Sometimes, you may encounter Cox remote volume not working and that will keep you from enjoying your favorite shows or soap operas. What will you do when your Cox remote is freezing? Don’t worry! Every problem has a fix! Simply follow the tips and tricks below on MiniTool Website, you can enjoy watching TV again.

Cox Contour Remote Not Working with Cable Box

Cox is a popular cable provider and it also provide you with a set top box that you use in conjunction with your TV to watch stream videos, and download applications. Like other devices related to the TV, Cox also has a remote. However, in some cases, Cox remote will stop working and some issues such as Cox remote volume not working and unable to change channels will appear.

In this guide, we will show you the causes and solutions to Cox remote not working. Without any delay, let’s try them one by one.

How to Fix Cox Remote Not Working?

Fix 1: Install the Battery Correctly

There is a chance that the batteries are completely drained, so try to buy a new pair of batteries and put them in the right way. If Cox Contour remote not working still crops up after installing the new batteries correctly, you can try the next solution.

Fix 2: Make Sure Remote Is Paired to Your Cox Device

You must make sure that your remote is paired to your Cox set top box, receiver and TV. If you are using the receiver for the home theater system, the Cox remote also need pairing to it and your TV.

Fix 3: Reboot Your TV & Cox Set Top Box

There is an internal computer in your TV and Cox set top box and the code of the computer may have some issues. In this case, it is a good option to shut down your Cox set top box & TV and unplug the power cord. After all the devices is powered off, plug in the power cable and reboot your device to check for improvement.

Fix 4: Remove the Obstructions Between Your Devices

Some buttons on the Cox remote like the volume button and the power button work over an infrared signal. As a result, you should make sure that there are no obstructions among your remote, TV and Cox set top box. The distance between the Cox set top box and your TV must be around 10 feet. If there is anything between them, the signal can be obstructed. Therefore, try to remove the extra obstructed items.

Fix 5: Ensure Your Cox Remote Compatibility

If you buy the Cox remote from a third-party store, it might not be compatible with the receiver. Make sure the model number of your remote is correct before buying it from the retailer.

Fix 6: Order a New Remote

If Cox Contour remote volume not working is still there, chances are that the electrical components of your remote are malfunctioning. You can go to the official website of Cox to order a new one.

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