This post focuses on the MSI file. If you don’t know what it is, how to convert it, then, you should refer to this post. Besides, you can also know how to edit the MSI file and how to convert it from this post.

If you have a file with the file extension .msi, then it can only be launched by certain applications. The .MSI file may be data files rather than documents or media, which means they will not be viewed at all. Now, the following is information on the MSI file. You can keep going.

What Is an MSI File

What is an MSI file? MSI file is the installation package file format used by Windows. Its name comes from the original name of the program, Microsoft Installer, which has been changed to Windows Installer. MSI files are used to install, store, and delete programs.

These files are contained in a package that is used with the program’s client installer service (.exe file) to open and install the program. If you want to earn more information on installing programs, you can go to the MiniTool official website.

How to Open MSI File

The Windows operating system is a tool used to double-click MSI files in the Windows operating system. It does not need to be installed on the computer or downloaded from anywhere, because it is built-in in Windows. Only opening MSI files should call Windows Installer so that you can install the files contained within.

MSI files are packaged in an archive-like format, so you can extract the contents using a file unzip utility (such as 7-Zip). If you have already installed this program or a similar program, you can right-click the MSI file and choose to open or unzip the file to view all the files stored in it.

If you want to browse MSI files on a Mac, it is also useful to use a file decompression tool. Since Windows uses the MSI format, you can’t just double-click it on the Mac and expect it to open.

How to Edit MSI File

Since the MSI file is not a text format, editing it is not as straightforward as editing most other file formats. However, Microsoft provides the Orca program as part of the Windows Installer SDK for editing MSI files.

Orca can be used in a standalone format without using the entire SDK. Technipages has a copy that you can download. After installing Orca, right-click on an MSI file and select “Edit with Orca”.

Be careful not to rename the extension on the .msi file or any other files. This will not change the file type. Only special conversion software can change files from one file type to another.

How to Convert MSI File

The MSI can be converted to ISO only after the files are unzipped to a folder. Use the file decompression tool as described above so that the files can exist in the regular folder structure. Then, with a program such as WinCDEmu installed, right-click the folder and select Build ISO image.

Another option is to convert MSI to EXE, you can use Ultimate MSI to convert to EXE Converter. The program is easy to use: select the MSI file, and then choose where to save the EXE file. No other choice.

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Introduced in Windows 8 and similar to MSI, APPX files are application packages that run on the Windows operating system. If you need help converting MSI to APPX, please visit Microsoft’s website.

Final Words

So far, this post has talked about the basic information of the MSI file. Besides, you can also know how to open/edit/convert it on Windows. After reading the post, you may have an overall understanding of the MSI file. Here comes the end of the post.

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