This post compares App Store and Google Play Store and tells the differences between these two app stores. For more computer tips and tricks, you can visit MiniTool Software official website.

App Store is the official app store for iOS devices. Google Play Store is the official app store for Android devices. These two app stores let you easily find and download preferred apps on your iPhone, iPad, or Android. App Store vs Google Play Store, are there some differences? You can check some of the analyses below.

App Store vs Google Play Store – Differences

Both Google Play Store and Apple App Store serve the same goal: to let users search, download, and install an application. Both the two platforms offer the description, the logo or icon, screenshot or image collection, reviews, or a video introduction of the program.

However, although they have the same purpose and function, these two app stores do have some differences.

As for the revenue sharing of the App Store and Google Play Store, 30% of revenue goes to the store while 70% goes to the developers. However, App Store has a higher number of shares than the Google Play Store.

For the app description in the stores, the Read More button of the app description in Google Play Store gets more taps than in the App Store. The app description of Google Play Store is shown above the image or screenshot and this makes it more prominent.

For the app screenshot or image gallery, the app screenshot of Google Play Store gets less interaction than iOS App Store. The image gallery of the App Store is more prominent than that of the Google Play Store.

For the video trailer of apps, Apple App Store gets more interaction than Google Play Store since Apple enforces 15-30 seconds length for videos.

For the types of apps, most iOS applications are built for both iPhone and iPad devices but some apps are only for iPad. Android applications are built for most Android smartphones and tablets, so it also requires developers to test and optimize the programs to suit various Android devices.

For the app category, Google Play Store is more advanced with app categorization. Google Play Store has more detailed app categories. It has entertainment, business, lifestyle, education, and more. Apple App Store now is also trying to add more app categories.

For security, App Store may be safer than Google Play Store since it is very strict in reviewing and uploading any application onto the platform. Therefore, Apple App Store may have more high-quality apps.

In conclusion, this post introduces some slight differences between App Store and Google Play Store. Google Play Store and App Store are two giants in the app store market. One is for Android OS and another is for iOS. They offer convenience for Android and iOS users to find and download apps/games on their devices.

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