This library dissertated by MiniTool mainly defines digital footprint meaning, categories, effects, as well as deletion. Also, it gives a brief introduction to memory footprint.

What Does Digital Footprint Mean?

A person’s digital footprint is his unique set of traceable digital activities, actions, communications, as well as contributions on the digital device or network. Since the term often applies to a person, a digital footprint can also indicate a corporation, business, or organization.

Types of Digital Footprint

There are two kinds of digital footprint, positive or active digital footprint and negative or passive digital footprint. As for how is a digital footprint created, for different types, the processes are unlike.

  • Positive digital footprint: It is composed of a user’s web-browsing info and activity that is saved as cookies.
  • Negative digital footprint: It is usually released deliberately by a user to share info on websites or social media.

What Are the Consequences of a Digital Footprint?

The consequences of a digital footprint can be positive and negative. On the one hand, a digital footprint is the subject of a lot of privacy issues. On the other hand, people can gain benefits from profiting off users’ digital footprint as social media influencers.

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Cache vs Cookies vs Session: What’s the Difference?

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How Can Your Digital Footprint Affect Your Future Opportunities?

What is a digital footprint and why is it important? Let’s answer this question with some digital footprint examples.

Example 1 of Digital Footprint

Employers can make use of a candidate’s digital footprint for online vetting and assessing fit due to its reduced cost and accessibility. Between 2 equal candidates, the one with a positive digital footprint may have an advantage.

Example 2 of Digital Footprint

With the widespread and popularity of the Internet, even children generate large digital footprints with potential active or passive consequences that can influence their life. For instance, college admissions may take a person’s digital footprint as part of its consideration on whether to matriculate this student or not.

Relying on the above two examples, what does it mean to have a positive digital footprint? The answer is a good impression and a “bright future”.

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How To Delete Digital Footprint?

After learning digital footprints definition, you may want to know how to erase your digital footprint or how to protect your digital footprint. Generally, you can delete old accounts, use privacy settings for private or public accounts, as well as occasionally search yourself online to see the info left behind for reducing digital footprints.

What Is Memory Footprint?

Memory footprint is the amount of main memory that a program occupies or references when it is working. In computing, the memory footprint of software refers to its runtime memory requirements while it is running.

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