Earlier this month, Apple Inc. finally confirmed that it will abandon iTunes in the next version of macOS. Since then, the era of sorts on the Mac will be ended and the function of original iTunes will be put into three apps separately: TV, Music, and Podcasts. As for the iTunes for Windows, nothing is going to change.

At the WWDC 2019 (Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference) held on June 3, 2019 in California, Apple announced the shocking news: it is on the way to kill iTunes on all macOS. The Apple iTunes is an all-in-one media app; it will finally be replaced by some separate applications: Apple Music, Apple TV, and Apple Podcasts.

Is Apple iTunes Going Away

Apple made a video to make fun of the bloat of iTunes. In the video, both Calendar and Safari (two of the important apps on macOS) are integrated into iTunes. Then, Apple announced it will break up iTunes into three different apps in the next version of macOS Catalina (iOS 13 is coming in fall 2019).

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People have found that the social media posts from the official iTunes accounts on both Instagram and Facebook haven been removed. There are still posts on iTunes Twitter account, but they are stopped updating since May 21st; if you go to look at it, you’ll find the recent posts are retweets from the new Apple TV account.

iTunes accounts on Instagram

Apple is shutting down iTunes after 18 years of service, iTunes though it was once the key to the early success of Apple.

What about the Old iTunes Libraries and Files

The Apple Music in the coming macOS Catalina will allow users to import libraries and files from the current iTunes. In this way, users can still keep their music purchased on iTunes and music files getting from CDs, MP3s, and other sources.

What’s more, the Apple Music will still keep the current feature used to sync users' files from elsewhere not in iTunes to the cloud. Please be assured that Apple hasn’t planned to offer only streaming experience via Apple Music. The iTunes is only ended on the surface; Apple will continue to provide support for key features and services in the new Music app.

Is Apple Getting Rid of iTunes Totally

What about Windows? In fact, Apple hasn’t talked about the iTunes for Windows on stage at all. According to Micah Singleton’s twitter, iTunes will continue to exist in its current state on Windows.

iTunes for Windows will continue

Apple then said people who are using iTunes under Microsoft Windows will not see any changes. The company confirms Windows iTunes users will have the same experience as before. That is to say, the support for iTunes in Windows won’t be ended; iTunes is not really dead, at least for now.

This news can be either good or bad for Windows users. If you are expecting a new Music app on Windows, it will disappoint you since you’ll still be stuck with iTunes. Yet, for users who enjoy the old iTunes, it’s pretty good news since they can continue to enjoy all the quirks and powerful features.

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Keep in mind that Apple may also plan to end iTunes for Windows in the future. That’s really the end of an era. But the fact is iTunes did change many the way we choose, buy, and listen to music. It provided the sustainable and user-friendly way to manage music for the first time in the digital era.

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