MOBI files are not that kind of common as EXE files, or PDF files. So some people may have not heard about that. It is easy to understand this MOBI file and if you want to know the method to open or convert it, this article on MiniTool Website will enumerate all points about the file. Please read it.

What Is a MOBI File?

To simply clarify the definition, A MOBI file is a Mobipocket eBook file, used to store digital books, specifically designed for mobile devices.

Amazon’s eBooks are in the MOBI format, which is almost identical to the epub file format. PC eBook formats include EXE, TXT, HTML, HLP, etc. Mobile eBook formats include UMD, JAR, etc.

The MOBI file format is slightly larger and can be opened using an Amazon electronic device. The majority of Kindle books use E-Ink 16 grayscale e-paper technology, which creates an e-ink screen that provides a paper-like reading experience with minimal power consumption.

A MOBI file is easier to watch when you open it on a Kindle on your computer and convert the format to an online eBook converter.

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How to Open a MOBI File?

To open a MOBI file, you need to use some specified e-reader programs that can open MOBI files, such as Calibre, Okular, FBReader, Mobipocket Reader, or Mobi File Reader.

After downloading and installing one program, you can right-click on your MOBI file and choose Open with to select the right e-reader program to open it.

Many users will choose Kindle to open this file. If you don’t have a Kindle device, Kindle also supports desktop software, mobile apps, and browser tools that allow the reading of MOBI files. Or you can choose other e-readers to read MOBI files online.

If you still cannot open your MOBI file with a related e-reader, you may check if you mistake the file type name. Those varied file types are totally different and have their own way to open although their names are much the same.

It is easy to confuse with MOBI files. This needs to be understood that MOBI files can only be opened by e-reader programs while other files also have their own specified programs to open.

For example, MOB is an extension specific to files used by an online service available in Singapore called MediaCorp Online Broadband Television (MOBTV).

The name is similar to MOBI files, but this kind of file can only be used with multimedia applications like Windows Media Player, so it won’t work if you open it with an e-reader.

Another file with a similar name is MOI, related to files that are created by a variety of JVC video camcorders. It can be opened by VLC Media Player or other text-based file readers or converters.

Therefore, re-check your file extension name, then find its related reader, and your file can be opened.

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How to Convert a MOBI File?

Similar to the way to open a MOBI file, you need to have a MOBI converter program. You can’t just change the extension. If you do so, you could wind up with a corrupt and unusable file.

You can directly use an online converter like FileProInfo and DocsPal. You can open it from any device with a modern browser like Chrome, Opera, and Firefox. The converting process will finish in a few seconds. These online converters allow MOBI files to convert into some of the more popular formats, like ePUB, PDF, FB2, and LRF. It is fast and easy to use. You don’t need to download or install any software, saving your time and space.

You need to add a file for Converter and then click the Convert button. When the conversion finishes, you are allowed to download your MOBI file.

Some MOBI readers are available to convert MOBI files. You may be able to use it to save the MOBI file in a different format.

There are some MOBI eBook readers and converters:

  • Calibre
  • Stanza
  • FBReader
  • Book Designer
  • BookMedia
  • STDU Viewer
  • Sumatra PDF
  • Kindle for PC or Mac
  • EPUB to Kindle converter
  • PDF/ePUB to Kindle Tool
  • Kindle Book Development Tool

Bottom Line:

The file types are different in their usage and functions. It is hard to remember every file type but the MiniTool website will give you an introduction to them.

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