the original audio CD data file

These CDR files are similar to WAV and AIF files. Some programs save ripped music files in this format.

You can use iTunes to play CDR files, or use ImgBurn or a DVD cracking program to open them for burning. You can also use other programs to burn them to a disc.

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How to Convert the CDR File

If you want to convert the CDR file, you can try Zamzar. It supports more than 1200 file formats and can work with any operating system. Besides, it has a remarkable conversion speed and the uploaded file can be as large as 150 MB. Here is how to use Zamzar to convert the CDR file online.

Step 1: Go to the Zamzar official website and choose Add File… to add the CDR file.

Step 2: Click Convert To to select the file format and click the Convert Now option.

Step 3: Then, it will start the converting process. You just need to wait for it. After that, you can click the Download button to save the converted CDR file on your PC.

You can also try CloudConvert. It supports more than 200 different file formats including audio, video, document, ebook, archive, image, spreadsheet, and presentation. CloudConvert is trusted by many people since 2012. You can adjust most conversion types to your needs, such as setting the quality and many other options. Here is how to use it to convert the CDR file online.

Step 1: Go to CloudConvert and click the Select File option to select your CDR file.

Step 2: Choose the file format from the drop-down menu next to the Convert to option.

Step 3: Click the Convert option to start converting the CDR file.

Final Words

To sum up, this post mainly introduces the definition, the opening ways, and the conversion of the CDR file. Besides, the online CDR file converters are also talked about. So, you can open your CDR files in different ways.

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