Microsoft Delve is a collaboration tool that helps users find colleagues to create, edit, and share documents. It allows users to embed documents, videos and images. This post provides more details about Microsoft Delve. Keep on your reading.

What Is Microsoft Delve?

What is Microsoft Delve? Microsoft Delve is a data visualization and discovery tool that combines elements of social networking and machine learning with the search capabilities of the Microsoft Office 365 suite.


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Office Delve is a cloud-based service powered by Office Graph that helps users find and discover relevant information in integrated Microsoft products by pulling user content from Microsoft Exchange, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint 2016 and Yammer.

It can help users find colleagues through profiles and allows them to create, edit, and share documents, PowerPoint presentations, and more with other users. It works similarly to Microsoft Sway, and it also allows users to embed documents, videos, and images.

What Is Microsoft Sway? How to Sign in/Download/Use It?
What Is Microsoft Sway? How to Sign in/Download/Use It?

What is Microsoft Sway? How to download Microsoft Sway? How to use Microsoft Sway? This post provides answers for you. Keep on your reading.

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Functions of Microsoft Delve

What are the functions of Microsoft Delve? What can you do with Microsoft Delve? The following are the quick summary of its functions:

  • Connect and collaborate with others.
  • Search for people, documents or boards.
  • Discover and organize information from Microsoft 365.
  • Add documents as favorites or to boards to easily return to later.
  • Stay connected and productive wherever you are.
  • View documents others are working on.

Here is the detailed information:

Delve users receive a personalized profile page that includes a display of recently visited documents, coworker profiles, and a suggested feed.

Human experience – Delve users can manage their profiles to showcase information about themselves—such as pictures, projects, and skills—to make it easier for colleagues to find or connect with them. Delve users can also use people search and discovery to locate colleagues.

Content card – Documents in Delve are displayed on content card displays, each with a title, photo, and recent activity to help users understand why the document is relevant to their needs. The top of the content card shows the user who last modified the document, and the bottom of the card records where the document is stored and the total number of pageviews received. The image on the card is extracted from the document content.

Plate – Users can also create boards to collect related or related documents for later access. Users can create a board to organize documents related to a specific project, allowing access to everyone involved in that project.

Safety of Microsoft Delve

Although Delve aims to provide transparency to make collaborating with colleagues easier, this does not compromise user privacy or organizational security. When a document is marked as private, it does not allow other users to access the file.

The Office Graph that powers Delve stores all Office 365 data items in a graph index. Office Graph data is stored in customer partitions in SharePoint Online and Exchange Online environments with the same level of data protection and security as other types of customer data stored in Microsoft cloud services.

Delve is powered by content, so you must keep your documents on a shared drive or folder that your colleagues can access. This will ensure that the contents of the shared drive are indexed to give your colleagues a better context. You have two options – drop into OneDrive and share access or use Microsoft 365 SharePoint.

How to Sign in/Download Microsoft Delve

Microsoft has released three mobile apps: Delve for Android, Delve for iOS and Delve for Windows. Mobile app users subscribed to Office 365 can update and manage their profiles, view documents, and connect with colleagues from their mobile devices anytime and anywhere. Users can also get updates on colleagues’ projects, find relevant documents, and easily access documents they’re actively working on.

You can log into Microsoft Delve on Windows. Here is how to do that:

Step 1: Open your browser. Type or into the Address bar and sign in with the account you want.

Step 2: On the Microsoft 365 home page, select the app launcher at the top of the browser window.

Step 3: Select the Delve tile in the app launcher, or on the home page.

If you want to download Microsoft Delve on Android or iOS, you can go to Google Play Store or Apple Store to download it.

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