Blu Ray is designed to offer better images compared with a standard DVD. But what are the detailed differences between them? If you want to know, then you should read this post carefully. MiniTool has collected much information about Blu Ray vs DVD in this post.

Blu Ray VS DVD

Both Blu Ray and DVD are disc media for movies and TV shows, but which one is better? Now read the following text to get the difference between DVD and Blu Ray.

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When talking about Blu Ray vs DVD, the storage needs to be compared. Blu Ray discs can hold approximately 25 GB (gigabytes) of data. The dual-layer Blu Ray disc can hold up to 50 GB of data. However, standard DVDs can hold up to 4.7 GB of data and even dual-layer DVDs can only hold about 8.5-8.7 GB of data, which is less than the smallest Blu Ray discs.

Compared with standard DVDs, the larger storage capacity of Blu-ray disc is an obvious advantage, which can store higher quality video and audio.


The image resolution also needs to be mentioned when compare Blu Ray vs DVD. The image resolution only represents the appearance of the picture when viewing the disc. DVD is a standard definition device so you will not be able to watch 480 SD high-definition movies on DVD. However, Blu Ray is made for high-definition and can provide 1080 high-definition feature for Blu Ray movies, so as to obtain the best image.


As the storage capacity of the Blu Ray disc is larger, it can accommodate more video and audio data, thereby providing higher quality video and audio. The Blu Ray Disc supports resolutions up to 1920×1080, and the highest resolution frame rate is up to 29.97 (lower resolution frame rate is up to 59.94). What’s more, Blu Ray discs can be played in true HD format. In contrast, because the storage capacity of a standard DVD is much lower, high-definition video quality cannot be obtained on a DVD.


Blu Ray is a newer technology compared with DVD, which means that not all older movies can use the Blu Ray format. But DVDs have been available since 1996, and have been developing libraries for several years. Almost every movie that has been made can use the DVD format, and when renting movies, it is much easier to find DVD format movies than Blu Ray.

Laser Technology

Another thing we need to talk about Blu Ray vs DVD is laser technology. Although both DVD and Blu Ray players adopt lasers to read optical discs, DVD lasers are red lasers that operate at a wavelength of 650 nm, while Blu Ray lasers are blue and can operate at a shorter wavelength of 405 nm, which means they can read the information accurately.

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Bottom Line

What is the difference between a DVD and Blu Ray? This post has gathered much information about DVD vs Blu Ray, so you should know that their storage, resolution, quality, availability, and laser technology are all different.

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