This post will introduce you what causes the CPU over temperature error, and also show you when the error is not serious or when it is dangerous. Meanwhile, this post briefly shows you how to fix this error with 3 solutions. If you are interested in this topic, click to get more information from the MiniTool website.

Processors are becoming more powerful. It is prominent to upgrade to new processors as newer technology becomes more demanding in terms of performance. Cooling the components of a computer system is very important. If you don’t cool these components properly, most of them could stop working because of overheating problems. 

The CPU over temperature error falls into the same category. This error could pop up when you are booting the system. Right now, because of the heating problem, this error is sometimes not very big and only occurs one in a million times. However, there are some scenarios where you need to pay attention to the appearance of the error message.

CPU Over Temperature Error

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CPU Over Temperature Error

Error messages pop up when your CPU overheats and the cooler fails to eliminate the heat generated by the overheated CPU. This happens when the heat sink is not properly connected to the CPU. In this case, you should unscrew your system and confirm the heat sink is fully fit and not loose. 

If the cooler fails and the fan fails to provide the necessary amount of air, this problem can also occur. In that case, all you need to do is change a cooler. 

The following part will discuss when the CPU over temperature error can be ignored and when this problem is dangerous.

When Is CPU over Temperature Error Not Serious?

If you get the CPU over temperature error message, don’t worry about it. In some cases, the problem is not dangerous. 

Suppose you’ve been playing games on your system for hours, and your system gets hot. There are various factors that prevent heat dissipation, such as dust on the CPU fan that prevents the fan from spinning properly. In the summer, due to the high temperature, the system usually heats up rapidly, which causes the inside of the casing to be warmer than usual. 

In this case, you will probably receive this error message. Thus, there is no need to worry about it.

When Is CPU over Temperature Error Dangerous?

When this error message appears frequently under normal circumstances, you should pay attention to them, even when you don’t use the system for high-intensity games or anything else that brings quite a load on the system. If you get the error message in this situation, you should diagnose the issue. 

Suppose you’re just watching YouTube or watching a movie on your web browser, and then your system reboots and sends you the CPU over temperature error message, you should find a method and monitor the temperature. 

When the error message becomes troublesome, follow the solutions below to fix the CPU over temperature error.

How to Fix the CPU Over Temperature Error?

Solution 1: Check the Heat Sink

What you need to do is checking the heat sink connected to the CPU firstly. This issue always occurs when the heat sink is loose and not working properly. Many of you have encountered this problem due to improper placement of the heat sink.

heat sink

You should unscrew the computer system firstly and then navigate to the CPU on the motherboard. Check the heat sink and confirm it is in the correct place. If the heat sink is completely fit, skip to the next solution.

Solution 2: Stop Overclocking

Now, it is a common thing to overlock a CPU, but this may lead to CPU overheat. If your CPU is overclocking, you need to stop it because overclocking consumes more energy and generates more heat. Once you stop overlocking the CPU, you can monitor the temperature to see if the problem still exists.

Solution 3: Clean Your System

If the problem persists, you need to clean up the system. Over time, your system will be covered by dust particles which could also stop the airflow. In this case, there’s not enough airflow, and the system ends up getting hot. Thus, you should unscrew the SSD, RAM, GPU, etc. and then clean the system. By doing so, you will no longer see this error message. 

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Bottom Line

This post has shown you what causes the CPU over temperature error and when the error is not serious or dangerous. In addition, it also introduces you 3 solutions to fix this error briefly.

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