Belkin is a good Wi-Fi router. It offers some great features and better quality. If you are using a Belkin router, you might need to log in to the Belkin router. Therefore, in this article on MiniTool Website, you will learn a guide to Belkin router login and some others.

Belkin Router Login

There are two usually used default Belkin router logins. One is and the other one is These two different IP addresses require you to input their username and password so that you can log in successfully.

The following data can be your reference.

  • IP Address:
  • Username: admin
  • Password:


  • IP Address:
  • Username: admin
  • Password: password

In some cases, Belkin routers will use other IP addresses. To be certain which one you are using, you need to check the IP address on your computer. Before you do that, you need to connect the computer to the router and check if the computer is set to DHCP.

For the specific method to check your local IP address, you can refer to this post: How to Find Your IP Address on Windows 10 S/10? (Four Ways).

Log in to Belkin Router

If you want to change some network settings or secure the network, you need to log in to the Belkin router.

Before you start the Belkin modem login, you should ensure that the router is properly connected to your computer using an Ethernet cable by checking the lights on your computer and router.

Then you can follow the next steps to finish the Belkin login.

Step 1: Once you have connected to the network, open your browser and access the login page by putting in the Belkin router login IP on your web browser.

You can try and we’ve introduced above. If none of them works, you can look up the list of default Belkin IP addresses for your model on this website.

Step 2: Then enter your router username which could be admin and enter your router password which could be password or none.

Step 3: Once you enter the correct credentials, click the Enter or Sign In button.

If you can’t find the right username or password, you can reset your router or modem.

Just find your router’s reset button on the back or the bottom of your router, hold down it for 30 seconds with a pin, and then your modem will get restored to the factory settings.

Note: Resetting your router or modem will erase all your custom settings.

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Troubleshoot Belkin Login Issues

If you fail to log in to the Belkin router, you may input the wrong IP address. Check if your spelling or signals are mistaken. Many people will confuse 1 to I so just re-check it.

If you prepare to change some network settings, you’d better remember the original settings in case your improper configurations make the network stop working. Once that happens, you can hard reset your router to restore the settings. Default Router IP Login – Explanation and Method Default Router IP Login – Explanation and Method

What is the default router IP address? And how to log in to the IP address? This post will give you a detailed introduction and guide.

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Bottom Line:

After reading this article about Belkin router login, you can learn to log in to a Belkin router, reset a Belkin router, and troubleshoot some Belkin login issues. Hope this article is useful for you.

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