The Chromium-based Edge beta has become available now and it can be used on Windows and MacOS. The Chromium-based Edge is also called Chredge by some computer users. This post will walk you through more information about Chromium-based Microsoft Edge.

The Chromium-Based Edge Beta Is Available

On August 20 2019, the Chromium-based Edge beta is available. Anyone who uses the Windows 10/8/8.1/7 or MacOS can run the Chromium-based Edge beta. In addition, they can download the Microsoft Edge Chromium from the Insider site.

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The Chromium-based Edge beta is the third and final preview channel for Chromium-based Edge. Some Microsoft watcher also unofficially named it as the Chredge. Microsoft has already made available the Canary and Dev channel build of its new Edge browser. Hence, the Microsoft Edge Chromium will be updated once about every six weeks.

Chromium-based Edge

Microsoft also claims that the downloads of the Chromium-based Edge preview builds are more than one million since it is supported on all platforms from April in this year.

However, Microsoft does not provide a target date when the Chromium-based Edge will be generally available, but it is likely to be available till either very late this year or sometime in 2020.

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If the Chredge is deemed ready, it will be added to new Windows 10 feature updates as a Store-updatable, inbox application. It will not be tied to Windows 10 any more, so it does not have to release simultaneously with a new feature update.

On the other hand, the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge may be called Edge, just like the current Windows browser, replacing the original Edge Browser.

The available Chromium-based Microsoft Edge is ready for everyday use even though it is not done yet.

The Chromium-based Edge beta also has the same features as other browsers. Like other preview channels, the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge beta also allows users to add extensions from the Edge Insider store or other Chromium-based web stores.

Beta users can turn on the tracking prevention feature to get more privacy. The Microsoft Edge Chromium beta also supports a number of enterprise features which have been announced previously including the Internet Explorer mode and integration with the new unified Microsoft Search (built-in Bing). It also supports the Windows Defender Application Guard. All of these are the roadmap of Microsoft Edge Chromium, providing for business users.

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Microsoft continues adding support more features in Chromium-based Edge, starting with Canary and Dev channels. Besides, a new enterprise-focused new tab will be coming soon to Canary and Dev. Collection, which is a feature used to help users collect, organize and export information discovered via their browser more easily, will be coming to the Canary channel today and to the Dev channel shortly. We also hope that there are more features added in the Chromium-based Edge.

In December 2018, Microsoft said that they were redoing the Edge so that it will be built on the Chromium-based Edge with the internet compatibility. The Chromium is an open source browser and many browser developers will use it as a base including Google, Vivaldi, Opera, Yandex, Brave and so on. In 2008, simultaneous with the launch of Chrome, Google released the bulk of code of Chrome as open source, developing Chromium in the process.

Final Words

To sum up, the Chromium-based Edge beta is available now. And if you interested in it, you can download it and have a try.

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