This post teaches you how to change Spotify password if you think your account is not secure. Also learn how to reset Spotify password if you forgot your account password. To browse more computer tips and solutions, please go to MiniTool Software official website.

If you think your Spotify account is not secure, you can follow the steps below to change Spotify password to a strong one. Still, you forgot your Spotify account password and want to get back your account, you can check the steps to reset Spotify password.

How to Change Spotify Password

If you know your current password but want to change it to a more secure one, you can follow the steps below.

Step 1. Open Spotify website in your browser. Log into your account with your current password.

Step 2. Next, click your profile icon and click Account. Scroll down to click Change password option.

Step 3. Then you can enter your current password and input a new password. Click Set New Password button to change your Spotify account password.

Note: Spotify doesn’t let users change the account password through the desktop or mobile app. You have to go to the Spotify website in your browser to do the task.

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How to Reset Spotify Password

For Spotify password reset, you can either click Forgot My Password when logging in or go to Spotify official password reset page in your browser. Check how to do it below.

Step 1. Log out of your Spotify account. Go to the Spotify password reset page. Enter your Spotify account username or the registered email address, and click Send button.

Spotify password reset

Step 2. Check your email inbox to check the email from Spotify. Click the link in the email to go to the Reset password page.

Step 3. Enter a new password and repeat the password. Click Set Password to reset your Spotify password.

Tip: If you use Facebook account to create your Spotify account, you need to change your Facebook password to change password for your Spotify account. Still, you forgot the account password, you need to conduct the Facebook account recovery to restore your account.

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Spotify Password Requirements

The minimum width of the Spotify password should be 4 characters. There is no maximum length of the password. The password should have upper-case and lower-case letters, numbers, and symbols. It should not have repeated characters.

To safeguard your Spotify account, it’s advised you use a long password with a mix of letters, capitals, numbers, and special characters. Still, you can use different passwords for your different online service accounts. It’s also advised you frequently change your password and do not let others know your password.

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