ADB device not found is a common issue that may happen on your Windows 10 PC when trying to use ADB, Android Debug Bridge to communicate with a device. If you get the error, how can you fix it? Don’t worry and you can find many useful solutions from this post given by MiniTool Solution.

ADB Error Device Not Found Windows 10

ADB, short for Android Debug Bridge, is a command-line utility that allows you to communicate with a device. To be specific, you can control your device over USB from a computer, install and uninstall apps, run shell commands, etc. with ADB. ADB is included with Google’s Android SDK.

However, when you use it, you may get an annoying thing. On the computer screen, you may see a message saying “error: device not found”. Sometimes, you get the error “ADB no devices/emulators found”.

The ADB error can be triggered by various reasons, for example, the ADB driver is not updated, USB debugging is disabled, the connection mode is incorrect, etc. The good news is you can easily fix the issue of ADB no devices emulators found on your Windows 10 PC. Just try the in-depth solutions below.

How to Fix ADB Device Not Found

Enable USB Debugging

To make sure ADB works perfectly, you should enable USB debugging on your Android device. Or else, the ADB error device not found appears.

Step 1: On your Android phone, go to Settings > About.

Step 2: Tap on Build number seven times to activate Developer options.

Step 3: Enable USB debugging.

enable USB debugging on Android

Tip: If you want to know much information about USB debugging, refer to our previous post – What Is USB Debugging & How to Enable/Disable It.

Change Connection Mode

MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) is required for ADB. If your Android phone doesn’t use this connection mode, the issue of ADB device not found may appear on your Windows 10 PC. Just change the connection mode as shown below.

Step 1: Connect your phone to your computer.

Step 2: Swipe down to open the notification panel and select USB connection notification.

Step 3: Choose Media device (MTP).

Update ADB Interface Driver

An outdated ADB interface driver can result in the error – device not found or ADB no devices/emulators found in Windows 11/10. To help you out, it is necessary to install a new version for that driver. Here is what you should try:

Step 1: You need to get a Google USB driver first – directly download that driver or get it via Android SDK Manager. Android gives you a simple guide on Get the Google USB Driver.

Step 2: Run Device Manager in Windows 10 via the Win + X menu.

Step 3: Expand Other devices, USB Device, Android Device, etc., right-click on Android ADB Interface or Android Phone and choose Update driver.

update Android ADB Interface

Step 4: Click Browse my computer for drivers > Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer.

Step 5: Click Have Disk and tap on Browse to the directory which includes the Google USB driver you have downloaded before. Usually, the location is C:\Program Files\Android\android-sdk\extras\google\usb_driver\.

Step 6: Double-click on Android ADB Interface to install the driver on your PC.

Tip: Sometimes you can fix ADB device not found via installing Universal ADB Windows Driver. You can search for one in Google, then download and install it on your computer.

Reset the ADB Process

If none of the above ways to fix ADB device not found emulator, you can choose to reset the ADB process to fix the issue in Windows 10.

Step 1: Launch Command Prompt on your PC.

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Step 2: Type in the following commands and press Enter after each one:

ADB kill-server

ADB start-server

ADB kill-sever command

Final Words

These are all the useful solutions to fix ADB device not found or ADB no devices/emulators found in Windows 10. If you find some other useful ways to fix the ADB error, share your ideas with us in the comment below. Thanks.

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