Are you interested in the Western Digital WD5000LPVX 500 GB SATA hard disk drive? This post from MiniTool will tell you the detailed information about it such as form factor, weight, and disk interface.

Although SDD is more popular because of its high transfer speed, the HDD is cheaper than SDD with the same capacity. Besides, the lifespan of mechanical hard drives is much longer. You can read this post – SSD VS HDD: What’s Difference? Which One Should You Use in PC? to get the detailed differences between SSD and HDD.

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Keep reading to get the information about the WDC WD5000LPVX 500 GB hard disk drive.

Introduction to WDC WD5000LPVX 500 GB Hard Disk Drive

The Western Digital Scorpio Blue hard drive – WD5000LPVX possesses high performance, low-power consumption, and easy portability.

The WD5000LPVX HDD adopts the highest standards of quality and reliability of Western Digital to provide you the features and entry-level that are perfect for your computing needs.

And the WD Blue drives are designed and manufactured with proven technology from WD’s award-winning desktop and mobile hard drives. WD Blue has laid the foundation for daily storage by continuously providing the performance improvements of previous generations, while successfully maintaining the quality and reliability of WD over six generations.

The WD5000LPVX HDD’s low power consumption and long battery life are ensured through the use of state-of-the-art seeking algorithms and advanced power management features.

This hard disk uses SATA 6 Gb/s interface, which provides greater flexibility for using the latest chipset and is backward compatible with traditional systems with SATA 3 Gb/s requirements. (XPVX, xPCX and MPCK models only).

The recording head of the WD5000LPVX HDD never touches the disk media, which greatly reduces the wear on the recording head and media, and better protects the drive.

The WD5000LPVX HDD is compatible with laptops that accept 2.5-inch x 7 mm (Thin/Case) SATA drives. In laptop drives, it is important not to have a lot of noise. This WD hard drive is one of the quietest 2.5-inch hard drives on the market because it uses WD’s unique noise reducing technologies.

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Introduction to the Specs of the WDC WD5000LPVX HDD

What are the WD5000LPVX specs? The detailed information on the hard drive is shown below:

Basic Information

  • Hard Disk Model: WDC WD5000LPVX
  • Manufacturer: Western Digital Corporation
  • Disk Family: Scorpio Blue
  • Hard Disk Form Factor: 2.5 inches
  • Digital Storage Capacity: 500 GB (500 x 1 000 000 000 bytes)
  • Disk Interface: SATA 6 Gb/s
  • Buffer Size: 8192 KB
  • Acoustic (Idle): 1.7 Bel
  • Acoustic (Seek): 2.2 Bel
  • RoHS Compliant: Yes


  • Width: 69.85 mm (2.75 inch)
  • Depth: 100.2 mm (3.94 inch)
  • Height: 7 mm (0.28 inch)
  • Weight: 90 grams (0.20 pounds)
  • User Sectors per Drive: 976,773,168


  • Contact Start-Stops: 600,000
  • Non-recoverable Read Errors: 1 per 1014 bits read


  • Rotational Speed: 5400 RPM
  • Rotation Time: 11.11 ms
  • Interface Speed: 3.0 Gb/s
  • Internal Transfer Rate (Max): 147 MB/s
  • Track-to-track Seek: 2.0 ms
  • Average Seek Time: 12.0 ms
  • Average 4K Random Mixed IO Speed: 0.64 MB/s
  • Average 4K Random Write Speed: 1.66 MB/s
  • Average Sequential Mixed IO Speed: 44.3 MB/s
  • Average Sustained Write Speed: 68.2 MB/s
  • Average Rotational Latency: 5.56 ms
  • Average Drive Ready Time (Typical): 2.8 seconds
  • Buffer-Host Max. Rate: 600 MB/seconds

Power Requirements

  • Required Power For Spinup: 1000 mA
  • Required Power For Seek: 1.4 W
  • Required Power For Idle: 0.55 W
  • Required Power For Standby: 0.13 W
  • Required Power For Sleep: 0.13 W

Environmental (Operating)

  • Ambient Temperature: 32°F to 140°F (0°C to 60°C)
  • Vibration: 0.00459 g²/Hz (10 to 500 Hz)
  • Relative Humidity (non-condensing): 8% to 90%
  • Altitude: -1,000 feet to 10,000 feet

Environmental (Non-Operating)

  • Ambient Temperature: -40°F to 149°F (-40°C to 65°C)
  • Vibration: 0.05102 g²/Hz (10 to 500 Hz)
  • Relative Humidity (non-condensing): 5% to 95%
  • Altitude: -1,000 feet to 40,000 feet
Note: Specific application environments (such as temperature and duty cycle) will affect overall reliability rates.

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Final Words

In conclusion, you can get the most detailed information about the Western Digital WD5000LPVX 500 GB SATA hard disk drive such as power consumption, weight, speed and buffer size.

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