Do you know what Chrome flags are, the risks of using them, and when to use them to try experimental features in Chrome? In this post, MiniTool Software will briefly introduce Chrome flags (chrome://flags) and some other related information, including how to enable Chrome flags and how to disable Chrome flags.

What Are Chrome Flags?

Chrome flags can be used to activate additional debugging tools or try out new or experimental features in Google Chrome. That is, you can use them to activate browser features that are not available by default in your Chrome browser.

To use Chrome flags, you need to enter chrome://flags in the address bar in Chrome and press Enter to open the Experiments page.

Chrome flags

On the chrome://flags page, you can see numerous experimental features. They are set as Default, Enabled, or Disabled. If you are opening this page for the first time, these are the default settings.

How to Enable or Disable Chrome Flags?

To enable or disable an experimental feature, you can use the top search box to search for that feature and then enable or disable it according to your requirements.

You can use these steps to enable or disable Chrome flags:

Step 1: Open Chrome.

Step 2: Go to chrome://flags. You can directly copy and paste chrome://flags to the address bar in Chrome and press Enter to go to this page.

Step 3: Use the search box to search for the flag you want to enable or disable.

Step 4: Expand the options next to the target flag and select Enabled or Disabled according to your needs.

Step 5: Click the Relaunch button to relaunch your Chrome.

chrome //flags settings: Concept, Activation & Deactivation
chrome //flags settings: Concept, Activation & Deactivation

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Risks of Using chrome://flags

Here is the truth: most Chrome users will never need to use Chrome flags to enable or disable experimental features.

However, if you need to make some changes via Chrome flags, you need to be careful enough. By activating or deactivating features using Chrome flags, you could lose data or compromise your security or privacy. On the other hand, the features you toggle with a flag may stop working or be removed without notice. Due to this, if you are an enterprise IT administrator, you’d better not use Chrome in production.

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When to Use chrome://flags?

If you are a web developer and want to experience the new experimental features before others, or you are just a curious geek, it is worth using Chrome flags to enable these features.

Some Chrome flags can affect the way Chrome looks or works, while some flags can activate new functionality like CSS features or JavaScript APIs. The specified available flags depend on the Chrome version you are using.

Other Methods to Try Experimental Features in Chrome

Using chrome://flags is not the only method to try experimental features in Chrome. In this part, we will also introduce two more ways to help you enable and try experimental features.

Way 1: Use chrome://flags#enable-experimental-web-platform-features flag

If you want to enable a range of experimental features that don’t have their own flags, you can go to chrome://flags#enable-experimental-web-platform-features flag in Chrome and then toggle this flag.


Way 2: Use Chrome Beta

Google also tests the featured experiments in Chrome Beta. You can toggle Experiment settings and relaunch Chrome to get these features available.

You can go to this page and click the Download Chrome Beta button to download Chrome Beta.

Bottom Line

This is the related information about Chrome flags. If you want to know more information about them, you can let us know in the comments.

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