What is physical backup and logical backup? What’s the difference between them? This article on MiniTool Website will give you a guide to compare physical database backup to logical database backup and give a separate introduction to them both. If you are interested in this topic, please continue your reading.

First, to make a brief introduction to database, database is an organized collection of information or data managed and stored in a computer system. and most people will choose to have a backup plan for their database in case of any data loss and even more severe results.

In terms of database backup, there are two database backup types you may be interested in learning about. The one is physical database backup, another one is logical database backup.

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What Is Physical Database Backup?

What is physical backup? Physical backup means to have a backup plan of physical directories and files that is used to store and recover databases. The backup includes data files, data controls, archived logs, and others. They should always be stored in a separate, dedicated storage, such as cloud, offline storage, magnetic tape, or disc.

This type of backup is suitable for large, important databases that need to be recovered quickly when problems occur. The greatest benefit to perform this backup type are simplicity and speed but it also has some limitations here. For details, we will list in the comparison part.

What Is Logical Database Backup?

What is logical database backup? Logical backup contains logical data retrieved from the database, such as tables, schemas, and procedures, commonly exported out as binary files using EXPORT/ IMPORT tools.

Compared to physical database backup, this logical backup will take much more time but is more flexible to transfer a copy of the database to a different location.

Physical Backup Vs Logical Backup

To make your better understand the definition of physical backup and logical backup, we conclude some pros and cons of both of them.

Physical Database Backup Pros and Cons

Physical Database Backup Advantages

  1. Physical database backup can quickly recover the database in a short period.
  2. It is beneficial to provide details of transactions and changes made in databases.
  3. It can back up the database completely and be stored in different formats.
  4. Physical backup performs more secure than logical backup.
  5. The physical backup process is simple because every bit from the source device is copied to the destination and the format of the data is irrelevant to the backup procedure.

Physical Database Backup Disadvantages

  1. Physical database backup will take up more space.
  2. The backup will slow down database operations.

Logical Database Backup Pros and Cons

Logical Database Backup Advantages

  1. Logical backup can back up certain data selectively to save time and storage space.
  2. The database contents can be stored in different locations and in a binary format.
  3. Logical backup allows filters to exclude certain data during the export and is resilient to errors caused by storage media like tapes.

Logical Database Backup Disadvantages

  1. This kind of backup does not have the file system information.
  2. It is less secure as compared to physical backup.
  3. Logical backups are slower and the recovery process is more difficult.
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After reading this physical backup vs logical backup of their pros and cons, you can have an overall picture of their features, to choose them you can consider how large the database you need to back up is and the backup contents.

If you want to have a backup for better protecting your important data and quick recovery when data loss or system crashes, you can perform a physical backup.

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Wrapping It Up

What is physical backup? To have a better understanding of physical database backup, this article has given you a comparison between physical backup and logical backup. Hope this article can resolve your issue and if you have any other question, welcome to leave messages.

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