Crucial has launched the latest entry-level SSD, which is called BX500. And in this post, we will show you some specific information of the Crucial BX500 SSD. Read this post to get more information.

Crucial Launches the Entry-Level BX500 SSD

Crucial Corporation intends to increase its SSD family member. So it launches the latest entry-level SSD, which is BX500. Here, we will show you some specific information on the BX500 SSD. You can go on your reading.

And the Crucial entry-level BX500 SSD adopts the SATA III interface, which is rather aging. And the master and the flash memory of BX500 SSD are unknown. But there is one thing that can be confirmed. The Crucial entry-level BX500 SSD employs Micron 3D NAND chips. And it is highly possible that the Crucial entry-level BX500 SSD takes advantages of its parent company Micron’s 64-layer 3D QLC (quad-level cell) NAND chips.

What’s more, we will talk about the performance. Its sequential read performance is 540MB one second and its sequential write performance is 500MB one second. However, the manufacturer doesn’t expose the 4K random performance numbers.

Meanwhile, the Crucial entry-level BX500 SSD also has a lot of advanced features, such as the utilization of a multi-step data integrity algorithm, thermal monitoring, SLC write acceleration, active garbage collection, TRIM support, self-monitoring and reporting technology (SMART) and error correction code (ECC) and so on.

And the Crucial entry-level BX500 SSD is supported by a three-year limited warranty or up to the TBW (terabytes written) metric. And different capacity SSD carries different terabytes written. The Crucial BX500 SSD 120GB has 40TBW. And the Crucial BX500 SSD 240GB carries 80TBW rating. For comparison, the older BX300 SSDs have the rating of 55TBW, 80TBW and 160TBW for the same capacities. Furthermore, the Crucial BX500 SSD 480GB model carries 120TBW rating.

specific information of different capacities of SSD

And from the form perspective, the Crucial BX500 SSD is in 2.5-inch 7mm with SATA 6GB/s interface. At present, there are four capacities of Crucial entry-level SSDs. They respectively are 120GB, 240GB, 480GB and 960GB. 

The Crucial entry-level BX500 SSD has high-cost performance ratio. As an entry-level SSD, it is a good choice and it has large capacity, and it is also pretty cheap. What’s more, the Crucial BX500 SSD is available from 31 August.

In the above part of this news, we have simply introduced the Crucial Entry-Level SSD from the capacity, read and write performance, and the size form. And it also adopts the SATA III interface. So as an entry-level SSD for many fresh computer users, The Crucial BX500 SSD is sufficient. And as a matter of fact, SSD has more advantages than HDD. For example, it is in a smaller size and it is more convenient to carry. It generates less heat since there is no moving part in the SSD internal so SSD can be used for a longer time. So with these advantages, SSD has become increasingly popular and more and more computer users also like it.

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Bottom Line

In this news, you can get the information Crucial Corporation has released the entry-level BX500 SSD. And this news also introduced some basic features of Crucial BX500 SSD. And the Crucial BX500 SSD is sufficient as the entry-level SSD.

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