Microsoft is going to release a new Windows 10 Edge and it is working on it now. While, some leaked information will show you more details about it. Here is a closer look at Microsoft’s new edge Windows 10. Read it to learn it now.

Microsoft is working on the new Windows 10 Edge for a while, and some of you must be full of expectations for this. Some days ago, we have released a post which was related to this new Edge: Some of you worry that it will be Chrome-look. However, it is not true.

Now, as the preparation work on this new Windows 10 Edge advances, more and more detailed information about it are appearing on the internet. The latest leak information has shown that Microsoft is going to launch its own extension store and you will be able to sideload extension from Chrome Web Store which is seemed to be a big deal.

There Is A Closer Look at Microsoft’s New Edge Windows 10

It is said that Microsoft is expected to retain the look and feel of the current Edge in the coming new version. According to some rumors, Microsoft Chromium Edge will be looked as a combination of the current Edge and Google Chrome. At that moment, the new Windows 10 Edge preview version lacked Fluent Design while it could be implemented in the very near fure.

There Are Some News About the New Microsoft Edge Browser
There Are Some News About the New Microsoft Edge Browser

The new Microsoft Edge browser is under development and the recent leaked screenshots show it looks like Chrome. Actually, it is not the final design.

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Here is a screenshot of this new Edge. From it, you can get a lot of information.

new Windows 10 Edge screenshot

From the above screenshot, you can see that the core UI (user interface) and features of this Windows 10 Edge is untouched. However, some features, such as web drawing and settings tabs aside are missing.

At the same time, we have to admit that this new browser is also going to get some Chromium features. For instance, there will be a profile picture of the account next to the address bar. On the other hand, Microsoft 10 Edge now has the new Chrome-like menu but with icons.

Microsoft Chromium Edge settings

It is true that Microsoft Chromium Edge does use some features from Chrome and its interface is quite similar till now. However, there will be some changes in the next few months when the work on this project advances. This situation means that Chromium Edge is still under the initial days of development.

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Dark Mode and Extension

In this part, we will show you some information about the dark mode and extension about this Microsoft’s new Edge.

Microsoft Chromium Edge is going to support dark mode and it will also respect the theme settings of Windows 10. At the same time, Microsoft is also going to maintain its own extension store where this software giant will offer the native extensions.

You can also install and run Chrome extensions in the new Edge browser as expected. If you want to install Chrome extensions, you can get it directly from Chrome Web Store after enabling third-party extensions option in Edge settings.

Microsoft Chromium Edge might be a decent alternative to Chrome and a perfect choice for you who like Chrome without Google services.

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