You may see the .sav file on your computer or in other places. You may wonder what it is and how to open it. Now, you come to the right place. This post provides all information about the .sav file for you.

A .sav file is a data file format developed for use with storage media such as memory cards or hard drives. It stores information as text, numbers, graphics, and other data in a single data file. The .sav file format is commonly used for backing up data, transferring data between software programs, and saving datasets.


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In this article, we introduce the different 5 types of .sav files.

File Type 1 of SAV File – Nintendo DS Save File

An SAV file is a saved game file created by the Nintendo DS game system. These files contain information about the progress of a particular game and are stored in a way that can be retrieved while playing the same game or later.

There are also SAV files that can be used to transfer game data from one device to another, allowing gamers to continue their progress regardless of their current platform before migrating to a new platform.

File Type 2 of SAV File – Video Game Save File

Various video games use SAV files to store data needed to save game progress during gameplay. They typically contain information such as player location, inventory, and other relevant game data for the player to use later in the game.

Many popular games use the SAV file format, such as Minecraft, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and Fallout 4.

As far as gaming platforms go, the SAV file format is widely supported, including PC, Mac, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo consoles. It is often used by developers to store and save game information so that players can pick up where they left off if the game crashes or their console shuts down in the future.


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File Type 3 of SAV File – SPSS Data File

An SAV file is an electronic document that contains data readable by IBM SPSS Statistics and earlier versions of the software in the System for Analysis of Variables (SAV) format.

An SAV file is a format commonly used for storing datasets, programs, output, and graphics produced by statistical analysis operations. These files are usually created when users save their work with SPSS.

SAV files have many uses, including storing large amounts of data that can be accessed and analyzed quickly and easily. Researchers, statisticians, and data scientists use these files to examine trends, identify patterns, predict future developments, and draw conclusions.

File Type 4 of SAV File – Mass Effect 3 Saved Game

An SAV file stands for “save” and is used as a saved game format in the popular video game Mass Effect 3. It contains information about the player’s progress, including character statistics, quest progress, equipment, and other important data.

These files are stored in a specific structure that allows them to be opened, edited, and manipulated with specific programs.

File Type 5 of SAV File – Parallels Desktop Saved State Image

SAV files are used by Parallels Desktop, which is virtualization software that lets you run Windows or other operating systems on Mac computers.

When you save the state of a virtual machine, usually when you’re done working in it, it’s saved as an SAV file. That way, the next time you power on the same virtual machine, you can resume it exactly the way you left it.

SAV files enable you to quickly switch between virtual machines without having to start from scratch each time. This is especially useful if you frequently work with multiple virtual machines. They also make it easy to back up your virtual machines in case of data loss due to hardware failure or for archival purposes.

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How to Open/Convert the SAV File

To open or convert the SAV file, you need to find some professional programs. You can search for them on Google such as Parallels Desktop or you can use some online tools to perform the conversion such as AnyConv, CloudConvert, or Zamzar.

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