Does Windows 10 have Camera software? How do I download Microsoft Camera? If you are curious about Windows 10 Camera app download, you come to the right place. This post from MiniTool focuses on Windows Camera download for Windows 10/11 and installation. If needed, you can choose to uninstall Camera and reinstall it.

Overview of Windows Camera

If you want to take pictures or capture images & videos on a PC, you can use a professional tool. Then you may ask: does Windows 10 have Camera software? Of course, Windows 10 and 11 offer a utility called Windows Camera that can meet your demands.

Compared to its old versions, Camera is simpler and faster. On a PC running Windows 10/11, you only need to point and shoot to take great pictures automatically. When recording a video, you can pause and resume at any time. Since this app can automatically weave them all together to become one video, it is OK to skip the boring parts.

Besides, Camera supports composing the perfect picture with a framing grid, using a timer to let you enter into the shot, automatically backing up photos to OneDrive, etc.

The Camera app is built into Windows operating system and you can easily access it. To open this tool, go to the Start menu and find Camera to run it. Also, Camera can be downloaded for stand-alone installation on your Windows 10/11 PC. If you cannot find this app on your machine, go to download and install it by following the guide below.


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Camera Download for Windows 10/11 PC

In terms of Windows 10 Camera app download or Camera app for Windows 10/11 download, it is easy to operate via Microsoft Store, and let’s see the steps here:

Step 1: Launch Microsoft Store via the search box on your PC.

Step 2: Type Windows Camera into the search field and press Enter to find this app.

Step 3: Click the Get button to start downloading and installing this tool. After a while, click Open to launch it for use.

install Camera app Windows 10 via Store

It is easy to install Camera app for Windows 10/11 via the Store. In addition, you can get the Camera download file from some third-party websites like and then use this file to install Windows Camera.

Uninstall Windows Camera

Sometimes Windows Camera cannot work properly and you want to uninstall this app, then reinstall it. So, how to uninstall Camera app in Windows 11/10? To do this work, right-click on the Start button and choose Windows PowerShell (Admin). Then, copy & paste this command – get-appxpackage *Microsoft.WindowsCamera* | remove-appxpackage to the window and press Enter.

uninstall Camera app

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Windows Camera App Error

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Bottom Line

That’s the information about Camera download & install Camera app Windows 10/11. Just get the Camera app via Microsoft Store to take pictures and capture videos. Hope this post can help you a lot.

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